18 09, 2021

Plastic Part Design Analysis

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Plastic Part Design Analysis Theory

The plastic part molding process is heavily affected by factors of the plastic part design. If the critical parameters of a part design are not set correctly, the part will have quality issues during the molding process. The most critical of these parameters is as follows:

  • Plastic Part wall thickness
  • Part flow length
  • Thickness transitions
  • plastic Part material
  • Location of gates
  • Number of gates
  • Location of mold vents
  • Mold temperature
  • Melt temperature

A quick, cost effective mold flow analysis on a part design with the chosen […]

18 09, 2021

Sink Marks defects

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How to prevent Sink Marks defects in advance

Sink marks defects are localized depressions in the surface of injection molded parts caused by a non uniform shrinking of the plastic during the cooling process. In cosmetically critical parts, they can be a serious problem. Sink marks are dependent on part geometry and material shrink rates. Sink marks often come as a surprise when the mold is complete.

If the sink marks defects are objectionable to the customer, the plastic mold manufacturer is often tasked with “eliminating them”. Since the mold is complete, the mold manufacturer does not have the luxury of changing the part geometry. At that point, changing the material to one with a lower […]

18 09, 2021

Injection Pressure

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The Injection Pressure that is required to push the molten plastic into an injection mold is similar to the force required to push play-doh through a toy extruder.  There are many variables that affect the force required to inject molten plastic into a mold.

 As the flow advances, the molten plastic begins to cool. The rate of cooling depends on the temperature of the melt as well as the temperature of the mold (depending on the cooling channels as well). As the plastic cools it begins to solidify onto the walls of the sprue, runners, gates, and cavities. The solidification of the plastic narrows the flow path. A higher pressure […]

18 09, 2021

Mold Cool Plot

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How a part cools has a dramatic effect on part quality and dimensional accuracy.  The ideal part is of uniform thickness cooled in a mold of uniform temperature.  This assures that the part shrinks at the same rate in all directions.  As we move away from the ideal conditions, we induce variable shrinkage in the part.

The areas that freeze first will be pulled on by the areas that shrink last.  This induces molded in stress and warp in the part.  The cooling plots show areas where this will occur.  The cooling quality plot highlights the problem areas in the part.  The Surface Temperature Variance and the Freeze Time Variance plots show the magnitude and areas […]

18 09, 2021

Mold fill time

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Mold Fill time is another name for melt front advancement. Our fill time animations provide the visualization of the part cavity filling before your very eyes!  As you can see from the animation, phenomena such as race tracking, weld lines formation and air trap formation are easy to visualize. Race tracking is when the plastic flow fills the thicker section of the parts prior to filling the thinner sections.  Race tracking moves the plastic in non intuitive ways which will trap air in the tool in places that are hard to vent.  The use of the melt front advancement tool solves these problems before the tool is built avoiding the quality problems in the part.

Melt […]

18 09, 2021

Weld lines defects

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What is weld lines defects?

When plastic flows around an obstruction  (for example a hole) in a mold cavity the point where the material comes back together is called a weld line defects. If two more more plastics material flow together after coming together it will become a weld line. Weld lines defects will always have when two or more melt flows meet together. we call knit lines defects as well

Weld lines defects issues and troubleshooting skill

Weld lines defects are formed when two flow fronts are merged together. An obstruction such as a core pin or holes will split the material flow and cause a weld line issue to form on the […]

20 06, 2021

How Can We Find A Reliable Mold Maker In China

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A successful injection moulding project begins with the plan of an item, and afterward is the manufacturing of plastic injection mold. With the requirement for more limited lead time and better quality, when you work on the plastic injection molding business, every day you will face those points.

However, how hard is it to hit the nail on the head? In the event that an injection mould is accurately build with professional 3D and 2D drawings (both mold drawing and part drawing) unequivocally indicating every one of the resistances, including the materials, steel evaluations, hardness and surface completion prerequisites, then,  plastic injection mold manufacturing finished correctly then taking the mold to molding factory for massive […]

20 06, 2021

How to Source Injection Molding Service from China

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How to Source Injection Molding Service from China

Nowadays, almost every item we use has plastic parts in it. Plastics has become one of the most sought after materials to use because of its weight, availability, low price, and pliability, but make the injection molding parts that requires plastic injection mold and injection molding machine, and those are very expensive to buy machine and making the mold, especially in American and Europe.

To buy a custom injection mold is very high cost, in that case China mold companies have been playing the important role in molds manufacturing since 2000, low price, fast delivery is Chinese molding companies advantages.

How to Source Injection Molding Service from China and […]

20 06, 2021

How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China

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At present China is the most famous CNC machining service country in the world. We know that CNC machining means a manufacturing process, in this process some pre-programmed computer software is used to control the movement of factory tools or machinery. When the programming of CNC is activated, it works just like a robot. There are many CNC machining factories in China.

But How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China or who provides me the best CNC machining service in China or who manufacturers better quality CNC machining product in China? And the better service in communication?

We discuss 7 characteristics bellows, which can help you to find a good CNC Machining Manufacturer […]

19 05, 2021

Cosmetics Injection Molding Parts And Personal Care Plastic Products

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Sincere Tech plastic molding company has the expertise to provide a single-source solution for the molds and the plastic injection molding needs for a wide variety of industries. We provide services for a variety of specialty manufacturers, including cosmetics molds/molding parts and other personal care molded products.

compact molding product compact molding product

Our team, provides the parts design, mold design, mold making, engineers and plastic injection molding service to complete any project to your industry’s specifications and requirements.

Cosmetics injection molding parts and Personal Care Plastic Product packaging

Hundreds of new cosmetics products and personal care products are introduced every year. And of course, every new product requires new […]

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