How much is the injection mold cost from Sincere Tech?

It mainly depends on the complexity of product feature and size in the plastic injection mold and cavity number with cost rising from $ 500.
It rests assured that the plastic injection mold produced by Sincere Tech is at least 650% cheaper than that of made by Europe and America.

What are the requirements to get a price from Sincere Tech?

Sincere Tech prefer 3D CAD drawing or actual sample.

Sincere Tech prefer to use Pro-Egineer, Unigraphics NX (UG) or AutoCAD drawing. The most common files like DWG, STP or STEP and IGES format are preferred.

At the same time, Sincere Tech can converse the planar graph into the CAD drawing of 3D model.

Sincere Tech can also make the CAD drawing of 3D model based on your prototype, or reversely develop your products, and make the necessary drawing for your confirmation.

How long does it take to produce plastic injection mold From Sincere Tech?

Producing plastic injection mold from Sincere Tech needs at least 25 working days and up to 65 working days, depending on mold size, complexity and the cavity, if have some urgent case we can do the fast 2 weeks delivery.

What Sincere Tech can guarantee the plastic injection mold?

There are harden mold and pre-harden mold, harden mold has min 1million shots and pre-harden mold has min 0.5 million shots guarantee.
If only your injection molded products are produced by Sincere Tech, and not sure how many parts will need at first, we recommend the low volume injection molding with a shot of 50,000 and more. The same high-quality products but lower plastic mold costs, once the quantity increased we can make high volume injection mold.

If Sincere Tech produce the molded parts for you, maintenance and storage of plastic molds are free. Don’t doubt, it’s just so simple.

If only Sincere Tech are producing such product components, before the expiration of cycle, it’s free of charge for Sincere Tech to repair or return as for any plastic injection molds with failure or in need of repair.

How long it take to have the first samples of plastic injection molding parts?

After plastic injection mold is completed, we will trial the mold to get the first samples, it will be sent to you through EXPRESS (DHL, Fedex, UPS. TNT, etc.) and reach your hand within 3-5days. All of samples is free of charge as well as delivery fee, until you approval the samples.

How long does it take to produce plastic molded products?

The production time depends on various factors, such as mold sizes, injection mold cavity numbers, shotting period, working shift system, and working days each week and so on.

We can ensure that Sincere Tech will make every effort to meet your requirements. If you need 24/7 production, you will get 24/7 production service.

How should I pay as for the plastic injection mold and product order?

Pay 50% of the plastic mold costs before starting and then pay the remaining amount after sample is approved by your side. When a production order is made, pay 50% of the cost before production and pay the remaining amount after the goods leave the factory. Most customers pay via wire transfer of paypal, if you prefer the other payment we can talk together.

Once the goods have left China, how long I can receive them?

Most of the customers’ goods will be transported by sea, because ocean shipping is cheaper. The time needed from China to the U.S. West Coast is about 25 days, for example, Los Angles, time needed to reach the U.S. East Coast time is about 35 days. Time to reach the major European countries is about 35 days, and Australia is probably about 15 days.

Some of our customers buy small quantities of components through the international express, relatively economical compared to shipping. It’s just three to five days via international express delivery from China to the global.

We have a very good shipment agency that have very low cost from the market, and we can arrange all of the shipment for you, so you do not need to do anything and waiting to receive the goods.

At first we will send you the price for approval, once you approval then we will arrange this for you, or you arrange that from your side in case you have better idea, today 96% of our customers are use our shipment service, that means our shipment cost is competitive.

If the goods are lost, damaged or stolen what should I do?

All the goods produced and transported by Sincere Tech have been insured united insurance policy by our Sincere Tech and the freight agency contacted with the general insurance policy. Your goods are always automatically insured full value insurance.