A good Engineering team is a security to guide each project running smoothly or not, even successful or failing. SINCERE TECH pays lots of attention to the mould construction, feeding systems, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the highest quality plastic molding parts are delivered from the injection mould at the minimum cycle time. The professional engineers from SINCERE TECH will make the good mold design to help the customer to solve the issues in structure and function to the products,

We are happy to provide our professional  suggestions regarding part design an mold making feasibility to your new product development as well

The software we are using
UG, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Solidworks,

Mould flow Analysis will be provided during the plastic mold design period.

General Mold design  steps

1. DFM(mold for feasibility) report sending to the customer before mold design.

2. Start working on mold design according to DFM report approval.

3. Send whole 3D mold design to customer to confirm and make analysis

4. Discuss with customer incase any issue .

5. Drawing the final mold design after customer approval.

6. Start order steel and manufacturing.