Magnesium/Zinc/Aluminum Die Casting Mold & Tooling

Over the years, there have been a number of processes that are used to make metal parts, most popular being machining and produced by die casting mold/tooling. Because of massive demand in the industrial and private sectors, we have continued to invest in state of the art machinery and innovative processes to deliver products you can depend on.

We are a full-fledged China Mold company that provides assembling services, production of quality parts, plastic mold/molding parts, finishing and die casting mold and parts to a wide range of industries such as lighting, medical, commercial equipment, motor vehicle, telecommunications, and many more.

Specializing in aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting and other metals, we have highly skilled staff that employ superior tooling and high pressure die casting processes to ensure that the parts are of the highest quality and are cost-effective. Our processes are precise and consistent to ensure that our return clients get the same high-quality products all year round.

With a combination of manual process monitoring by our experts and automation, any flaws in the processes are quickly detected and corrected to ensure we get the right finish, product integrity and minimize any eventual wastes. You can rest assured that the end product will not only be time-efficient but will also provide a return on your investment.

In the industrial sector, our die casting services include the manufacturing of air compressors, industrial pumps, led light housing, and piston connecting rods among several other types of equipment. Whichever product we manufacture, we ensure consistency in performance, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

We understand the essence of having loyal customers and to make sure of this, we provide the best services & prices in the market. We work tirelessly to ensure that our team produces premier products of high quality and the expectations of clients exceeded with every single order. If you are looking for consistency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovation, Aluminum Die Casting or Magnesium/zinc die casting mold and parts,  then we are your go-to company.

If you have a project that needs plastics and metal parts service, you are come to the right place, we have rich experience in plastic mold, stamping tooling, die casting mold/tools. Contact our expert team and get a price for your die casting tooling project, we will quote you a price in 24 hours.