21 08, 2019

A plate Manufacturing

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A plate Manufacturing (Cavity Plate Manufacturing)

Mold manufacturing is not an easy job, if you do not have any good team or experience in this field, I suggest you find a profession plastic mold company to support you, you could do the molding process at your side but make the mold outsource, because make plastic mold need very high technical skill for every worker, compared to injection molding process, mold manufacturing needs more manual jobs than injection molding service, and need high technical requirement as well, below is one of manufacturing guideline for A plate of mold, which we call cavity plate.

When we manufacture the cavity plate for plastic mold, there are some dimensions that […]

19 08, 2019

Manufacturing Mold Core and cavity insert Guideline

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When we manufacture the mold core and cavity inserts during the mold manufacturing, there are some dimensions that we need to manufacture with some tolerances so that it fits well in the pocket of the insert plate or mold cavity/core.

And this will save some work when we will fit the mould cavity & core, high tolerance, and good manufacturing technology will save lots of time for the mold-master, below are some manufacturing mold core /cavity insert Guideline that we need to pay attention to make high quality plastic mold.

When we make the corner radius In the manual milling machine, make a 0.2mm big step there, after hardening, we don’t have to grind on the corner […]

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