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An injection mold china company offers you the best solution for your custom injection molding parts and molds requirement

An ISO 9001:2008 certified & Professional plastic mold china & custom injection molding china Company

We are not only making molds and molded parts for you, but also contract manufacturing for plating, painting, silk-screen, and assembly, etc.

We take care of all of your part design issues and technical issue on your new product development. You have all of our team to success in your business.

We strive on ensuring quality and satisfaction of our customers and we guaranteed satisfaction,

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection molds are popular In the world, almost everything that needs plastic molding parts, develop a new project you will need a quality plastic mold maker and plastic moulding supplier. SINCERE TECH is here to solve your problems, we have professional mold design & mold makers, we use Europe & American standard mold components for all of our export molds, we will save your cost in plastic mold making and lead time but service and quality will be pretty much the same as Europe & American. Contact us NOW, we will offer your price within 24 hours.

Plastic molding

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

We offer Plastic Injection Mold making, molding manufacturing, painting, pad printing & assembly solutions to the world, we offer multiple cavities molds, overmolding, clear plastic molding, insert molding, thin wall mould, 2K injection molding etc. if we produce the injection mould and molding parts for you, you will save up to 40% of mold making cost, because we will never make any profits for mold manufacturing once we produce the parts for you, If you’re looking for a long partner with high-quality assistance, excellent service & reasonable price for your Plastic Molding parts? Contact us now

Die casting mold

Die Casting Mold

Die Casting is high requirement for steel to keep the mold lifetime and quality, die casting parts is more popular in high-class products, or industrial and machinery components, to success your die casting project you need to find a professional die casting mold partner, SINCERE TECH is professional in die casting over 13 years, we can do one step for your aluminium, zinc ( Zamak ), or magnesium die casting project, contact our expert to know more about die casting mold and die casting parts, we will quote you a competitive price with 2 business days

How Do We Ensure Our Plastic Molds & Plastic Injection Molding Quality

  • DFM (design for manufacturability) report for all of your project & bring any possible issue (part design issue & mold issue) before mould design & manufacturing.

  • Fluent technical English communication with excellent project management, very important for YOUR project! Only A few of companies have this service in China. Congratulations you are here!

  • Over 15 years of experience in mold design, Plastic Mould Making, Die Casting, Plastic Molding Manufacturing and Part assembly.

  • Always in time feedback to our customers, communication fast like your overseas local suppliers.

  • Full dimension measurement report and function guarantee according to customers requirement & 2D drawing

  • Various type of products service including Automotive injection Mold & Molding, Home Appliances, Industrial Molds & moldings, Medical molds & Molding, pad printing, silk-creen, painting and more.

  • A few hundred of quantity or millions of quantity parts are available for your market needs

Why Choose SINCERE TECH Plastic Mold Company

Plastic Mold Company

Our Plastic Mold Company can make Mold weight up to 25 tons, have mold fitting machine, two heads EDM machines, FANUC high-speed CNC machines. Sodlick EDM machines.

Sincere Tech, A Plastic Mold China Company that services Custom Plastic Mold, Custom Plastic Molding, Die Casting & Part assembly, located in Changping, Dongguan City of China. Founded in 2005, the company has grown up every year, until today we have more than 65 professional works and many high tech machines, now we become one of the best plastic molding companies in China, With over 15 years of experience and improvement, not only do we guarantee high quality, but also, an innovative approach to give our clients the best services and fast issue solutions.

Why should you choose to partner with us? What makes us the preferred choice for our customers is our six-part guarantee. In your journey with us, we will offer you the best solutions by below points

1. State-of-the-art Mould Factory

Our innovations guarantee is at the heart of our operations. To this end, we use state-of-the-art machines to ensure the quality of the plastic molds, plastic injection molding parts & Die Casting we produce that meets world-class requirements. Machines we have such as the High-speed FUNAC CNC machine ( imported directly from Japan) that has over 24,000 rotation speed with 0.01 mm tolerance, fully automatic CMM measurement machine, CHARMILLES EDM(Switzerland)& Sodlick EDM Machines(Japan), etc. High precision CNC and CMM machines that not only work together to ensure precision, but also facilitate efficiency in production. Additionally, we use advanced software UG in designing full 3D mold designs that help us to reduce mistakes and increase the efficiency for our clients.

2. Mould Quality Assurance

With a quality guarantee, we ensure that all our mold manufacturing process is under constant review to assess any potential errors that may compromise on quality, we test the molds several times to check for any defects and ensure high quality, durable and long last lifetime in massive production. Pursuant to this commitment to quality, our plastic mold company attained the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification.

3. Variety Plastic Injection Molds & Injection Molding Service

As A professional high-quality plastic injection mold company, our services are focusing on industry parts, automobile parts, digital parts, food package parts, and consumer client base means that we make custom molds and molding parts according to your particular requirement. Whether you are in industries such as construction molds/moulding parts, food, and cosmetics molds/molding parts, health or automobile molds & molding parts, 2k injection molding/molds, overmolding, clear injection molding/molds, digital mold, etc. Our services are customized to suit your needs.

4. Affordable Prices

Nothing beats high-quality products with A fair price tag indeed. With our competitive pricing strategy, all our molds and products offers are priced quite affordable to satisfy the various needs of our customers. With no compromises on quality, you can be assured that you get value for your cost. We never reduce the budget for your project. We never do that to any of our customers.

plastic molding company

in our plastic molding company, we have injection molding machines from 60 Ton to 2000 Ton to satisfy various of customers

5. Professional Service Team

We pride ourselves in having highly experienced and well- trained personnel. We have a professional 65 member team consists of our sales, design, production, quality assurance departments, that have the technical knowledge and expertise to understand the standards and requirements of injection molds and molding parts. Driven by integrity and honesty, the team works together to ensure only the best for our clients.

6. Customer Service

We commit ourselves to be actively responsive to the needs and expectations of our customers. With this customer satisfaction guarantee, we have professional communication and fluent English-speaking team in place that is dedicated to sorting out any customers issues, at any stage during your interaction with us.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey with us by contacting our team and lets us be your Plastic Mould, Die casting and Custom Plastic Injection Molding service partner.

Custom Plastic Injection Molds & molded parts pictures

How To Buy Plastic Injection Mold and Molding Parts From China

China has become a major destination for plastic mold & molding service. Lower prices are the primary incentives for many foreign buyers. Majority foreign buyers find challenges sourcing plastic injection molding from China. The major strains are on how to buy, how to evaluate quality, or how to identify a reliable source.

Many things go wrong in case of compromise in the purchase process. For example, delayed delivery, frauds, low quality, weakness of communication (both on language and technical), and other problems may be encountered. To avoid such frustrations, the following is a process of how a buyer would purchase plastic injection molding from China. Hope this could help you find your best suitable supplier

1. Identify a Reliable Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Currently, there are many mold manufacturing companies in China. You need to determine which supplier is reliable. Some of the factors to consider include, mold price, quality, quantity, accessory standard, communication, lead times, and the mold design, among other factors.
Using the World Wide Web, you can easily find a wide range of plastic molding suppliers from the internet, sourcing agents, and trade shows, etc.

It is important to contact several suppliers before making a decision on a suitable supplier.
Buy Plastic Injection molding from China

2. Evaluate the Various Mold/Molding Manufacturers

Conducting market research on the various plastic molding manufacturers helps to find a suitable fit for the business. So how can one evaluate the Chinese mold makers to identify a reliable source?
Sending inquiries helps the evaluation process. You should focus on asking questions that evaluate the core competence of the plastic molding companies.
A good supplier is one that shows interest in your projects, has effective communication, knowledgeable, detail-minded, and honest. The evaluation should target to identify the salient attributes of the supplier, for example, what is advantages do they have, is it suitable for your project? Have they done any similar projects like yours? All of the information will help to make your project smoothly or not.

3. Information Verification

Not all manufacturers are who they say they are. The customer should be able to verify the plastic molding manufacturer. Some of the information that can be verified include:

  • Type of mold parting line
  • The type of ejection modes, whether pins are used and the particular locations,
  • Surface requirement on the visible surface
  • The location and type of gates

Such information helps to verify the mold designs and product appearance. the most important thing is basing on this discussing to each other you will know their communication and technology ability. A supplier that verifies the information and offers samples is reliable.

4. Analysis of Production Issues that may Arise

A good plastic molding supplier should communicate the issues in advance and concerns that may arise in the production process, and actions are taken to address the issue. A good injection mold company should analyze the current design and offer rational recommendations, we call this DFM report.
Some of the important questions that help identify some of the issues include;

  • Have you produced similar molds/products before?
  • What were the challenges encountered?
  • Can you send your quality control inspection report?
  • How do you address the issues that arise?
  • Do you offer compensation for compromises?

With all the information, You should already have identified which plastic molding Chinese company to source from.

5. Firm/ Supplier Site Visit 

Depending on the quantity of supply sourced, visiting the supplier may be important. For large quantities of plastic molding service, traveling to China should be a basic step. The objective is to analyze samples and evaluate the reliability of the supplier.

Go to their plastic molding company on site to communicate with them face to face, then you will know how the technical skill, English ability, etc.  But mostly not always have time to check their mold factory, so we suggest you may ask for a skype video shows if you have no time to visit them.

At SINCERE TECH will take Skype video meeting to show you around our plastic mold and molding factory if you have no time to visit our factory, our sales and project manager speak good English and have the professional technical skill, you will know this during the video shows. if you are interested in our service, you are welcome to contact us.

6. Maker A Contract

Importing products from China and Asian nations can be risky and complicated. Contracts are antidotes against the common mistakes and issues that may arise. It is essential for buyers to get into a contract for the following reasons;

  • To maintain clarity on product specification and avoid misunderstandings. The specifications of the product can be easily lost in Skype or mail communication.
  • Compensation terms help suppliers to think twice about compromise.
  • Contracts help to communicate on how severe your business is
  • It helps to avoid delays

The first time you work with a China plastic injection molding company (same to work with your local supplier), you should always make agreements on contracts to avoid scams and fraud. Suppliers who default the negotiations should be responsible for making refunds and necessary compensations.

7.Payment and Delivery

Based on the set agreement, the amount can be paid by one time or two times ( maybe more times). The payment method depends on the agreed strategy. Some companies make payments via Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Western Union, Cheque, or other policies. Our standard payment term is T/T wire transfer. If the small amount. PayPal is still available,  this is method is normally working for all of the companies in China, especially for custom plastic molding manufacturing service.

Concluding Thoughts 

Buying plastic molding from China can be challenging. However, if you follow the seven steps, the process is easy and with no compromise. when you find your reliable partner from China, then your business will be increased rapidly, this is verified by lots of companies like Apple, and other car companies (over 80% of car companies buy their auto car molds from China), etc.

Doing online businesses have fraudulent operations. You should be cautious on the approach of doing business online to avoid frustrations, lots of company doing online business with China and successful to the business, also some of the customers had issues when doing business with Chinese manufacturers, or even have issues with your local supplier as well, do you agree?  The above steps could help you avoid this issue and the success of your business.

Need any plastic injection mold/molding companies from China? Contact us now, you will find out we are your best partner in China. Welcome to talk with us on any questions.