SINCERE TECH can provide numerous solution for the needs of Daily Products industry, such as custom food packing storage, consumer industry, Cosmetics industry, automotive industry, clear plastic storage boxes etc.

The Food Packaging Industries molds & Products needed are relatively small and thin wall products, and need wall balance eve on all of the side, SINCERE TECH has rich experience for this type of molds., we could use multiple cavitied molds to reduce your unit price, this is an economical solution when you require a large number of multiple products produced quickly.

With our Uni-Frame technology, your molds are easily and quickly installed and replaced for fast and efficient product changes. this is very good for some of the projects, for example, one ending part that needs around 10 separately molds.

Cosmetics & consumer products

Hundreds of new cosmetics and consumer products are introduced every year. And every one of them requires high-quality surface since the part will be visible to the customers. High-quality molds and good packing are important to ensure the quality of those products, DST provides these industries with multiple injection molding solutions from high-quality mold manufacturing and packing quality control.

DST is the “One-Stop Solution” to all your plastic injection molds & molding needs. You are welcome to send us your drawing or samples pictures, we will quote you a price, not limited to the daily product, but also all other industry parts as well.

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