What Is Plastic Mold Technology & How to get price for that

Plastic mold technology also known as plastic molding technology, is a process that has been around since 1872, it is the process of creating and manufacturing plastic components by injecting molten materials into a mold. The process of plastic molding technology is actually quote a complex one. First, a mold designer must come up with the final mold design. Once this has been created, the start to manufacture, like drilling, CNC, EDM, polishing and the last step to make the mold is mold fitting, when everything is finished in making a mold, that the actual molding process can start, at the beginning molding process we called mold trial. Although plastic molding technology is not something that most will be knowledgeable about. We all use products that will have been manufactured by using this method. Things like bottle caps, automobile parts, home appliances, cooking equipment, toys, and even constructions parts. We can say everything needs plastic molding parts.

The future of plastic molding

Over the decades, the process of plastic molding technology has changed and advanced significantly. Thanks to huge leaps in technology, it is now possible to use 3D printing to use photopolymers for plastic molding parts. The advantage of using 3D printing for the plastic molding parts is that will lower the price for lower volume, because make plastic mould is very expensive, if you do not need many quantity then use 3D printing instead of using plastic molding technology will be the better option, but finally when you need high-quality plastic moldings to speed up your market you still need make plastic molds.

How to get price for your plastic mold and plastic molding requirement

In order to get price for your plastic molding project, then you need to get both price for your plastic mold and plastic moulding.

How to get a price for plastic mould

To get price for plastic mould there are a few things that you are going to provide to your supplier, in order to make sure that you have given the supplier all of information that they need to check the price accurate.

First of all, you are need to make sure that you have 3D part design in your hands, if you do not have the drawing then you need to have the pictures of a sample with approx. part size and show your supplier that part structure.

Second. You need to know how many shots of the mold which you requirement, for examples. 0.5 million shots of a lifetime or 1 million lifetimes of mold, because those two requirements will cause different price.

Third. You need to inform them how many cavities you expect for the injection mold. Because this will affect the mold price as well.

Forth. It is could runner or hot runner do you require for your mold, if hot runner what brand of hot runners. YUDO, INCOE, etc.

Above items are very import information to quote a mold price, because all of the information will change the mold price, of course, if you only need plastic molding parts, then you only need to tell your supplier what plastics will be and how many parts do you need per time, what is surface requirement and colors of the parts, then they will take the rest for you.

How to get a price for your Plastic Molding Service

To get price for your plastic molding it is much easy then getting price for plastic mold.

You only need to inform your supplier what plastics will be, 3D part design, how many parts do you need per time, then your will get a mold price and massive production unit price, if you do not have 3D part design, then you need to have a samples and provide your supplier with part size and part weight, those information are important factors to estimate the price. Otherwise any price will not have any reference.

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