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China mold

China Mould to support your business

If you are looking to source a plastic mold for use with plastic injection molding parts, then a China mold is going to be the least expensive method. Going to China to have a mold made may seem a little daunting at first, but as you read further into this article you will understand why most people choose this option. Here are some reasons why people buy molds in China:

Less expensive than the US

China mold The productions costs for a China mold is much lower than ordering one in the US. This is mainly due to the difference in economy, meaning the labor cost is lower in China. This is not something to feel bad about as it is fairly relative to the cost of living, and comparable to labor costs across many industries

Quality is Good

Because China has such a large industrial landscape they specialize in plastic molds and other industrial items. There are a number of factories you can choose from, all very experienced in making molds of high quality.

Easy to Arrange

By using the internet it is very easy to communicate directly with China mold manufacturers. You will easily find a representative that speaks English as they are used to dealing with the US, and you can work with them back and forth until you are happy.

How to Source Molds from China

This process is a lot easier than you may think. You can find mold manufacturers online, by searching or by looking for recommendations other people. Then you can make contact and start negotiating terms. You can usually have your plans drawn up in the US then sent over for them to review, or you can work on plans directly with the mold manufacturer in China.

If you need a China mold manufacturer to produce the massive products for you. You should always ask for a molding parts samples for approval before committing to a final decision. Once you are happy with the final molding samples then you can give them the massive production order and wait for your shipment to be delivered. Even with packing and shipping, the overall cost will be substantially lower than it would be in the US.