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18 09, 2021

Air Traps Defects

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How to avoid the Air Traps Defects

As plastic fills the mold cavity, it compresses the air that is in the cavity. The pressure of the air pocket increases until the required pressure is achieved to push air out of the mold vents. If the areas where the air is trapped do not have a vent, the pressure of the air pocket will approach the pressure of the injection pressure causing several quality issues. The high pressure air pocket could cause a short shot and/or a poor weld line, and/or  burn marks or small black spots on the part.

Because air traps defects are seldom thought of in the design process, it is almost […]

4 05, 2021

Injection Mold Gate Design

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Essentials of a well-designed injection mold gate

A properly Injection Mold Gate Design will deliver a rapid, uniform, and preferably uni-directional mold filling pattern with a proper gate freeze-off time. Below are some tips for Injection Mold Gate Design

Gate location

The gate location should be at the thickest area of the part, preferably at a spot where the function and appearance of the part are not impaired. This leads the material to flow from the thickest areas to thinner areas to the thinnest areas and helps maintain the flow and packing paths. Gate location should be central so that flow lengths are equal to each extremity of the part. Numerical simulation of the molding process is […]

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