Products Assembly in China

In the United States, you see so many products with the label: Made in China. From the news and people around us, every one has created an image of China as a threat to the United States in the business of global trade. We have come to these conclusions as China has shipped more and more parts into the world, becoming a deficit along China of about $200 million in the year of 2006. However, this is not entirely true because while parts are sent out into the world from China, the final products are actually made in countries other than China. This is due to the product assembly in China.

It is important for many businesses to produce their plastic and metal parts in China in order to assemble the whole product. This is because China has a lower paying rate for labor work, which would be otherwise much more expensive elsewhere. Also, with good contracts with Chinese OEM manufacturers, companies are guaranteed to receive great quality products and an exceptional service.

There are numerous pros for businesses partnering with Chinese OEM products assemblies. As mentioned earlier, one of the important benefits is the low cost labor rate. In some cases, the costs of shipping and labor is almost equivalent to that of domestic work, but in general, this process is cheaper in China. A lower cost in production of OEM parts in China is also better for sales in the end. Another benefit, as already mentioned as well, is the excellent service of Chinese OEM production businesses. Chinese contract manufacturers are generally more open to businesses, small or large, as long as you meet their requirements. In addition, Chinese manufacturers are able to produce a large number of components in a short span of time. They often deliver on time. For this reason, Chinese contract manufacturers generally surpass many of the manufacturing businesses in the United States. Chinese labor is also very precise when it comes to duplication. This is a great benefit when it comes to component production.

As well as the pros for partnering with Chinese OEM products assemblies, there are also some cons to this. One of the cons that American businesses run into is trouble finding a Chinese factory to partner with. It does not seem easy for business, although there are some tactics to succed in finding one. Another barrier that stands between American and Chinese businesses and factories is the difference in languages, thus making communication a challenge. Communication is not only difficult in communication, but also from a cultural perspective. Unlike the usual American, Chinese are exact and take everything you say literally. It is important to ensure that the Chinese understand all you say, so that misunderstanding is avoided as much as possible. Another con is the negative stigma regarding production from Chinese. Among the cons also include higher minimums, shipping, and sometimes the poor quality of their manufacturing.

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