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11 05, 2019

Plastic Injection Mould Company

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Sincere Tech – Plastic Injection Mould Company

The rapid changes in technology demand variation in the concepts of the plastic injection mould. This is why we fit in. We implement innovations and fill the gaps in our specialized field of Custom injection mold and molding services, such as blow molding, medical plastic parts, PET pre-form injection moulds and PET stretch-blow moulds.

PET preform mould is now among the leading manufacturers of custom injection mold, PET pre-form injection moulds and PET stretch-blow moulds. We have manufacturing facilities conforming to international standards and […]

23 03, 2019

Injection Molding Cleanroom

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Sometimes a Plastic moldmaker is looking for a good niche products which related their business and they could trust on. Such was the case for SINCERETECH a well-known plastic mold maker that is now inverted molding shop in a 5,000 -sq Class 10,000 injection molding cleanroom.

Located in Dongguan China, a small town in the DongGuan City of China near the Shenzhen airport, SINCERETECH has a reputation for complicated, high-precision molds, automobile mold and a particular specialty in multicomponents molds.  As other tool making companies have done, in 2005 the company started plastic mold making business to make export molds, primarily of shorter runs for customers of its toolmaking business.

Staying with what worked, when SINCERE […]

20 02, 2018

PPSU LSG artificial knee joint components

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PPSU LSG artificial knee joint components.

Advanced knee injuries or arthritis cause knee tissue damage, inflammation and terrifying pain. These conditions can disable you from flexing or extending your knees. As time proceeds, the damage on your knee joint and knee tissue can make it challenging to perform day to day activities. Knee joints damage can inhibit you from sitting or lying down. This calls for a knee replacement surgery to replace knee joints. One of the available artificial knee joint components is PPSU LSG.

PPSU, a plastics for medical plastic parts, is basically an abbreviation for polyphenylsulfone which is an amorphous high-performance thermoplastic. The medical grade PPSU is bone white in color and thus suitable […]