Silicone rubber components

Silicone rubber which is originated from silicon is basically a synthetic polymer. Silicone rubber bears good durability and is also non reactive in nature. These characteristics make it suitable to be utilized in kitchen utensils and medical devices. The question about the safety of silicone rubber started a comprehensive scientific research. The results of the […]

TPU plastic components

Isocyanates and polyols are basic constituents along with chain extenders and catalyst which ultimately form the TPU. In addition to elasticity TPU also shows resistance to the followings. Abrasion and wear Oils Greases. When the question that thermoplastic polyurethane is safe or not arises, it is considered safe to be utilized for numerous applications. The […]

Die-casting mold

We often need metal parts in various shapes. We use them in our cars, houses, machines, and other infrastructures. Have you wondered how it is possible to make such a detailed shape? Die Casting mold tech has revolutionized our lives. With this method, you can create complex shapes and patterns. Die-casting mold parts are widely […]

CNC milling machining service

What Is CNC Milling Knowledge of what is CNC milling enables one to understand the process. Some of the topics discussed in this blog include spindle speeds, feed rates, axes movements, G-codes, and machine controllers. We will also describe how these parts combine to function as a single unit. There is a lot of precision […]

TPE cup

What is TPE? Is TPE Safe? The properties and characteristics of two separate groups are combined to form thermoplastic elastomers. These two groups are the followings. Thermoplastics (Upon heating these will melt and can also be molded) Elastomers (They shows elastic characteristics) Moreover; these materials show the elastic properties similar to the rubber materials. This […]

Electrical Discharge Machining Components

What is electrical discharge machining and how does it work? Electrical discharge machining or EDM employs electrical discharge and sparks to remove metal. This guide will show how EDM works. Some of the components include the CNC machines, the dielectric fluid, and the electrodes. It is used in cutting hard materials such as steel and […]

plastic material for injection molding

Injection molding materials are used in our life all the day on the world. Undstand the molding materials. See how strong they are. Find creative uses such as toys, blocks, and gears. Every material has its unique advantages. This blog makes it easier for you to choose the best ones! What Are The Most Common […]

High temperature plastic material

Thermoset vs Thermoplastic is important. This blog helps you understand both. Find out about PE, ABS, PP, and PVC. Discuss chemical structure, thermal stability, and elasticity. Make pros and cons. Learn how various industries employ them. The choice of material is crucial. Be updated on these basic types of plastics. Make smart choices. What is […]

best cnc machined ptfe parts price

The research and development in the fields of polymer chemistry and material science was significant in the mid of twenty century. The plastics and polymers were created as a result of this research and development. These materials had the capability to withstand higher temperatures. Polyphenylene sulfide and Polytetrafluoroethylene were initially created which proved to face […]

injection molding thick wall

Injection molding is a general method that is typically used in the manufacturing industry. Here, the material is pushed under high pressure into a die cavity. Typically, during the designing stage, the wall thickness of a part is one of the most important considerations. So, in this article, we will discuss wall thickness, its relationship […]

Plastic Injection Molding Facility

The market for plastic injection molding companies in China has been growing and expanding due to the development of 3D prototype manufacturing. The market size was 36 billion yuan in 2018 and increased to 45 billion yuan in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6%. It has risen by up to 9% […]

PEEK injection molding

When it comes to peek CNC machining, various benefits come to play a vital role like exceptional machineability, and optimal performance of the part being manufactured. PEEK is identified as a widely used thermoplastic polymer. The applications are so widespread across the manufacturing of disposable, or single-use components to highly durable interior automobiles and aircraft […]

Injection Mold company

Chinese Top 10 Mold Manufacturers Molding is a process of shaping liquid resins or malleable raw materials by pouring them into a mold. The China mold manufacturers have a significant impact on the production of numerous molded products that are indispensable. However, selecting the right mold manufacturer is not an easy task, and somehow agitating, […]

Plastic injection molding tool

The first step in designing an injection molding tool is to obtain the necessary data. This entails figuring out how many cavities there will be, choosing the material for the mold, and gathering relevant information. This may necessitate working with specialists like material engineers and tool makers,  cost analysts. Even though the molding material is […]

Wire cutting machining

The Wire EDM machining is a non-conventional contemporary electrothermal technique that employs electric sparks to erode material from a targetted material (Job material). It can cut to shape intricate design prototypes and is also employed to shear parts in large volumes with high dimensional stability. Small contours or microholes can be easily shaped using a […]

overmoolding insert molding

In the plastics industry, injection molding is a significant process that is used to produce a large volume of plastic parts or products. This technique involves the use of a mold, usually of steel-made metal, that has an interior pattern that resembles the intended design of the part or product. The material, usually inserted after […]

china family mold injection molding

What is Family Mold Injection molding Family tool injection molding is among the most significant innovations in the manufacturing sector, as they have significantly enhanced the efficacy and design intelligence of the production process. A family mold is a plastic injection mold that is intended to produce multiple components of a single assembly in a […]

insert molding

Insert Injection Molding: Process, Applications & Design Considerations Today, manufacturers are at the frontline of innovation, and they use plastic to make it compatible with metals or other materials to produce a wide range of products. Among the main technologies that are driving this progress is insert molding, a common technique in plastic injection molding. […]

custom plastic mold

In conventional injection molding practices, there is a lot of handwork, which makes the operations long and the charges for labor high. Interference can also lead to errors, which have an impact on the quality of the final product and time. However, new aluminum injection molding methods are more efficient and accurate as compared to […]