Product Assembly Services in China

We offer contract product assembly services, mold manufacturing, ODM, OEM manufacturing, assembly metal parts, plastic parts, PC board, electronic components assembly, soldering,  and other volume added services. If you are looking for contract product assembly service companies in China, you are welcome to contact us.

In the United States, you see so many products with the label “Made in China”. From the news and people around the world, everyone may have created an image of China as a threat to the United States or another country in the business of global trade. We all have come to a conclusion as China has shipped more and more parts into the world.

Base on our government export trading report  China has exported approaching $ 25,000 billion goods to the world. and over 30% of products are assembled in China before sending to other countries, The mean reason China has rich experience to control the quality, fast lead time for your assembly products, and easy to manage grouped equipment and components, this will save lots of time and cost for your products.

product assembly service

Product Assembly service

China is the world’s largest manufacturing country and has a complete, independent, and complete modern industrial system. The output of more than 220 kinds of industrial products in China and rank first in the world, if you are looking for OEM contract manufacturing offshore, I can confirm you finding a Contract manufacturing China company will be one of your best places to go.

It is important for many businesses to produce their plastic and metal parts in China in order to assemble the whole products. This is because China has a lower-paying rate for labor work and good quality control systems, which would be otherwise much more expensive elsewhere. Also, with good contracts with An OEM manufacturing China company, companies are guaranteed to receive great quality products and exceptional service.

There are numerous pros for businesses partnering with Chinese product assembly services. As mentioned earlier, some of the important benefits are the low-cost labor rate & good quality control plus easy handy for auxiliary accessories requirement. In some cases, the costs of shipping and labor are almost equivalent to that of domestic work, but in general, this process is cheaper in China.

A lower-cost in the production of OEM parts in China is also better for sales in the end. Another benefit, as already mentioned as well, is the excellent service of Chinese OEM production businesses. Contract manufacturer China companies are generally more open to businesses, small or large, as long as you meet their requirements. In addition, Chinese OEM manufacturers are able to produce and assemble a large number of components and goods in a short time, like ten days can build a hospital for 10 thousand of patients.

I believe you can not able to find any others can do this job on the world, that is why iPhone stay in China for production and assembly over 10 years. For this reason, Chinese contract manufacturers generally surpass many of the manufacturing businesses in the United States and the world. Chinese labor is also very precise when it comes to duplication. This is a great benefit when it comes to component production.

As well as the pros for partnering with Chinese product assembly service, there are also some cons to this. One of the cons that American businesses run into is trouble finding a Good & responsible Chinese product assembly service Manufacturer to partner with, to find one is easy but mostly you may not able to find a good and professional Chinese contract assembly Manufacturer.

It does not seem easy for business, although there are some tactics to succeed in finding one. Another barrier that stands between American and Chinese businesses and factories is the difference in languages, thus making communication a challenge. Communication is not only difficult in communication, but also from a cultural perspective. Unlike the usual American, Chinese are exact and take everything you say literally. It is important to ensure that the Chinese understand all you say so that misunderstanding is avoided as much as possible.

If you are looking for plastic injection molding parts, product development and manufacturing, contract manufacturer or OEM product assembly services in China, we suggest you do partner with our company.

Dongguan Sincere Tech Offering to manufacture products with high-quality production. We can produce any custom plastic products, metal parts, aluminum die casting, secondary process manufacturing, custom package, product assembly, and shipment services, our service range including products for construction, health/medical, vehicles, cosmetics, food, digital, appliances, as well as other fields to comply with your requests. We are able to produce our items in high quantity with the help of our professional team. We will deliver to you at an affordable price with high quality.

What services we can offer you?

To make sure that we are a good partner for you we would like to explain our advantages and our specialty, this will make sure you will find the right OEM manufacturer Partner, to satisfy you is our goal.

We can do model and part Design (inhouse work) for you, PCB board & electronic design if necessary (outsource), if you have your own PCB board supplier, you can arrange to send us. We do a prototype, CNC machining, 3D printing (inhouse) service, Injection Mold/Metal Tooling/Aluminum die casting and Mold design (inhouse work), Injection Mold, tooling or die manufacturing (inhouse work), Massive production (inhouse work), Secondary process like Painting, Chrome powder coating, anodizing (some of them inhouse work), products Assembly service and packing (inhouse), shipment to your storage house.

Above is our service which we are professional and we keep doing this service for many years. If your project requirement above services then you come to the right place.

Why you should choose us to partner with?

I believe this is the most important factor to let you make your choice, About our advantages which explained on our home page, here I would like to add some supplements to let you know a little bit more.

As we know to work with a China OEM contract manufacturer, better communication is most important, fluent English plus professional technical communication is the key point to guide the project successful and fast, on the other hand, unprofessional communication will make the project delayed and may fail the whole project.

At SINCERE TECH, we have our team that have over 18 years of technical working experience in plastic and metal field, Good English communication, and perfect project management (This advantage is due to our manager’s 7 years of experience in managing foreign companies as project manager).

When we receive a project from our customers, we will review all of the possible issues and bring the solution with illustration (Design for manufacture analysis), this will be easy and accurate, reduce any possible mistake or misunderstanding, we are professional and we know there is lots of mistake and misunderstanding in the communication, that is our jobs to protect this issue.

The other pros are most of the jobs are done by inhouse as we explained above, we could easy to control the time plan (especially for some urgent case, we make molds by 2 weeks fast) and the quality, we can do large order quantity or small quantity, in China to gather the employees is very easy and fast, even the new employee that can be training very quick and obedience management, this is because the Chinese culture.

Chinese is hardworking and care their family (Chinese make money for their family), not like an employee from some other countries working one day but rest 2 days. If you partner with those companies I believe your business will have a big issue, that is why iPhone buy 80% of their Iphnoes from China with short lead time and market to the world.

When you work with us, we are with you every step on the way, in the design and development phase, we will review all of part design issue, mold manufacturing issue, product assembly issue, potential function issue, or any problem and bring all of the issues together and report to you with illustration and solutions.

After the first model sample send you, we will double check your requirement again to find any possible issue and provide the solutions, in all of this steps are checking – improving – testing until you completely satisfy the goods, this is what we do to all of our customers, hope you will be happy as well,

Want to know more about our product assembly service?  You are welcome to contact us.