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Mold manufacturing is not an easy job, if you do not have any good team or experience in this field, I suggest you find a profession plastic mold company to support you, you could do the molding process at your side but make the mold outsource, because make plastic mold need very high technical skill for every worker, compared to injection molding process, mold manufacturing needs more manual jobs than injection molding service, and need high technical requirement as well, below is one of manufacturing guideline for A plate of mold.

When we manufacture the A plate for plastic mold, there are some dimensions that we need to manufacture with some tolerances so that our insert components or our standard mold components can smoothly assembly in to the plate pocket, and the straight guidance blocks can fit well in the mold base, below are some key points that we need to take care during A plate manufacturing.

When we have straight interlocks at each side of mold base, the tolerance for this dimension should be   H7 (0/+0.015mm), that the interlocks can easy to the assembly in the mold base but keep high precision guiding function.

The pocket dimensions for the cavity inserts, we should follow the tolerance requirement H7 (0/+0.015mm), so that our cavity insert can be smoothly guided into the pocket but have precision dimension.

The location of the hole for the locating pin is important, this is assembly with clamping plate, and the dimension must match to the related hole on the clamping plate, so the tolerance for the locating pins must keep in ±0.01mm, the locating pinholes must have related tolerance H7 (0/+0.015mm), so that the locating pin can easily go in.

If the mold has the hot runner system to work properly, the fitting area needs to have a tolerance of ± 0.01mm, please see below explain.

For the o ring track depth, the tolerance is ± 0.05mm, for the o ring track diameter

The tolerance is ± 0.25mm, this is the same requirement for all of o-ring in the mold.

A plate manufcturing


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