Plastic product design service according to your sketch or samples, Change Draft Directions, Initial Design Consultation, Improve Efficiency, Change Draft Directions, Eliminate Undercut, Eliminate Sink Marks

SINCERE TECH can produce a product design from your concept, sketch, samples or modify your product designs for required changes on most plastic parts.

SINCERE TECH, one of the most trusted China plastic mold/molding manufacturing companies in mold design, injection molding service, injection mold making, and engineering, will consult on the initial design, or design enhancements to help improve efficiency in the  manufacturing process, including:Plastic Product Design Service

  • Changing draft directions
  • Design concessions for radii and step-throughs
  • Undercut elimination
  • Coring to eliminate sink marks

All the above design improvement has no cost

Perfect Plastic Product Design will make High-Quality Molds, high-efficiency molding production, cost saving on both molds and molded parts

Craftsmen at SINCERE TECH are capable of constructing intricate and efficient molds quickly, whether they be simple single-cavity mold or complex multiple cavity mold. All SINCERE TECH molds are designed to use high-quality mold bases and mold steels; and are engineered for maximum process windows, ease of repair and long life.

We have a wide range of manual, automatic and computerized mold making equipment to accomplish our goal, including:

  • Mills
  • Grinders
  • EDM Machines
  • Drills
  • Lathes
  • Saws
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Programming
  • Design equipment and software
  • Inspection and Measurement
  • Polishing Tools

Our toolmakers are fully qualified and skilled at using modern production techniques. Using our computerized CNC (Computer Numeric Coordinates) System (CAD/CAM), SINCERE TECH team are able to produce new custom molds with cost-saving speed and accuracy or troubleshoot your existing molds.

Whether the job calls for conventional, hot, or insulated runner systems, SINCERE TECH toolmakers have the experience to design and build the mold correctly.

Advanced Plastic mold making technology allows us to design and produce molds for a wide variety of plastic part applications,

If you have your plastic part design ready and look for plastic mold making service, you are welcome to send us your design, we will offer you the best price. If you only have samples or sketch, you are welcome to contact us as well, we will make plastic part design, mold making, injection molded parts for you by the best solutions,

We never share your data with any other third parties, we can sign NDA document to protect your project,

EDM Machining: Electrical Discharge Machining, Spark Machining / Eroding, Metal 3-D Geometry, Accurate Repeatability, Intricate Detail, Sharp Corners, Patterns

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) from SINCERE TECH provides CNC (computer numerical control) accuracy for creating 3-D geometry in hardened steel and other metals like brass, copper, and aluminum. It can be used to create simple or complex shapes. SINCERE TECH has 11 EDM machines, one AgieCharmilles EDM machine and one Sodick EDM machine for mirror surface EDM machining, two double heads EDM machines for high-efficiency EDM machining requirement

The EDM process is an excellent solution when a high degree of accuracy, and/or repeatability, is required.

EDM: What It Is and What It Does

Sometimes referred to as spark machining or spark eroding, EDM is a method of removing material by a series of electric discharges using copper electrodes or Graphite electrodes, rapidly arcing between an electrode acting as the cutting tool and the workpiece, in the presence of a dielectric fluid.EDM service

EDM is used to burn material away from the metal mold component, to add:

  • Intricate detail
  • Sharp corners
  • Patterns

The EDM cutting tool is computer-guided along the desired path very close to the work but does not come in physical contact with the piece, preventing plastic injection tooling marks.

A continuous sparking action produces a series of micro-craters on the workpiece and removes excess material by melting and vaporization. The particles are then washed away by a continuous stream of dielectric fluid.

EDM Services: SINCERE TECH Provides Quality Results and fast service for your plastic injection mold

SINCERE TECH’s EDM services can give your design potential a boost. You will be able to place intricate designs and logos in a wide variety of components with top quality results. This process can be used to produce:

  • Faceplates
  • Nameplates
  • Bezels
  • Buttons
  • Switches
  • Gears
  • And much more!

EDM can also be used in fabrication, for tapping holes into parts, and similar procedures.

If you are looking for a plastic mold supplier that offer you fast delivery, high gloss plastic molding parts, texture surface plastic mold, and all other custom plastic injection tooling or molded parts, you are welcome to send us your requirement, we will offer you the best price and quality.

Why American Plastic Mold Making Company Needs Apprentices

Over the course of the past 15 or so years, there is some mold making apprentices working in plastic mold maker shop. And these apprentices were all hired somewhat recently by the same plastic mold company.

What this means is that the guys with the specialized skills are getting ready to retire and there is nobody to replace them.  I’ve seen politicians give lip-service to enabling American manufacturing with tax incentives and programs, but, here in the shop nothing has changed. Nothing that I can see.

The only reason for these apprentices is that the CEO recognizes the need, not because anybody sent him information from a high-level seminar or meeting. The old guys made enough of a ruckus that the management actually responded.

Here are a few examples of what an apprentice will not be able to do for quite a few years:

  1. Fit delicate inserts. This requires an understanding of the function and fit of the mold component and a trained eye to tell the hand where to remove tiny amounts of hardened steel with files, stones, rotary tools, carbide burrs, sandpaper, diamond compound, grinding wheels, and so on.
  2. Surface grind mold components to .0002 inaccuracy. Never mind .0001 in.
  3. Assemble complex molds with hot runner systems, slides, lifters, hydraulics, micro-switches, etc.
  4. Troubleshoot problem molds.
  5. Operate any of the CNC machines when thinking outside the box is demanded, which is rather often.
  6. Make a mold component out of scrap, hardened tool steel in an emergency. This bypasses almost all the sophisticated machining and requires old-school know-how that takes a long time to learn.
  7. Grind finished core pins on a Ded-Tru centerless grinder to .0002 inaccuracy.

The list could go on and on, and the only people who have any idea what all this is plastic mold maker, who tend not to be all that communicative, generally.

So, unless companies are able to take on apprentices, work with local schools and do whatever it takes to get them trained quickly, we are in for a big bump in the road.

Today I believe very less people that work in the molds in American, there are looking for injection mold china partner to support them, this outsourcing is working very well to all of American, Europe and all of the companies on the world.

We are a China mold company that provide custom plastic molds and injection molding service, contact us to get a quote.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding China

SINCERE TECH ( is one of the professional Custom Plastic Injection Molding China companies in China, in providing high-quality custom Plastic Injection Molding or custom plastic mold for varies industries since 2005. Our major clients are well-known manufacturers from automotive industries, Household appliance, Consumer Electronics, Communications, food package Products and medical industries from American, Europe, Japan, and Mainland. SINCERE TECH offers the best services in making custom injection molds and molding service to all of our customers.

To meet our customer’s requirements, we have employed a professional team with more than a hundred professionals specializing in engineering, tooling, manufacturing and quality assurance. This team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality molds/products and superior personal attention every customer expects and deserves.

Beyond our profession product design, moldmaking and injection molding service team, millions of dollars of modern plastic injection machinery, CAD-CAM and equipment invested. Base on the above advantages, we are dedicated to becoming your product design, prototypes, mold making and injection partner with superior quality, shortest lead-time, cost-effective and reliable product.

Through developing and accumulating, we have mastered the whole set of integrated skill process of 3D model, tooling separation, programming, and plastic mold and molding manufacturing, with the machines as following:

We can afford to provide excellent integrated service by the software and hardware of our company.
Series of mould we developed in recent years:

Household electric product series;Custom Plastic Mold
Food package products;
Medical equipment series;
Drinking machine series;
Security and protection equipment series;
Electric product series;
Audio and video series;
Computer peripheral product series;
Gift series;

We are good at designing the bi-colored moulds (two-shot mold). multiple cavity molds, thin all mold, gas-assist injection molding, insert molding and plug additional moulds, etc, which we developed are broadly approbated and very popular with our clients.

With United cooperation and absorbed plastic injection mold industry, we have been concentrating on development, even to be the lead manufacturer in the field of mould and plastic. We hope sincerely the mutual benefit cooperation can be available between us, basing on our principle of CLIENTS’ SATISFACTORY IS WHAT WE PROMISE.

SINCERE TECH( Custom Plastic Injection Molding China company) welcomes you to visit our mold manufacturer China Factory. To learn our professional custom plastic Injection Molders Design, to get the best and competitive plastic injection molds and moldings.

What Is high volume Injection Molding?

High volume injection moldingSINCERE TECH Plastic Injection Molding For Precision and Durability

High volume injection molding is the process by which industrial grade and ready to integrate plastic products are manufactured with sophisticated and advanced machinery. The very basis of production injection molding is using an injection mechanism to inject the raw plastic into a mold that shapes the molten plastic. This mold is then open with the help of a clamp that ejects the plastic parts. At SINCERE TECH, we are designing process with a scientific approach to reduce cycle time, reduce production cost and make a consistent product

Where Do They Use The Production Injection Molding Process?

This process is used across a number of industries and applications. Wherever they use plastics parts as an integral part of any product, they use the production injection molding process. This process was mainly conceived at the beginning of the twentieth century to facilitate the mass production of plastic items.

Today, it is aided by automation and robotics where CAD completely 3D part design and mold design files are sent to the manufacturing plant, and the plastic molds are created directly from referencing the file. This has streamlined the process and made it more efficient, both quantitatively and qualitatively.plastic molds

The SINCERE TECH Advantage for Plastic mold Manufacturing

SINCERE TECH is a seasoned player in the manufacture of plastic mold for parts and components that are used across applications and industries. We have been in the business for years and have created only the most high-quality and precision oriented plastic part manufacturing machines that match other key players in the area.

All our production injection molding tools are made with respect to the international standards that are expected from clients in North American and European countries. We always ensure that our plastic molding machines and molds have high-precision to mold plastics into any desired shape as the product demands.

Also, our plastic molding machines are fast so that they help you save time and manufacture as many plastic products according to your requirement. We embed quality with the quantity which enables you to get to your clients and investors before they start considering anybody else.

We promise you that our production injection molds are far superior and stronger than the others you may have the cheaper price but will have risk for your quality, some key point you should know if you make a good job every time you custom will happy with you all the time, but when you make a mistake once your custom will leave you away, and our job is to prevent that our quality will be always good quality because every single part we will keep an eye on it.

Looking for High Volume Injection Molding service? Contact us to get a price, you will not lose anything but have our good price

Plastic injection moulding machine is the most important machine in your business if you are planning to have plastic injection moulding method in manufacturing your plastic products. Through this machine, your company could manufacture a lot of different types of plastic products in 2D and 3D. With the help of plastic injection moulding machine, a lot of different plastic products could be produced from your company.

Surely, the quality of your plastic injection moulding machine will be determining the quality of the molded plastic products produced by your company. Therefore, choosing the best machine to support your business is something important to be taken. Great quality of plastic injection moulding machine will produce high quality of plastic product with strong and great durability. So, do not take the wrong choice.

There are several different types of plastic injection moulding for machine that could support your business well. You can contact some distributors to order a certain product for your company. Or you can also get your selected plastic injection moulding machine through some reliable online stores. However, what you need to do first is looking for more information to get the best selection.

Are you interested to have plastic injection moulding machine in your plastic business company? If so, this following review will be very helpful to give you references about some products that will support your business well. Read the information well and get the best machine for plastic injection moulding that meets the requirements of your company well.

China Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

As the first option, you can take a look at China Plastic Injection Moulding Machine. This product works great in providing great support to your plastic business company because it offers high efficiency of time. This machine will be very helpful to produce great quantity in faster time.

Therefore, you can save more time to produce bigger quality of products. You can find this machine easily in some online stores. Since this product works in great quality of performance, you can always get total satisfaction with this certain machine for plastic injection moulding as an important part in your company.

SZ-700A Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Then, you can also get SZ-700A Plastic Injection Moulding Machine. This product will be perfect to be chosen since it is specifically designed in high performance. It is completed with 60-10000 grams of injecting capacity as well as 60-1600 tons of clamping force to bring more supports for your business.

There will be many more advantages offered by this machine for plastic injection moulding. Stable movement curve and gentle shock are just a little advantage offered by this certain product. To easier the operator in controlling this machine, SZ-700A Plastic Injection Moulding Machine is also completed with LCD computer control. It will be great product to be chosen.

50T Automatic Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Then, you can also get 50T Automatic Plastic Injection Moulding Machine as the next machine to support your business. This product is completed with LCD computer control to easier you set and operating the machine. This product will be perfect to provide injection molding for various thermoplastics such as PC, PP, PE, Nylon, PVC, ABS, PET and many more. By providing this machine, you can produce many types of medium or small size plastic products as well as daily-use commodities.

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Custom plastic injection molding will give you reliable and effective cost in a plastic injection molding process. In this process, most plastic and materials are produced. It produces smooth and finished products that require no further finishing. Custom plastic injection molding has always been a fast moving, disordered and demanding business. It will give you many advantages.

There are some factors that involved custom plastic injection molding, which are the pressure of injection can be changed to change the hardness of the final product, the thickness of the mold also governs the quality of the article produced, and the temperature for melting and cooling determine the quality of the plastic formed. plastic injection molding needs some of high accuracies in getting the best result of the processes.

Many manufactures dedicated and experienced designer’s team having knowledge in tool design, custom plastic injection molding Process and designing of core cavities for dies and molding. You can choose one manufacture which is well known for its ability, quality and efficiency world wide in this process.

Custom plastic injection molding is a process utilized to produce parts of thermosetting as well as thermoplastic materials that can be custom as we want. In this type of molding, the raw material is fed into a container which is heated so as to get a plastic design. It is generally used to manufacture car parts, and can be utilized so as to get large car parts as well as small plastic parts.

A thermoplastic raw material is generally utilized in the method of custom plastic injection molding. Ejector pin marks are typically present in the process of the plastic injection molding. This process produces a sprue, parting line and gate marks in plastic materials.

Custom plastic injection molding can be utilized in receiving plastic products having open ended and solid shape. A screw type plunger is utilized in the process of plastic injection molding in getting preferred shape of the molten plastic material.

A plastic injection molding technique is essentially a flexible, fast and customer-driven operation performed to get efficient plastic products. This technique can help you in getting fast turnaround products in large quantities as well as in small quantities.

Some of the significant necessities for an efficient injection molding process are a clean environment. A high quality custom plastic injection molding is accomplished by the use of full scale thermo set and thermoplastic capabilities, skilled machine operators; computer aided manufacturing and top class quality assurance.

This custom plastic injection molding technique is definitely the best for manufacturing plastic parts that can convene the personal as well as industrial specifications of the buyers. Plastic injection molding is essentially pursued by experienced designers, engineers and tool makers who work with the clients for defining the molding concept, building up the custom mold and constructing the prototype.

The engineers and designers use a refined computer aided technology and advanced equipments for manufacturing a technically advanced and superior quality mold that can assure success to the buyer’s business. Custom plastic injection molding services include production of initial prototype all the way through production, finishing and delivery.

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