There are so many hair straighteners that you can use nowadays. From a simple heating rod, they have evolved in its better form which is what we call the ceramic Ion hair iron which is made by Olayer Ceramic hair straightener Company in China.

Shenzhen Olayer Technology Co., Ltd is A China hair straightening iron manufacturer , provide OEM/ODM contract manufacture services, the hair care products include ceramic ion hair straightener, ceramic hair curling iron, Ion hair dryer etc.

Olayer hair irons use ceramic plates plus negative ionic technology. I know there have been a lot of questions on what good is ceramic on hair straightening iron or hair curling iron devices. I know it could be puzzling plus we have to admit that they are more expensive than the ordinary ones. Believe me, you should be glad that they have been improving these ionic hair iron devices because using one like this is far more beneficial to your hair health care more than you could ever imagine. There are so many great things about this Ceramic hair straightener iron & Ceramic Ion hair curler that after you get to know it, you will surely want to have one.

Basically this ceramic Ion hair irons has ceramic plates with negative Ion. Now what are these? Ceramics are combination of metallic and non-metallic elements. Nowadays, ceramic have played part a great role in various equipment. Because of these inorganic, non metallic solids they have made a lot of rust-proof and non-corrosive items. And coating equipment with this material allows them to endure high heat. That is why it is commonly used on kitchenware and glassware. And not only that, in advance ceramics they have integrated its use for aerospace usage. They have been made into space shuttle tiles, thermal barriers and fuel cells. They have covered a lot of areas for its usage including orthopedics, computers, automobiles, communication and other consumer usage. So can you see now why it is an advantage to use tourmaline ceramic hair iron? And plus negative Ion with cold hair blowing device in the hair irons, that will take care of your hair healthy 20 times better than normal hair styling iron tools.

Yes, you are right. This is a good element of a hair straightener or hair curling irons that you need to watch out for, find a ceramic hair curling iron company and order bulk ceramic ion hair irons from them will increase your sell, and your clients will thank you.

Using these kinds of devices allow you to have a long enduring device because the ceramic itself is stiffer and harder than steel. There is also a difference in the heating time. Because of their presence it is much faster to heat up your devices just like what they do with your pots. These ceramic ion hair irons are also much safer to use in times of high heat application because they do not chip off easily unlike other cheap devices.

I know ceramics are good. But it becomes the best when mixed with other components and more function added to the hair irons, for example titanium, tourmaline plus negative Ion and cold blowing air. Olayer Hair straightener company has great ceramic ion hair straighteners and ceramic ion hair curling iron devices that you could benefit a lot more aside from heat retention and prolonging the life of the device. Olayer hair straightener manufacturer has changed the way ceramic ion hair iron work with the use of titanium and tourmaline plus cold blowing air in one device. And one thing that all of these cold blowing air can bring to you is the 100 times negative ions plus cold air to cool your hair immediately once you straightened (curled) your hair, This way moisture is not lost but sealed in the hair, fast stable your hair shape giving you a smooth finish and shiny after use.

They cost a lot more but they are worth the investment because after heat application, your hair is silkier and shinier. So get wholesale price  Olayer hair straightener company and enjoy all of these benefits. You will never be disappointed and your customer will love our ceramic ion hair irons.

If you are looking for OEM/ODM hair straightener company for your onw models, you are welcome to contact Olayer Ceramic hair straightener company as well, Olayer offers OEM/ODM service, have their own R & D department, mold /molding manufacturer, this will save your investment cost over 60%. contact us to know more details.