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Automatically KN95 FFP2 Face Mask Machine In China

We manufacture the fully Automatical KN95 FFP2 face mask machines, disposable 3 ply IIR face masks, cup shape face mask machines for the world market, we produce FFP2 face masks as well, all  of our FFP2 mask has white list and CE certificate, if you are looking for the face mask machines from China, you are welcome to contact us, we will provide you a wholesale price for the mask machines with a short lead time.

We are not only make mask machine but also produce FFP2 face mask respirators to the world market, if you are looking for mask machine or FFP2 face masks from China, contact us to get price for mask or machines

FFP2 Mask Making Machine or 3 ply IIR face mask machines are the machine that can be used to produce disposable FFP2 face masks or 3 ply IIR face masks, be suitable for the material of the non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material. The face mask machine will complete all the preparation from the taking care of two nose-clip fixings, edge fixing, cutting the finished product automatically. This ffp2 face mask machine has featured as stable performance, high profitability, low error rate, and simple activity. This FFP2 folding mask machine is designed with sensors in each part from fabric taking care of two completed item releasing. It will begin an automatic alarm system and quit running once the disappointment or absence of material happens. The particular issue can be appeared on the touch screen, with no need of finding the explanation of the breakdown, altogether raising work effectiveness. if you want to know more information about N95 FFP2 face mask machines, please contact us.

FFP2 mask machine

FFP2 mask machine

Fully Automatic N95 Kn95 Ffp2 Ffp3 Face Mask

The fully automatic face machine is appropriate for producing  N90/N95/N99 KN90/KN95/KN100 or FFP1/FFP2/FFP3  of three to five layers face mask which can support automatically material taking care of internal nose clip inserting mask welding cutting ear-circle welding and logo/standard printing it receives progressed ultrasonic technology to guarantee the welding high. Fully Automatic Face Mask Machine. Ultrasonic Medical Non-Woven Dust Disposable Production FFP2 FFP3 KN95 N95 Face Mask Machine in Stock Find insights regarding China Mask Machine.

Semi-Automatic KN95 FFP2

Semi-automatic KN95 Mask Machine Production processes embossing and cutting on material, three layers of non-woven fabrics one layer of softening blown fabric knurled cutting introduced the nose connect bars and formed sample Ultrasonic welding ear wire: manual single-point welding ear wire four welding focuses for a mask it TongWeis around 6s to finish the ear wire welding work of a mask Edge.

Advantages of Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic mask machine

As indicated by the diverse raw materials used, the folding mask machine can arrive at various particulars, for example, FFP1, FFP2, and N95. The ear band is made of flexible non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer’s ears agreeable and without pressure. It has a decent sifting impact, consummately adjusts to the substance of Asians, and can be applied to high-dirtying occupations, for example, development and mining.

A folding mask machine, otherwise called a C-type mask machine, is a fully automatic machine for the creation of folding mask bodies. It utilizes ultrasonic innovation to bond 3 to 5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, initiated carbon and channel material, and removes the folding mask body. , Can deal with 3M9001, 9002, and other mask bodies.

The applicable parameters of the folding mask machine are:

  1. It has a Simple adjustment tool for folding mask machine, simple to change materials.
  2. The folding mask machine can rapidly supplant the form and produce various sorts of masks.
  3. The whole machine of the folding mask machine uses an aluminum combination, which is wonderful and solid and doesn’t rust.
  4. Folding mask machine with high steadiness and low disappointment rate.


As we all know, wearing a mask is the best way to protect ourselves from infection, particularly when people need to go out in a crowded place. Confronted with this market hard to find, putting resources into mask investing lines has become a popular choice now.  Are you looking for a Chinese FFP2 face mask producing company? “The Olayer” produces an FFP2 face mask and FFP2 face mask machines, the FFP2 masks that meet the European Union EN149 2001 +A1: 2009 standard. They also offer a KN95 face mask with 100% quality. The face mask produced by “The Olayer” mask producing company is one of the most mainstream China protective FFP2 face mask manufacturer and also offers the best with quality PPE KN95, FFP2 face mask, FFP3 face mask, send us the and email to check our FFP2 EN 149 testing report, you will believe that we have the best FFP2 masks on the world, our EN 149 testing report will prove the quality.