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Plastic Mold

Plastic Mold

Plastic molds is popular In the world, almost everything that need plastic molding parts, develop a new project you will need a quality custom plastic mould and plastic molding supplier. SINCERE TECH is here to solve your problems, we have  professional mold design & mold makers, we use Europe & American standard mold components for all of our export plastic molds, we will save your cost in plastic mold making and lead time but service and quality will be pretty much the same as Europe & American. Contact us NOW, we will offer your price within 24 hours.

Plastic molding

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

We offer Plastic Injection Mold making, plastic Injection molding manufacturing, painting, pad printing & assembly solutions to the world, we offer multiple cavities molds, overmolding, clear plastic molding, insert molding, thin wall mould, 2K molding etc. if we produce the injection mould and molding parts for you, you will save up to 40% of mold making cost, because we will never make any profits for mold manufacturing once we produce the parts for you, If you’re looking for a long partner with high quality assistance, excellent service & reasonable price  for your Plastic Molding parts? Contact us now

Die casting mold

Die Casting Mold

Die Casting is high requirement for steel to keep the mold lifetime and quality, die casting parts is more popular in high-class products, or industrial and machinery components, to success your die casting project you need to find a professional die casting mold partner, SINCERE TECH is professional in die casting over 13 years, we can do one step for your aluminium, zinc ( Zamak ), or magnesium die casting project, contact our expert to know more about die casting mold and die casting parts, we will quote you a competitive price with 2 business days

How Do We Insure Our Plastic Molds & Plastic Injection Molding Quality

  • DFM (design for manufacturability) for all of your project & bring any possible issue (part design issue & mold issue) before mould design & manufacturing.

  • Fluent technical English communication with excellent project management, very important for YOUR project! Only A few of companies have this service in China. Congratulations you are here!

  • Over 15 years of experience in mold design, Plastic Mould Making, Die Casting, Plastic Molding Manufacturing and Part assembly.

  • Always in time feedback to our customers, communication fast like your overseas local suppliers.

  • Full dimension measurement report and function guarantee according to customers requirement & 2D drawing

  • Various type of products service including Automotive injection Mold & Molding, Home Appliances, Industrial Molds & moldings, Medical molds & Molding, pad printing, silk-creen, painting and more.

  • A few hundred of quantity or millions of quantity parts are available for your market needs

Information About Plastic injection Mold & Plastic Injection Molding

Welcome to our Plastic Injection Mould & moulding manufacturing Company! Here you find information about custom plastic injection mold and molding processes, techniques, and specialised molding technology so that you keep yourself informed with the latest trends and technology.

What is a plastic mould?

Plastic mould is a metal steel that has been made the hollow base apart sharp you want and later filled with a liquid or any other material that can use to your idea plastic products which will last millions of cycles. Some of the material that can be poured into the hollow space of the steel include plastic, metal, glass and even ceramic materials. The liquid is allowed to solidify and the block is broken to retrieve the mold that has acquired the shape of the block. Plastic mold is a custom mold that is using for making custom injection molding parts.

Plastic mold technology

Plastic mold technology is by far the most popular method to manufacture plastic parts in the world today. This process is used for everything from inexpensive commercial plastic products, like disposable eating utensils, toys to the severe environment, highly stressed technical components, like critical parts for automotive and aerospace industries. You’ll find extensive use of injection molded plastic parts in electronics world for things like enclosures for cell phones, computers, televisions and the like, as well as in the medical world where things like syringe bodies, breathing apparatus and a wide range of other life-saving devices are employed. No other process has come to dominate modern manufacturing as plastic molding, and its use increases every year. Recently, critical steering components for General Motors cars and trucks were changed from stamped and machined steel parts to a plastic molded assembly resulting in a lighter part, at lower cost, quieter, and more reliable.

What is Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the process of the heating thermoplastic resin to a liquid then shooting it under high pressure into a mold cavity that is the negative image of the desired part, allowing it to get cooling, then opening the mold to allow the completed part to be ejected out from the mold. In most cases, features can be built into the plastic mold cavity to give the part everything it will need when finished so that no other operations are needed once the part comes out of the mold. Textures, or high polishes, markings, screw holes, lens shapes, and any other features needed in the finished part can be built into the mold so the finished part automatically has these features incorporated.

The advantages of plastic molding

The beauty of plastic moulding is that many parts, even millions, can be made in exactly the same way and will come out the same no matter what. Each piece will have identical features, same dimensions, and physical properties. It is the ideal way to make high volumes because of this consistency. Properly maintained, injection mold can last decades making millions of parts per year. Properly set-up and controlled, the 20 millionth part will be identical to the first part in every measurable way. No other manufacturing process has the potential to operate at this consistency.

Multiple cavities of each part can be built to the plastic injection mould tool, so that each time the mold opens, you make 16 or 32 or 48 or some other multiple of parts for each cycle of the injection moulding machine to really increase the production rate and greatly decrease the cost of making a part. In some cases several different parts, for instance, a right and left-hand version of an enclosure can be made in a single mold as well to reduce the number of machine cycles required to make multiple parts of an assembly, increasing production and lowering the cost. Injection moulding also offers flexibility not possible with any of the other manufacturing processes.

Injection molding also offers one of the lowest scrap rates of any other manufacturing processes as well. Since no second operations are generally required, no material is cut off and thrown away. It is possible to use a special technique to completely eliminate even the small pathways the plastic flows through to cut the material scrap rate to virtually zero, or often, any plastic removed in the process can be reused by pelletizing it and mixing it back into the fresh plastic resin in closely controlled proportions. These capabilities mean a higher percentage of the raw material becomes part of the finished part than in any other process. Plastic injection molding is highly efficient.

Custom Plastic Injection Molds & molded parts pictures

What we can help you

Our Service: Custom plastic mold making, Custom Plastic Injection Molding, painting, pad printing, part assembly and more

We are high-class injection molds & plastic molding china company with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient plastic molds and parts and ship products to America, Europe and the world. Whether your project needs are for a few hundred of parts in a short period or millions of parts over a long period, we’ll have the right plastic injection molding solution for you.

To work with us, we do not just stop at taking your order and offer you plastic moulds and parts, we work together at every step all the way, in the design and function testing until the end of the project, we will review all of the possible potential issues and bring all of the suggestion to you. After first sample parts coming out, our expert team will review the parts and send you samples, and we will re-sample for you from time to time until you have the perfect goods in surface, function, assembly etc, until completely achieve your goal.

plastic molding company

plastic molding company, injection molding machines from 60 Ton to 2000 Ton

For export mold:

The mold standard we use HASCO, DEM, MISUMI, MEUSBURGE, PROGRESSIVE etc, or according to customer requirement, the hot runner systems we use YUDO, INCOE, SYNVENTIVE, HASCO, MOLD MASTER,HUSKY etc, or use hot runner base on the customer special requirement. The mold steel we normally 1.2738H, 1.2738HH, 1.2344, 1.2343, S136, NAK 80 or sue steel according to the customer needs.

For none export mold:

If you need us to produce plastic parts for you, we have the modern efficient plastic injection machines to mold your parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. We have plastic molding machines from 60 ton to 2000 ton to suit your different requirements, 3 sets of machines are 2K injection molding machines which are for double injection molding manufacturing, we produce single color mold, multiple cavities mold, over molding, 2K molding, insert molding, gas assist mold, transparent plastic injection molding etc. We have silk-screen, pad printing and painting service as well.  Quality and service is a hallmark of our operation, special tight lead time (15 days) which is offered for some special case, with a world-class ISO-9000 quality system in place to utilise the latest statistical process control methods to ensure our product meets your requirements – every part!

We are proud of our reputation gained around two decades supplying plastic molds and injection molded parts to customers in Japan, Germany, American, Spain, Lithuania, Canada, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia and other major industrial nations. So far, our reputation as being an on-time reliable, quality and cost-effective supplier has been growing, mostly by word of mouth. Our passion for Injection moulds and injection moulding shows in our products and in the way we care for our customers.

As you can tell from our extensive website information, our goal is to help your business, to success your project with our best solutions on many of the different injection molds and injection molded parts, techniques, assembly and specialized moulding processes, so that you can make the most advisable decisions about which option is the best solution for your business. Don’t let a limited capability supplier steer you into using a solution just because that’s all he has the equipment and know-how to do. Instead look through all the possibilities so you can make a decision based on your needs, your production and your quality needs. The more you know, the better your choices will be. If you want to know more suggestion from our team, please contact our technical team, we will offer you the best solutions to reduce the cost to your project and make your project going fastly, smoothly and successfully.

Are you ready to start your plastic injection molding business now? Contact our team and let us be your partner all the way together.