Not all women are dying to have straight hair! It’s a common fact that those with straight hair love curls and those with curly hair love silky straight locks. It’s true that straight hair is all the rage and is easy to maintain, but sometimes you want to just change your appearance and look different. If you have straight hair, you’ll know how difficult it is to make it wavy and keep it that way even for a while without it falling flat again.

It may not even seem possible for you to create sexy waves with a hair iron but just take a look at theses quick styling tips that prove otherwise. You can just throw away that curling iron that has caused you so much styling time and effort and grab your hair iron instead, and get ready to make wonderful flowing waves!

If you haven’t already read the article on hair iron sizes, what are you waiting for? Before getting started you must make sure it’s the right one for your hair type. A hair iron with small plates is perfect for these cases and help you produce curls and waves easily. Additionally, check if your model has plates that are rounded off, because squared off edges will give you a bent look that won’t look as natural.

Remember to let your hair dry completely and apply a protectant before styling with heat. It’s extremely hard to make curls or waves with damp hair, but with dry hair you can expect luxurious waves every time. Once you’ve sectioned off parts for styling using clips to separate from the bottom of your head upwards, you can start.

Choose a section of hair and clamp the hair iron halfway down the length. Turn the hair iron in a way that it ends up parallel to the ground, applying even tension and slowly pulling the iron down your hair whilst maintaining the turned position. Pull the hair iron all the way down until your hair releases itself, with the result being a beautiful bouncy wave. If that’s not what you see, work that section again, straightening it first and then using the turning technique. Once you’ve created the perfect wave, repeat the process with all the sections until you’re done.

Apply a light hairspray to help hold the style for longer, but don’t use too much, as a heavy, wet spray can weigh down your air and ruin all of your hard work.

When you show off your new look to your friends they’ll probably refuse to believe that it was accomplished with a hair iron!