The first thing you think about when you see or hear the word ‘hair iron’ is ‘straight’, right? Well this isn’t always the case, since the hair iron can be used for much more than just straightening your locks. You can use this appliance to create beautiful, bouncy curls, all you need is the right hair iron and the knowhow. Here’s a compilation of quick tips to get you started.

First, make sure the hair iron you have in your hands is the correct one for the job. When creating curls, the best model is one that’s fairly skinny in size and approximately an inch and a half (or less) to obtain the best results. For thicker hair, be sure that the hair iron is properly heated before applying it. A hair iron built with rounded edges on the plates helps create more natural looking curls, so keep an eye out for those.

We make hair styling tools in include pink flat iron, cold air hair straightener, hair dryer, curling irons, and other hair styling tools.

Apply some thermal protectant to your hair first to avoid damage from heat exposure. You can get these in spray or gel form, just pick the one that works best for you. If it’s your first time using them, just follow the instructions on the label to ensure proper usage. Let your hair dry thoroughly after application before starting the styling process.

Carefully section your hair to begin curling, working from the bottom of the head and moving upwards until your hair is sectioned off the way you like. Now, take a small section (generally a one to two inch piece), clamp it tightly around halfway down the section and start turning your hair iron in the direction you want your curls to go. At the same time, pull the hair iron down on the section, keeping good and steady tension.

Now that you have the desired curl on the first small section, repeat the process on each other section until it’s all completely curled. The more you practice this technique the better you’ll get at it! You can then move to curling your hair in different ways or using another size hair iron for larger or smaller curls.

After you’re done, lightly spray your hair with your favorite hairspray, this will keep all your hard work in place!