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Below is important information to make your choice.

  1. All of our ffp2 face masks have an FFP3 filtering effect (>99%), you can ask us for EN 149 :2001 +A1:2009 testing report to verify this, that means you use FFP2 price to get FFP3 face masks.
  2. All of our FFP2 face masks have the lowest breathing resistance, as low as FFP1, that means easy to breath, or free breathing

Final Summarize for our FFP2 face mask respirator.

You pay the FFP2 price but have the FFP3 quality masks with FFP1 breathing resistance.

  • Model: FFP2 NR OL001
  • Usage: Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Certified & Standard: European Union CE and EN 149 2001 +A1:2009
  • Class: FFP2
  • Mask Size:15.5 x 10.5cm (+/-5%).
  • Structure of mask body: 4 layers, count from outside: Non-woven fabric 50gsm +Melt-blown fabric 25gsm + Melt-blown fabric 25gsm +Non-woven fabric 25gsm (inner cover), outside aluminum metal nose, better fitting and adjusting for the nose.
  • Storage Time: 36 month
Outer carton size(mm)qty of masks per cartonQuantity of boxes  (pcs)Quantity per box (6 bags of 5 masks each)Box size (mm) bag (5 masks + 5 Strap clips inside) gross weight (kg)Content of outer carton (net weight)Outer Carton (Gross weight)
545*400*50014404830130x130x120      0.03511.513

Indications For Use:

The protective mask is intended used for protection against solid and oily particulates, liquid and microorganisms such as coal dust, cement dust, acid fog, paint fog, oil smoke, oil mist, asphalt smoke, coke oven smoke, etc. Single-use.


  • Not suitable for working places where open flames exist (such as welding, casting, etc);
  • It is not suitable for professional protective use such as the oxygen-deficient, toxic gas environment.
  • No medical

Checks prior to use

Please check whether the packaging is damaged, whether the mask body is damaged, deformed or has other obvious defects before use.


  • Keep the Nose bridge upward and use your hands extending the straps.
  • Place the respirator on your face to cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Place each strap around each ear and stretch to attach each strap at the back of the head.
  • Adjust the Nose bridge so as to fit the respirator onto your face.

Use cautions:

a)Please check fit of mask prior to use;

b)It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if facial hair passes under the face seal;

c)Please do not use the mask under low air quality condition, such as serious contaminants in air, oxygen deficiency;

d)Do not use the mask in the explosive atmosphere;

e)After use, please discard the mask following local regulation;

f)The mask is only for single-use, do not use repeatedly.

Storage Condition:

The product should be stored in a well ventilated, dark, and dry environment. Keep away from fire, pollutants, and possible pollution sources. Also, the transport storage ‘s temperature: -20℃~38℃, relative humidity: <80%RH.


The Protective Mask is valid for 3 years with the above storage condition.

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ffp2 mask wholesale

ffp2 mask wholesale

An en149 FFP2 mask or medical surgical mask is one of the medical supplies covering the mouth and nose. The purpose of its use is to prevent the transmission of droplets or droplets full of viruses through the respiratory system from one person to another.

Medical FFP2 masks can protect the people who wear them from infection and can also prevent people with symptoms of the disease from transmitting the infection to others.

There are many types of masks or medical masks, where masks of various types work in different ways to capture bacteria and viruses and stop them from entering the air passages in the body.

Many people use non-medical cloth masks in public places, despite limited evidence of their effectiveness. For this, experts and doctors advise the use of more specialized face masks respirator, known as an N95 mask respirator, FFP2 mask respirator, and FFP3 face mask, due to their quality.

N95 Mask Respirator, FFP2 & FFP3 Face Mask

The European Union will use the “FFP” standard for the “Filtering Face Piece” and it will come in three degrees 1,2,3 depending on the percentage of the mask’s ability to filter the air, while the American standard that is managed by NIOSH (part of the CDC) depends on the “Respirator” type N95 is the most common.

the more specialized mask known as the N95 Respirator which made by China Mask company can protect against the new COVID-19 virus, this mask is thicker than the surgical mask, and it should be worn in a certain way.

N95 Respirator Mask

N95 respirator mask filter 95% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns or greater in diameter, approximately the size of a single virus and some masks also have an attachment called an exhalation valve, which can filter moisture buildup, and it also works great better in filtering and stopping pollutants, viruses and bacteria from entering Mouth or nasal passage, with 95% efficacy.

China N95 mask is effective against bacteria and suspended dust, and has been found to thwart the spread of diseases such as swine flu, bird flu, tuberculosis, and influenza, and is commonly used in hospitals and laboratories.

The use of an n95 respirator mask is effective in preventing airborne infections, and studies have shown that it is very effective in preventing viral diseases, but only in people who wear the mask correctly, as it is difficult to wear an n95 respirator mask.

Before people who are not medical professionals, noting that when properly worn it leads to a hot and suffocating feeling, so many people may take it off.

An n95 respirator mask can reduce the risk of developing a corona infection if you use it correctly.

FFP2 mask design feature

FFP2 mask design feature

N95 Respirator Features:

  • Narrow masks designed to seal the face and completely isolate it from the outside.
  • It protects those who use it by filtering the air it breathes according to the degree for which it was made.
  • It is met with three shapes: it can be thrown after use, half the face, and the entire face.

Compared to all other respirators, the n95 mask respirator provides the highest level of protection.

FFP2 & FFP3 Face Masks

The FFP2 mask respirator and FFP3 face mask respirator are an alternative to respiratory masks, protecting the person from breathing the most dangerous particles, usually more safely fitted around the nose and mouth to ensure no toxic or dangerous particles enter.

It is reported that there are many forms of respirators, the simplest of which are the Facial-like Facial Devices ( FPP). Some FFP2 mask China is designed for single-use, while others can be reused after sterilization.

  • FFP2 mask respirator: filter at least 94% of aerosols (inward leakage < 8%)
  • FFP3 mask respirator which filters at least 99% of aerosols (inward leakage < 2%).

The American National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) classifies FFPs according to the percentage of molecules that they can filter. The N95 can remove 95 percent and 99 percent of the molecules alternately.

In Europe, these devices are classified in a different way. Devices called FFP2 face mask respirator remove at least 94 percent. FFP3 mask respirator, which is equivalent to N100, removes at least 99.97 percent of the particles.

With the reopening of markets and the easing of sanitary isolation measures in many countries of the world, the use of masks will become a routine matter among people, but the use of masks will become permanently required during the coming months at least as expected,

Do Not Use Chemicals to Cleanse Your Mask

Chemicals can damage the face mask, it is best not to use any chemicals to cleanse your protective mask, instead, just use alcohol spray on it.

This will kill all bacteria and viruses that may have attached to your mask, and keep it in a clean bag or place instantly, but this method is for branded masks like N95 respirator or FFP2 and FFP3 face masks. If you use a homemade fabric mask, you need to wash it with hot water and regular detergents, then dry it well and keep it in a safe place.

Make Sure to Wear It In The Right Way

All masks come with a front part and a back part, the front side is usually tight, and the back part has a breathable fabric, this allows for better filtering, so check your mask properly before wearing it.

Recommendations For Using Mask Respirator

  • Wearing a mask that reduces the risk of transmission.
  • Using the N95 respirator breathing mask or FFP2 face mask is more effective in preventing infection and learning to wear it properly.
  • When wearing surgical masks, you must follow the instructions, and when disposing of them must be held from the earpiece, and not from the same mask so that viruses do not spread from the mask to your hands.
  • You should not tamper with the face mask with two hands by touching it or moving it toward the eyes, because this may lead to the transmission of viruses to it.

Scientists confirm that the protective mask should have a protection rating of (N95) or (FFP2) or its equivalent, to protect against viruses and germs at the same time, as it contains filters that purify the air during breathing.

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