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EN149 FFP2 Face Masks for Kids

EN149 FFP2 Face Masks are the best masks for your kids

ffp2 kids face mask

ffp2 kids face mask

Current, there are lots of face masks on the market designed for “kids” but most of them are a plain sheet of fabric that do not save them. Every single day, and more and more doctors, scientists and media say that we use at least KN95/N95/FFP2 grade masks respirator as just such these can prevent viruses from entering the body, so EN149 FFP2 face mask will be one of the best masks to keep your children safety from COVID-19, even ever one know that any of masks can not fight against the coronavirus, but you must agree that en149 kids ffp2 face mask will save your children being effected by the Virus carriers, if you want your kids more safety please put the children ffp2 face mask on your children.

Kids FFP2 face mask respirator have a minimum of 94 percent filtration percentage (PFE≥94%) and top eight percent leakage to the inside. They are largely used in construction, agriculture and, and by health professionals against influenza viruses. There are presently used for protection against Coronavirus.

These filtration kids ffp2 NR masks are sourced in China

The Child FFP2 masks are a half-mask respirator that covers the nose and mouth when fitted perfectly. They have 2 elastic headbands to keep the mask in place and are white in color. They also have a small metal section that sits across the bridge of the nose when in use.

Features for the kids FFP2 mask respirator

  • FFP2 mask for kids with insulation feature
  • Anti-fogging and breathable
  • Filtration efficiency 94 percent (PFE≥94%)
  • 3D filter, promising ample area for breathing and adapting rightly to the contour of the face to offer complete protection
  • Made in China
  • Advice period of use: 8 hours

Four layers of fabric. First layer non-woven 50gsm fabric, second layer is 25gsm water electronic melt-brown cloth, 3rd layer of 25gsm water electronic melt-blown cloth and inside layer is soft non-woven  25gsm fabric.

Easy breathing

The mask is equipped with non-woven fabric layer, a 2 layer anti-static cotton cloth and a non-woven soft fabric layer. Can filter out 94 percent of particles in air, our child ffp2 face masks have the less breathing resistance, as low as ffp1 standard that means our FFP2 kids mask respirator will be simple to breathe like free breathing.

Comfortable and light

An ultralight children mask respirator permits them to stay in the mask for a long time without anxiety. Head strap permits the mask to be rightly hung around the neck, stopping losing and simple to put back to the face. Top standard materials and the excellent certified filters will make sure safety against airborne and pollution threats, such as allergens, smog, bacteria and viruses.

Simple store

Dustproof kids ffp2 mask respirator is foldable 3D fish shape, easy to store, and can be used indoors and outdoors.  Designed for children, best for children aged 3-14.

If you are looking for EN149 children ffp2 face masks for your kids, you are welcome to contact us, we offer you the fast delivery, best quality ffp2 kids mask for your children.