Insert Moulding (Molding), Plastic Injection Molding

SINCERE TECH offers Insert Molding Services as an add-on to the plastic injection molding service.  There is one direct difference between the two processes; the plastic injection molding process only uses plastic material in order to create a product.  On the other hand, the Insert Moulding process includes other types of plastic and/or metals in order to create a more advanced product. There are thousands of uses for Insert Moulding manufacturing.

The Insert Moulding Process

The Insert Moulding process starts off by either inserting the metal inserts before the custom injection molding process, or they can be inserted during the custom injection molding process. If the inserts are chosen to be inserted during the plastic injection molding process, an Insert Moulding process operator or a robotic arm will load them.

If chosen to insert the metal inserts after the plastic injection molding operation, the same robotic arm or Insert Molding process operator will load them after the plastic injection molding process is complete. Usually, Insert Molding takes place after the custom injection molding process.

This procedure ideally reduces insertion costs, which can save our customers substantial costs on custom insert moulding projects. If you want to know more knowledge about insert molding, please go to what is insert molding page to take a look.

Regarding the Insert Moulding process, there can be some very nice advantages when a robotic arm is handling parts.  When it comes to removing the molded parts and getting them ready for more processes, a multiple-axis robot can do that faster and more accurate than a human.  After the molded part is created and removed from the mold, the robot grips the part and moves it to either a location to be held or onto a system to be inspected.  The manufacturing equipment’s general layout and the kind of product being created are the determining factors in making this choice.

In order to assure a high level of quality for many parts that go through Insert Moulding, robots can have vision systems mounted on them.  These vision systems inspect parts faster than a human, as well as know exactly what the metal component’s placement accuracy is.

Several industries thrive upon the products created through the Insert Moulding process. Actually, there are so many products created through this type of custom injection molding process, to buy inset molding from injection mold china company, that will save super cost since the low labor cost in China.  Here is a list of the industries these products belong to, and there is a list of the products that are created through this type of custom injection molding:

Automotive and Industrial Uses for Insert Moulding

• Cable Assemblies
• Sensor housing
• Seat adjustment motor’s brush holder
• Motor end bell
• Sound system’s speaker coil (also used for the electrical industry)
• Gear housing
• Motor assembly’s window lift actuator
• Interior lighting base
• Components for alternator
• Module parts for engine control

Healthcare Industry Uses for Insert Moulding

Because it can make accurate, high-quality medical devices at a low cost, insert molding is gaining popularity in the healthcare business. Among the many applications of insert molding in medicine are the following:

  1. Syringes, catheters, and blood collection tubes are all examples of disposable medical equipment that frequently use insert molding to integrate numerous components into one. As a result, manufacturing costs are lowered while device safety and dependability are enhanced.
  2. Orthopedic implants, neurostimulators, and pacemakers are just a few examples of implantable medical devices that frequently employ insert molding to fabricate intricate geometries and forms. This lessens the likelihood of problems or rejection and makes for a more snug fit.
  3. Insert molding is a common technique for integrating electrical components with the plastic casing of diagnostic instruments like glucose meters and blood pressure monitors. There will be less chance of harm coming to the electronic parts, and the device will be more accurate and reliable as a result.
  4. Insert molding is a common technique for integrating numerous components into a single device in drug delivery devices. This includes insulin pens and inhalers. Not only does this make the gadget more user-friendly and portable, but it also lessens the chances of contamination and dosage mistakes.

As one of the top 10 most reputable plastic mold manufacturers in China, we are Sincere Tech. We provide a large selection of metal parts, CNC machining, plastic injection molds, alu die casting molds, and mold components. By means of continuous research and development efforts, we provide state-of-the-art solutions that cater to our clients’ changing needs. We take great satisfaction in our dedication to quality, making us one of the top injection mold suppliers in China.

Our top priority is quality, so in order to ensure that the molds we make are of the highest caliber, we will measure all of the mold’s electrodes, components, and finished molding parts using a CMM measuring machine to ensure that all dimensions are within tolerance. We will also test the materials and parts’ functionality to ensure that the finished product will satisfy your needs.

As your go-to China mold manufacturer, Sincere Tech offers the greatest caliber of professionalism, know-how, and inventiveness. Our commitment lies in assisting you in realizing your concepts and producing top-notch products that surpass expectations in terms of functionality, robustness, and affordability.
Among our increased capacities are:

1. Rapid Prototyping: To swiftly turn your rough idea into usable prototypes, we offer rapid prototyping services, including 3D printing or CNC machining prototypes, testing, redesign suggestions, etc.

2. Precision CNC machining: We can produce high-quality mold components with tight tolerances thanks to our sophisticated CNC equipment, which will guarantee precision and tolerance in the goods that are now injected.

3. Overmolding: We create overmolding for a variety of handle tools, and some of our overmolding is also utilized in die casting molds. Get a quote for your overmolding project by getting in touch.

4. Insert Molding: Although it differs slightly from overmolding, insert molding often uses metal parts as the substrate while overmolding uses plastic parts.

5. Two-Shot Molding: This process allows us to create intricate, multi-material components in a single step, which minimizes assembly needs and expands design options. Compared to insert molding or overmolding, two shot molding is more intricate, and it calls for a two shot injection molding machine.

6. Value-Added Services: We provide a variety of value-added services, such as product silk-screening, painting, assembly, testing, certificate, packing, and logistical assistance, to complement injection molding, die casting, and machining. These services can streamline your supply chain and cut expenses.

For all of your custom injection molding, die casting, and machining needs, work with Sincere Tech China mold maker. We will provide you with the best quality and quickest lead time; get in touch with us for a quote within 24 hours.