SINCERE TECH does not only offer custom plastic injection mold, but also offers custom plastic injection molding service. Custom Injection molding service is especially suitable for who only need products and doesn’t want to produce plastic molds by themselves. in this case if we produce parts for our customer, we will save mold maing cost for our custom and make zero profits from mold making. Our plastic injection molding service can saves the cost of injection machine of our customer.

What is Custom plastic injection molding service

Plastic injection molding service offered by SINCERE TECH is for our customers who need us to produce plastic products for them. Many customers don’t have factories or equipment to produce products, so when they buy plastic injection molds from us and they also want us to produce products here. And they can directly import of product to his country instead of mold.

Choosing custom plastic injection molding service by SINCERE TECH, you can enjoy many benefits:

1. You can get very good price from SINCERE TECH. we offers best price for molding products at cost.
2. You save the cost and energy to find another plastic molding company to produce product for you.
3. When your product output reach a certain quantity, we will return you the cost of making molds
4. You can save the cost buy any other equipment to produce products for you.
5. You can save the cost to employ any engineer to operate the machine.

6, we can share some old maing cost, this is reduce your invertment and enjoy the same quanity products

What do you need to provide us when you are looking fo custom plastic injection molding service?
Samples, design or concept
If you have design, we also have 2D /3D design department made up experienced engineers who will carefully study your design. If you want to modify the design, we have product design department who can help you modify the design.
If you have only samples, our design department can create design for you.

What are features ST’s custom plastic injection molding service
Competitive price
Quick delivery
No requirement of minimum quantity
Special product package can be customized
Mold cost can be returned when production reach to a certain quantity

Interested in our custom plastic injection molding service? Please contact us.