Sincere Tech is the leading plastic crate mold manufacturer in China. We manufactured custom plastic mold around 200 sets of different types of molds for our customers, around 20 percent of plastic crate molds for our customers. After many crate mold cooperation with German and Italian customers, Sincere Tech has accumulated and updated many times for advanced crate mold design and crate mold tooling.

We have been made a different type of plastic crate moulds such as plastic industrial crate mould, plastic vegetable crate mould, Plastic beer bottle crate mould, plastic fish crate mold, bread crate mould, plastic foldable crate mould (Collapsible crate mold), plastic storage crate molds, etc.

How to start the plastic crate molding production business?

To start the factory for crate molding production, you need a professional plastic mold company for technical support from crate part design, plastic crate molds manufacturing, injection molding machine choose and supplying and other detail technology. please contact us that we can offer you our best support for your plastic crate molding solution from design to a real plastic crate mold, below are some of the plastic crate molds we made before.

When you have done the plastic crate molds then you need to have molding equipment, like injection molding machine, material drying equipment, hot runner controller, cooling system like water chiller, cooling tower for the plastic molding shop, basically, all of those crate molding production equipment you should buy at the same time when you make the plastic crate mold, you need to select the injection molding machine that suites of this crate mould which you make for, like the shot weight, loading size, tonnage, etc, Considering the different crate size and crate mould structure, the injection machine size is ranged from 380T to 1250T. For example, the 280x340x110mm crate with one cavity mould only needs 350 tonnage machines. When you make a folding crate which extended with mold size 1100x700mm to folding crate size 600x400x110mm of fruit crate molding, you ‘d better order 1250 tonnage injection machine.

Which is the most popular crate product in the market?

There are many popular crate molding products on the market, each country has its own popular crate molding products. When we talk about Europe’s standard there are fruit crate molding parts, vegetable crate part, plastic milk crate part, and thin-wall bottle crate, plastic folding crate, bulk crate containers, collapsible crate, Europe pool crate, nestable cate containers, etc.

We suggest you start your crate molding production one by one, choose the easy one but the most popular one to start at first. We offer you any custom plastic crate molds, such as fruit crate mold, vegetable crate mold, milk crate mold, plastic folding crate mold manufacturing services with competitive price and long lifetime.

If you need high-quality plastic crate mould, Send us an email for a quotation, we will offer you a price in 24 hours.
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