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19 05, 2021

Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

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We offer CNC machining service in China delivering the world. Metal CNC machining, metal turning, aluminum CNC machining, painting, aluminum anodizing service, if you are looking for aluminum CNC machining parts, metal CNC machining parts, anodizing service for the aluminum components from China, welcome to contact us.

Aluminium CNC machining parts Aluminium CNC machining parts

Aluminium is one of the most machined materials accessible today. Actually, CNC machining aluminum parts processes are second after steel in terms of frequency of execution. Mainly this is due to its amazing machinability.

In its real form, the chemical element aluminium is ductile, soft, non-magnetic, and silvery-white in look. Anyway, the element […]

4 05, 2021

How to improve the components Machining tolerance

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In daily precise mechanical machining, it often happens that the part machined is not nonconforming requirements due to dimension problems. Here, we will discuss about accuracy problems that occur in precise mechanical machining and how to improve the precision machining tolerance in metal CNC maching parts or aluminum CNC machining parts.

  1. Overview

1.1 Machining Accuracy and Machining Error

Machining accuracy is the degree of conformance of actual parameter (dimension, profile and position) of a part after machining to the ideal parameter.  The actual parameter is not possibly exactly the same as the ideal parameter, deviation always exists. The degree of deviation of actual parameter from the ideal parameter is error. Error is not avoidable, […]

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