As a professional plastic mold factory & company in China, We invested some high tech equipment to make the high-quality plastic molds for all of our customers, with our professional mold designers, mold makers, tooling engineers, project managers, and professional English communication, you can sit back and enjoy our service.

In our plastic mold factories, we have 9 CNC machines, one is the Japanese machines FANUC brand which imported directly from Japan, this will make 0.005mm tight tolerance with over 24,000 rotation speed, for the precision mold we use this machine to control the quality of molds, 9 EDM machines, one is Sodick EDM, two of them are two heads of EDM machines, one mold fitting machine to fit the mold parting line for all of the molds we make. This will ensure the high-quality parting line of molds. our plastic mold company has CMM fully automatically measurement machine to measure all of mold components, electrodes, and parts base on your 2D drawing, to make sure all of the dimension is meeting your requirement.

How to work with a plastic mold factories in China

When you start develop a new project, you may need lots of components, and there are some of parts make in plastic molding, metal stamping, die casting or machining ,and assembly service, but you can not buy each component from each factory or company, this will waste lots of your time and there is risk on that, because if one component has issue them the whole project will be delayed, the reason is if you look for 3-4 supplier, then you will take 4 time effort to verify each supplier if there are quality and trustable? if you make mistake that will delay the whole project,

How to make this easy? The simple thing is finding an OEM contract manufacturer in China or a plastic mold factories to make some of the important plastic components and ask them to manage your other components, Sincere Tech is one of professional custom plastic mold and molding OEM contract manufacturing factories in China, Our means business is plastic mold/molding manufacturing, die casting tooling or parts, metal stamping tooling/part, part design, machining, etc. I believe this could solve most of your needs, if you need more components like electronic board we still can manage this for you, or we can recommend some of them to you and you could contact with them by yourself, and since middle of 2021, we have been started electronic product assembly company so make new product development service and electronic product assembly service, with our capacity you will be safe because we have lots of customers from American and Europe, if you have any worries you could contact us and we will send you some of our customers for your to verify. this will save you time and easy to find a safety reliable and trust supplier, I hope this is good idea to solve your issue.

If you want to know more about us go to our home page to check about our advantages, you will believe we are your best partner you are looking for!

Plastic Molding Company

Below is one of our plastic molding companies, we have total two plastic molding factories, one plastic molding company has ten sets of plastic injection molding machines that from 90 to 650 tonnage, one has 15 sets of injection machines from 70 to 2000 Tonnage, this will support all of your business needs. We can do one-stop OEM contract manufacturing service from parts design, mold design, plastic mold and molding manufacturing, Painting, plating, part assembly, and shipment.

If you have a new project in your hands that need to develop plastic molds and injection molded parts, please contact our technical team, we will review your data and send you some suggestion to optimize your part design, this will make sure your project will be successful during mold manufacturing and save lots of time for mold making,

We will never share your data with any other third parties, this is one of the most important points we can keep our customer sticking with us. We can sign NDA document with you if you have any worries, in the meanwhile we suggest you please do not send your data to too many companies, choose one or two supplier to work with, this will be more safety for your new model.

How to find a plastic mold factories in China

The best idea like what I suggested you before, at first, check maybe 4-5 potential plastic molding companies from the internet, you can search keywords “plastic mold”, “China mold” from google, you will have many of them in there.

At second, contact them to check the rely action and communication, ask some technical questions, if you are happy with the first step then ask some of they currently customers to verify their services, quality, and price.

Finally, after you got that information from their current suppliers I believe you will have more confidence to choose the better partner along with you, this will be very important for your business growing, a good team can support lots of issues and give you lots of confidence to work with them, a bad team can ruin your business very quick.

To find good OEM mold manufacturers in China is not easy, but if you focus on those simple three steps, things become easy and smoothly, never make the choice too easy by only check their price only, this will put your business in a very dangerous situation.

I believe you are looking for competitive price with good quality and service, not poor quality with cheaper price, how do you know them if they are cheaper or competitive, follow up on the above three steps you will find out.

From our home page, you should have enough information about our advantages to make you more confident to work with us. What more questions do you have? Welcome to call us or send us an email.