2K Injection molding

An innovative method of producing molded parts from 2 totally different materials known as 2K molding, double injection molding, or 2 shot, molding.

In this type of moulding two materials with varying properties, colors and hardness are molded together in one composite end product. This process is cost effective. Material selection is key factor for 2k molding. It is used for large scale production.

In 2k injection molding it is possible to perform more operations on the polymer while it is flexible and hot. And different materials can be used to formulate a high quality end product.


In this method one or more injection are used separately to inject plastic into mold. The material is separated very precisely on the basis of hardness and color.

It is Cost effective and efficient and can produce high quality molds

All types of custom based products can be made on demand.


On introduction of this process the cost are too much high as heavy 2k injection machines are needed for molding.

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