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Plastic Injection Mold

What is a plastic injection mold?

Plastic injection mold is metal steel that has been made the hollow base apart sharp you want and later filled with a liquid or any other material that can use to your idea plastic products which will last millions of cycles. Some of the material that can be poured into the hollow space of the steel include plastic, metal, glass and even ceramic materials. The liquid is allowed to solidify and the block is broken to retrieve the mold that has acquired the shape of the block. Plastic mold is a custom mold that is using for making custom injection molding parts.

Plastic mold technology

Plastic mold technology is by far the most popular method to manufacture plastic parts in the world today. This process is used for everything from inexpensive commercial plastic products, like disposable eating utensils, toys to the severe environment, highly stressed technical components, like critical parts for automotive and aerospace industries. You’ll find extensive use of injection molded plastic parts in the electronics world for things like enclosures for cell phones, computers, televisions, and the like, as well as in the medical world where things like syringe bodies, breathing apparatus and a wide range of other life-saving devices are employed. No other process has come to dominate modern manufacturing as plastic molding, and its use increases every year. Recently, critical steering components for General Motors cars and trucks were changed from stamped and machined steel parts to a plastic molded assembly resulting in a lighter part, at a lower cost, quieter, and more reliable.

What is Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the process of the heating thermoplastic resin to a liquid then shooting it under high pressure into a mold cavity that is the negative image of the desired part, allowing it to get cooling, then opening the mold to allow the completed part to be ejected out from the mold. In most cases, features can be built into the plastic mold cavity to give the part everything it will need when finished so that no other operations are needed once the part comes out of the mold. Textures, or high polishes, markings, screw holes, lens shapes, and any other features needed in the finished part can be built into the mold so the finished part automatically has these features incorporated.

The advantages of plastic molding

The beauty of plastic moulding is that many parts, even millions, can be made in exactly the same way and will come out the same no matter what. Each piece will have identical features, same dimensions, and physical properties. It is the ideal way to make high volumes because of this consistency. Properly maintained, injection mold can last decades making millions of parts per year. Properly set-up and controlled, the 20 millionth part will be identical to the first part in every measurable way. No other manufacturing process has the potential to operate at this consistency.

plastic mold companyMultiple cavities of each part can be built to the plastic injection mould tool, so that each time the mold opens, you make 16 or 32 or 48 or some other multiple of parts for each cycle of the injection moulding machine to really increase the production rate and greatly decrease the cost of making a part. In some cases several different parts, for instance, a right and left-hand version of an enclosure can be made in a single mold as well to reduce the number of machine cycles required to make multiple parts of an assembly, increasing production and lowering the cost. Injection moulding also offers flexibility not possible with any of the other manufacturing processes.

Injection molding also offers one of the lowest scrap rates of any other manufacturing processes as well. Since no second operations are generally required, no material is cut off and thrown away. It is possible to use a special technique to completely eliminate even the small pathways the plastic flows through to cut the material scrap rate to virtually zero, or often, any plastic removed in the process can be reused by pelletizing it and mixing it back into the fresh plastic resin in closely controlled proportions. These capabilities mean a higher percentage of the raw material becomes part of the finished part than in any other process. Plastic injection molding is highly efficient.

Plastic Mold companySincere Tech located in Changping, Dongguan City of China. A professional China plastic Injection mold company since 2005 that came into the plastic injection mold and molding manufacturing service, the company have shown promising growth each year, today it accumulates to over 30 million RMB.

What makes us a unique mold manufacturer

With so many others in the business, what is it that has made us this success in all these years? Let us take a look at some features that make us unique and a preferred choice for our customers.

It all starts with the mold/molding factory

Our plastic mould company is clean; Everything is well orderly and nice managed. When it comes to the technology we use, we make sure that at Sincere Tech we use nothing but only the most advanced and high technology available, be it for software or hardware systems around the factory. It helps us take control of the quality of the Plastic Mold we produce. To make good quality molds and parts, we use a High-speed FUNAC CNC machine which was imported straight from Japan with over 24,000 rotate speed. Moreover, we have two big CNC machines over 2-meter strokes, full automatic Three coordinates measuring (CMM) machine to ensure that our processes are fast, efficient, and precise. That high tech equipment plus our professional team helps us to meet our targets.

Professional team

We have over 65 staff members in our factory, and each one is an expert in his field; fully qualified to handle the different aspects involved in the injection mold making processes. From producing to managing the business, the team has been selected carefully to allow growth and give our customers the premium quality products. All the Engineer members of our team have a good command over the English language to ensure adequate technical communication for a rich experience in the project. Even you are not good at with plastic injection molds and part design; our team will lead you and think very details on your behalf, It will help your project going smoothly and successfully.

Various Plastic Molded products Available

When it comes to plastic injection mold and molding parts, we qualify in a lot of fields and are an expert in each one of them. The moulds/molding parts we produce are used by consumers, in household appliances, industries, food packaging, electronics, automobiles and as interior parts in the car, etc. Our team puts in the same amount of attention and hard work in each one of these molds to maintain our loyal customer base.plastic mold

Customer satisfaction

We realize the importance of keeping our customers happy and thus never compromise on quality. Our plastic injection moulds last a long lifetime and always pass each and every expectation our customers might have of them. The mould/molded products we make a pass every test they are put through and are accepted by customers from all fields equally well.

Affordable Price

With the quality we provide, one might expect our plastic injection molds to cost a fortune but this is not so. All our moulds and molded parts are priced very strategically to have market competitive prices. The quality we produce is available at reasonable rates and this is what has our customers choosing us time after time.

Customer service

Unlike other brands, we do not forget our customers even after the plastic injection mould has been shipped to our customer side. We provide efficient customer care services, and our staff is always ready to help before, during, or even after the sales have been made. For us, we are not only the suppliers to the customers. Being on their side, we make every possible effort to ensure customer satisfaction. This is made possible by keeping transparency in a communication system and ensuring a quick response to all problems they encounter.

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our team right away and have them offer you the best plastic injection molds and molding parts for your project. For us you are important, your business successful is our goal.