Plastic Mold & Molding Supplier, Assembly Service in China

Contract mould supplier in China that offers electronic new product research and development services as well as assembly company services. Contact us for more information.

China Injection mold manufacturer that offers mold making, die casting, and prototyping services, as well as post-manufacturing services like plating, painting, silk-screening, testing, and product assembly. We can also handle shipping and delivery.

All in one service for new product development from part design, PCB design, prototyping, testing, mold/die/tooling making, massive production, assembly, inspection, and packing.

We strive on ensuring quality and satisfaction of our customers and we guarantee satisfaction, 100% inspection to all of electronic products before delivery,

Plastic Mold

Plastic Mold – Export Mould Supplier

Plastic mold technology is one of the most widely used processes for producing large quantities of plastic injection molding parts. Almost everything that needs molds & molding parts, if you develop a new project then you need high-quality custom plastic mould & molding suppliers to support.

SINCERE TECH injection mould supplier is here to support your business. We are a professional Chinese plastic injection mold factory that has been in business since 2005. Our mold designers and makers offer high-quality, customized mold solutions using standard components from HASCO, DME, or according to customer specifications.

We do not only save your cost in mold making, but also excellent service & high-quality molds. We have produced plastic molds for companies worldwide. We make custom molds and injection parts for various industries. Click here to learn more about our capabilities as a plastic injection mold manufacturer in China.

China injection molding factory: Rich experience in various of the industries, click here

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that can be used to produce large numbers of identical plastic parts. If you are looking to manufacture plastic parts, injection molding may be the best technology to use for your particular project.

At Sincere Tech injection molding Supplier, we offer Custom Mould making, injection tooling manufacturing, painting, pad printing, assembly, and shipment solutions for the worldwide customers.

We have a factory in China that manufactures injection molds (65 workers) and an injection molding company with 25 machines from 80 to 2000 tons that can produce variety products, including pad printing, painting, and assembly line.

We offer multiple cavities molds, over-molding, clear plastic molding, insert molding, thin-wall molding, overmolding, 2K injection molding, etc.. If we produce the injection mould tooling and molded products for you, it will save you up to 40% of mold & molding manufacturing cost.

Welcome to our China injection molding supplier website. We offer a variety of plastic injection molding service for all industries. I’m sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for your business.

Plastic molding
Product assembly

Products Assembly Service

China is the world’s largest manufacturing country and has a complete, independent and complete modern industrial system. If you’re looking for OEM contract manufacturing and product assembly offshore services, China is one of your best places to go. China produces more than 220 kinds of industrial products and ranks first in the world. We are a supplier of Chinese injection molding and molding manufacturing, as well as secondary processes like painting, silk-screening, and chrome plating. We also offer product assembly services.
Below you will see our advantages, click here to check more information why you should choose us to partner with.

Die Casting Mold

Die casting is a manufacturing process used to produce complex metal parts by pouring molten metal into a custom mold or tool. The parts are typically made from aluminum, magnesium, zinc, or copper. You need to work with a professional die-casting mold supplier to produce high-quality die-cast parts. They can help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.
SINCERE TECH is a professional die casting tooling manufacturer from China with over 13 years of experience. We can handle your aluminum, zinc (Zamak), or magnesium die casting project from start to finish.
Contact our expert to know more about die casting mold and die casting parts, we will quote you a competitive price with 2 business days, read more
Die casting mold

Why Choose Sincere Tech China plastic injection mold manufacturer?

  • Signing an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) document to protect your project, we never share your data to any other third parties.

  • The DFM (design for manufacturability) analysis report helps to identify potential issues that could arise during the design and manufacturing of the mold, and provides solutions to solve these issues.

  • From Part design, prototype manufacturing, testing. export Mold manufacturing, Dies, tooling design and manufacturing, post manufacturing, assembly all in one step service, you only need to seat back and approval the final goods.

  • Fluent technical English communication & excellent project management, very important for your project, these advantages are named by our customers.

  • Over 15 years of experience in mold design, Export Mould Making, Die Casting, tooling, machining, Plastic Molding Manufacturing, Painting, Silk Screen, ultrasonic welding, Laser engraving, Part assembly and packing.

  • Always in time feedback to our customers, communication fast like your overseas local suppliers.

  • Our company provides a variety of products and services, including home appliances, industrial products, medical products, electronic goods, travel products, toys, and food and cosmetics packaging. We also offer secondary processes such as pad printing, silk-screening, and painting.

  • A few hundred of quantity or millions of quantity parts are available for your market needs

Your China Mold Maker, Plastic Injection Molding Service

Sincere Tech is a Chinese Injection Mold maker that offers custom plastic molding, injection molding, die casting, and assembly services. Founded in 2005, the company has grown up every year, until today we have more than 65 professional works and many high tech machines.

We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of injection molding in China with over 15 years of experience. We not only guarantee high quality products, but also provide professional technology solutions for part design and mass production.

What makes us better than other China plastic injection mold manufacturers?

1. Full equipment mold manufacturers in China

Sincere Tech is constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of their field. As a leading injection mold manufacturer in China, they have the latest equipment to ensure that their molds meet international standards.

Sincere Tech is one of the best China plastic injection mold manufacturers. They have high-speed CNC machines that can tolerate very small inaccuracies, fully automatic measurement machines, and EDM machines from Switzerland and Japan.

High precision CNC and CMM machines that not only work together to ensure precision, but also facilitate efficiency in production. Additionally, at Sincere Tech China mold maker has advanced software UG in designing full 3D mold design that help ST to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency for clients.

2. Quality Assurance

With a quality guarantee, Sincere Tech ensures that all their injection mold manufacturing process is frequently reviewed to assess any potential errors that may compromise on quality.

Sincere Tech China injection mold maker will test the molds several times to check any defects and ensure high quality, durable and long last lifetime in massive production. Pursuant to this commitment to quality, Sincere Tech China Mold company attained the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification.

3. Variety Service

Sincere Tech is a mould supplier in China that specializes in making custom mold parts for a variety of industries, including automobiles, digital products, food packaging, and consumer products.

Sincere Tech Injection Molding supplier can customize molds to fit your needs, whether you’re in construction, food, cosmetics, health, or automotive industries. We also offer 2k injection molding, over-molding, clear injection molding, digital molds, and more.

4. Affordable Prices

Nothing beats high-quality products with A fair price tag indeed. Sincere Tech’s competitive pricing strategy means that all of their molds and products are priced quite affordably to satisfy the various needs of their customers. Mold prices can be as low as $500, depending on the design and size of the part.

With no compromises on quality, you can be assured that you get value for your cost. injection molds made in China Sincere Tech injection mold manufacturer never reduce the budget. they never do that to any of their customers.

5. Professional Service Team

Sincere Tech China injection mold maker prides itself on having highly experienced and well- trained personnel. Sincere Tech mold Supplier has a professional team of 65 Chinese mold makers who are knowledgeable and experienced in custom mold making and plastic injection molding. Driven by integrity and honesty, the team works together to ensure only the best for their clients.

6. Customer Service

Sincere Tech China plastic injection molding company commit themselves to be actively responsive to the needs and expectations of their customers. With this customer satisfaction guarantee, Sincere Tech mold company has a customer satisfaction guarantee in place. If you have any issues with our company, our team will sort it out for you. We have professional communicators on our team who can speak fluent English, so you can feel confident that your issue will be resolved.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey with A mold manufacturer by contacting Sincere Tech and lets them be your OEM and plastic injection molding China partner. send an email to [email protected]

Export Plastic Injection Molds & Molded Parts

Know More Information Before Buying

How To Buy Plastic Injection Mold and Molding Parts From China

China plastic injection mold manufacturers has become a major destination for plastic mold & Injection moulding service. Lower prices are the primary incentives for many foreign buyers. The majority of foreign buyers find challenges sourcing China molds & moldings manufacturers. The major strains are on how to buy, how to evaluate quality, or how to identify a reliable plastic injection molding china maker.

Many things go wrong in case of compromise in the purchase process. For example, delayed delivery, frauds, low quality, weakness of communication (both on language and technical), and other problems may be encountered.

To avoid such frustrations, the following is a process of how to buy plastic injection molding in China. Hope this could help you find your best suitable mold suppliers. Read More

What Is Insert Molding

Insert Molding metals and plastics together in a molded part, or multiple metals or materials molded together into a single molding part. we sometimes called metal insert molding

Insert molding (moulding) can be used in a variety of applications, from automobiles to cooking ware to electrical components. It can reduce assembly and labor costs, improve component reliability, and deliver stronger, more flexible parts. Read More

What is Plastic Molding Technology

Plastic Moulding involves the use of thermoplastic materials to make a different type of custom-designed plastic parts. The plastic molding technology process is molten plastics and then press it into a mould, this mold is custom mold base on your design. The plastic is quickly cooled, and then removed by the ejection system, this completely molding cycle is called the plastic molding process.

The Injection Moulding process is applied to any plastic product you meet daily. Everything from the bottle cap, daily products, electrical housing, etc., 80% of products on the world are created by the injection molding process. Read More

How To Save Injection Molding Cost

When we need to create custom injection molded parts for a project, we first need to find an injection molding supplier to make the molds and molded products. However, before we start this process, we need to check the injection molding cost and mold cost in advance to ensure we have the necessary budget for the investment.

Everyone wants to save money on injection molding and mold costs, because this can help us to minimize investment but still earn a good return. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach. We suggest to choose A China injection molding factory to save your injection molding cost. Read More

What is overmolding and 2k injection molding

Overmolding and 2K injection molding are often confused because they are similar processes. Overmolding is the process of molding two or three different materials (colors) into one ending part with single nozzle injection molding machine. Metal insert molding parts are also called overmolding.

2K injection molding is a process that uses a 2K injection molding machine to mold two or three different materials (colors) into one ending part. The different between overmolding and 2k injection molding please read more.