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China has covid-19 rapid testing kits available to diagnose coronavirus antibodies in patients

Ten new coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents and six antibody detection reagents have been licensed by China’s National Medical Products Administration.

Frontline doctors in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, are reportedly using a 15-minute screening kit to identify antibodies to the pathogen.

China has quick research kits available to identify coronavirus antibodies in patients.

covid-19 rapid testing kits

covid-19 rapid testing kits

The National Medical Products Administration of China has licensed ten new coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents and six antibody detection reagents up to this stage.

The National Medical Products Administration of China has licensed ten new coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents and six antibody detection reagents up to this stage.

As the amount of new cases in China declines, test kits that are mass-produced may be exported.

Frontline doctors in Wuhan’s coronavirus epicenter are said to use a 15-minute research kit to identify pathogen antibodies, followed by a nucleic acid test for final validation, which requires a few hours.

During a period when Wuhan’s medical facilities were overwhelmed with suspicious patients, the test kits enabled them to check patients.

According to a state media study, scientists from the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention and a company based in Wuxi created the rapid test kit in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, eastern China.

As millions of citizens return to work around China, China is preparing to test people for coronavirus quickly in the event of a surge in cases.

The city’s bureau of science and technology advised state media that the package would diagnose the virus in eight to 15 minutes.

Because of its “extreme sensitivity and ease of use and transport,” the package was deployed in Wuhan.

The company said at the time that it could manufacture kits for 4,000 individuals a day and that the city council was assisting it in expanding manufacturing.

In early February, the first shipment of kits was used in Wuhan.

Several Chinese institutes and businesses are working on designing rapid testing kits, with the possibility of distributing the kits as the epidemic spreads internationally.

China’s National Medical Products Administration authorized another rapid testing kit to identify covid-19 antibodies on March 7, with results available in 29 minutes.

This package was created by a study team headed by Xiamen University experts. “The package may be used for clinical incidents, suspicious cases, and high-risk population monitoring, enhancing the research performance of frontline medical institutions,” Xinhua announced last week.

The kit was undergoing clinical trials in Wuhan hospitals, according to state reports.

“The identification rate has increased thanks to the combination of nucleic acid tests and antibody detection. Three antibody reagents for covid-19, according to the manufacturer, have been authorized by the European Union and shipped to countries such as Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands,” according to a state media story.

A group of Chinese medical scientists announced on Wednesday that they had created yet another fast antibody test that can diagnose the coronavirus in 15 minutes using a drop of blood from the fingertips.

The team, led by Chinese top medical expert Zhong Nanshan, who is also the leader of the Chinese government’s anti-epidemic task force, claims that the antibody test would provide a reliable and fast way to recognize infectious patients and asymptomatic carriers of the novel coronavirus.

Clinical trials of the new test kit were carried out in eight clinical sites around the world, according to the tabloid Global Times, validating the clinical identification sensitivity, accuracy, and clinical effectiveness of the new test kit.

“In comparison to the nucleic acid RTPCR test (to identify and quantify RNA), which requires 3-4 hours to yield data, the current kit will detect virus antibodies in human blood in 15 minutes, with an average testing sensitivity of 88.66 percent and accuracy of 90.63 percent,” according to the GT study.

In addition, the team discovered that clinical diagnostic findings derived from finger blood, serum, and plasma of venous blood showed high identification consistency, implying that monitoring a suspicious patient’s finger blood would be a more convenient test tool in the future.