FFP2 Face Mask in Germany and Europe

We are an FFP2 mask manufacturing company in Germany & Europe, China as well. If you are looking for the FFP2 face mask respirators wholesale price from Europe or German, You could contact our Europe office by ( Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse, Tel.: +49 (0) 2334 92722 90, [email protected] ). we will offer you the best quality at a reasonable price.

Olayer Specializes in manufacturing FFP2 protective masks for medical use and mostly dust masks. We provide FFP2, FFP3, KN95, and N95 mask respirators. Our ffp2 face mask products are manufactured in full respect of stringent international standards and they go through multiple stages of quality control. We use only the best materials and ingredients to ensure we deliver ffp2 mask respirators of the highest quality at competitive prices ( filtering effect meets FFP3, contact us to get the EN 149 testing report you will see). Quality is our priority to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, we monitor the entire production process, from the raw materials to the final mask respirator, to ensure that everything works without problems. Then we also take care of packaging and transportation. We have a large production capacity ( one million FFP2 masks per day) to meet the growing global demand. We are always looking for innovation and working to improve our technology and processing. Thanks to our experience, We are proud to be certified to ISO Quality Management System standards.

Below is our FFP2 face mask, if you want to see the testing report and CE certificate, please contact us. we can delivery our FFP2 face mask from our German stock. if you are looking for ffp2 face mask germany company. We will be the best option for you.

From Europe, We are a mask company (n95-ffp2.com) we believe in a simple truth: if something should get better, you must do it better yourself. So we came together to produce high-quality FFP2 dust protective masks for personal and therapeutic use. With the latest technology from the global market leader. We provide high-quality protective equipment to wide audiences across Europe (and the world) at fair prices. We want to offer the German industry the highest quality in the entire value chain. This is the reason why we dispense with poor quality and high prices.

Our FFP2 mask has the lowest breathing resistance but the filtering effect is meeting to the FFP3 according to the EN149:2001 +a1:2009 and provides the highest degree of protection that can be achieved with a respirator. Thus, FFP2 masks have a special status because they are used by doctors and personal use in public who have direct contact with people with confirmed corona on a daily basis. ffp2 mask manufacturer in Europe (n95-ffp2.com), has taken a special place by announcing that the FFP2 face masks in stock are primarily reserved for hospital needs and medical practices. This is so that there is no shortage of masks due to purchases, especially when they are most needed.

FFP2 Mask Europe Features :

  • Half mask with an exhalation valve or without valve.
  • Anatomical shape adapts to most types of faces
  • Flexible nose clip to close nostrils
  • Exhalation valve for fast and efficient evacuation of carbon dioxide and water vapor from inside the mask

Sliding strap for head harness, which allows the length of the lower and upper straps to be adapted to the individual needs of the user. The sliding tape makes it possible to hang half the mask on the neck so that it does not interfere and the immediate installation is easy

Intended to protect the respiratory system from the harmful action of dust, aerosols from solid particles, and liquid aerosols

Our ffp2 mask company (n95-ffp2.com) safety class protective masks are also suitable to protect against solid and liquid dust particles, smoke, and aerosols which can be harmful to health. In nose and mouth masks FFP2 are only 94%. This protective factor is sufficient for many jobs.

  • High protection against harmful particles and materials thanks to FFP2 certification
  • It is often used in the metallurgy industry, in the mining industry with increasing amounts of wood dust or as a protective mask against COVID-19.
  • One of the most popular mouth and nose protection products in the field of occupational safety.