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16 06, 2019

Mold Cooling Channel

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Types of Mold Cooling Channels

Cooling channel configurations can be serial or parallel. Both configurations are illustrated in Figure 1 below.

FIGURE 1. Cooling-channel configurations

Parallel cooling channels

Parallel mold cooling channels are drilled straight through from a supply manifold to a collection manifold. Due to the flow characteristics of the parallel design, the flow rate along various cooling channels may be different, depending on the flow resistance of each individual cooling channel. These varying flow rates, in turn, cause the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling channels to vary from one to another. As a result, cooling of the mold may not be uniform with a parallel […]

15 06, 2019

Custom Plastic Building Blocks Toys

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How to Buy Custom Plastic Building Blocks Toys From China

Custom plastic building blocks Toys enable the creation of nearly any size object. These type of building blocks toys nest easily by connecting parts below and parts above. They let you expand your creativity by creating a custom, durable design with custom modules and colors, Plastic building blocks toys is very Popular toys for kids from 2 to 7 age, this toy building blocks plastic can help the kids open the mind and Brain.

Plastic building blocks can be used to create buildings and other custom modular objects according to customer preferences. The primary concern is that when the plan to start to produce your building plastic […]

14 06, 2019

Mould Manufacturing Countries

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Compare the superiority of major mould manufacturing countries

The world’s major mold manufacturing countries, including the Asian region: Japan, South Korea and mainland China, as well as the United States & Germany, this article will induce different countries in mold industry and comparative analysis of national competitiveness and the strength of our differences.

1, mold industrial status in different countries

Countries in the world’s major manufacturing and marketing area, China has the largest number of plastic mold companies, nearly seven times as state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises account to run the large-scale mold factory and employs approximately 600 ~ 700 people, Foxconn Hon Hai Group (Foxconn) employs nearly 6,00000 people, mold factory is between 150 to 300, […]

12 06, 2019

Plastic Injection Mold Parting Line and Mold Gate

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Mold Parting Line and Gate in Plastic Injection Mold

In Injection Molding (or almost in any type of molding), one of the most basic concepts is Parting line. A Mould is divided into two parts (more for complex designs) so that it comes apart in order to remove the product and reuse it again and again. These two parts are, namely, Core and Cavity. While doing injection molding the cavity needs to be placed inside the core before pouring the molten plastic in. The line where these two parts meet is called the mold parting line. The component produced thus has a single continuous line around its perimeter. This line is usually visible […]

11 06, 2019

Plastic Injection Tooling Manufacturing

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Creating properly parts design and built plastic injection tooling is the most important part of any injection molded parts development. In order to build a successful high-quality plastic injection mold tooling, a comprehensive plan must be followed.

Plastic Injection Tooling Design – If a plastic tooling is designed incorrectly, the penalty may be paid in part quality, injection molding tool repair costs, or longer cycle time (higher component cost) for the entire length of production needs. Because of this we focus on injection tooling design with production in mind and specify parameters up front so that design specification errors or omissions never enter into the quality/cost equation.Plastic Injection Tooling

9 06, 2019

Plastic Injection Molder

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How to be a successful Plastic Injection Molder

Always I got auction notices in private email inbox, and staring at the photographs of the shops that are going out of business, you were wondering: What does it turn to be a perfect plastic injection molder or plastic injection mold manufacturer?

Many of the auction photographs reveal some of the best state-of-the-art equipment, such as high-speed and precision CNC machine and manufacture tools, the use life of injection molding machines is less than five years old, vision quality systems(projector), CMMs, everything it gets- or so it looks – to make for a successful mold business. Yet, there it all is – listed for auction. So what does it cause? Evidently, it […]

8 06, 2019

Home Appliance Mold Industrial

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Not only Home Appliance Mold Industrial But Molds are also the foundation of all industrial .” said to the media by Mr.WU , the CEO of the China Die & Mould Industry Association. nowadays, electronics, automotive, electric machine, electrical appliance, instrument, home appliance, communication, military work and other products,70%-80% of the products, all rely on injection molding. With the injection molding forming the spare parts has shown high accuracy, high complexity, high consistency, high efficiency and low cost, which is the other manufacturing way are not able to match. plastic Mould determine the quality of product, efficiency and development capability at most

At present, China is the largest producing base of the home appliance, and the production continues to […]

7 06, 2019

China Plastic Injection Mold Company

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In order to produce injection molding processors can save costs and time, every overseas companies are looking for China Plastic Injection Mold Company and improve production efficiency injection mold, mold manufacturers increasing the use of new materials and new technologies, and these new materials and new technologies in a certain extent, represent plastic injection mold manufacturing a new trend.

New material to promote the development of mold inserts

There is a new material can reduce the injection mold manufacturer’s investment cost and time cost. The new cobalt-chromium alloy, called MP1, specifically for the Rapid Prototyping (RP) device, a direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process was developed. The material from […]

6 06, 2019

Residual Stress

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A culprit in shrinkage and warpage problems

Residual stress is process-induced stress, frozen in molded plastic parts. It can be either flow-induced or thermal-induced. Residual stresses affect a part similarly to externally applied stresses. If they are strong enough to overcome the structural integrity of the part, the part will warp upon ejection, or later crack, when external service load is applied. Residual stresses are the main cause of part shrinkage and warpage. The process conditions and design elements that reduce shear stress during cavity filling will help to reduce flow-induced residual stress. Likewise, those that promote sufficient packing and uniform mold cooling will reduce thermal-induced residual stress. For fibre-filled materials, those process conditions that […]

5 06, 2019

Residual stress for molded parts

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Variable residual stresses arise and the part deforms as layers of different frozen-in specific volume interact with each other

Process-induced vs. in-cavity residual stress

Process-induced residual stress data are much more useful than in-cavity residual stress data for molding simulation. Following are definitions of the two terms, along with an example that illustrates the difference between them.

Process-induced residual stress

After part ejection, the constraints from the mold cavity are released, and the part is free to shrink and deform. After it settles to an equilibrium state, the remaining stress inside the part is called process-induced residual stress, or simply, residual stress. Process-induced residual stress can be flow-induced or thermal-induced, with the latter being the dominant component.

In-cavity residual stress

While the […]