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Manual Assembly Services

As same as other material products, plastics molded components often require manual assembly services to get practical and commercial goods. Normally, large end products cannot be produced efficiently, and the product normally be manual assembled by smaller parts or subsections, Plastic molded parts may require attachment to components made of other materials, including metals, alloy, PCB, sable, wood, and ceramic. all of this is depending on the design which is business purpose.

The best design for assembly is never better than a well-designed completely unit which is molded as a single element. However, this is normally impossible, and the end products or subassemblies must be assembled from smaller components. We will discuss the major process that is commonly utilized to assemble plastic products together. The manual assembly company has five applicable methods to assembly the plastic products and other components together, including ultrasonic welding, heat welding, solvent welding, mechanical fastening, self-assembly (hook assembly), there are advantages and disadvantages on each assembly process, and there are different processes defined for each assembly method.

Product Assembly

Product Assembly

Choosing the optimized method will require a fundamental knowledge of the materials involved, the joint connection designs, practical and the end-use service requirements to which the assembly will be exposed. In addition to strength and permanence, must be careful consideration to the final appearance, production time, possible manual disassembly requirements, and all production costs, including all materials, scrap rate, labor cost

Since the function and cost of the final assembly is depending on the plastic used to manufacture the individual plastic products, let us discuss of how the plastic substrate affects the assembly process and the resulting joint function. In fact, the plastic substrate material, its manufacturing process, and the joint design are often selected to provide the most advantageous overall joint technology. as manual assembly company we need select the correct assembly process and explain how it can be employed most optimally.

Plastic Injection Molding Parts Assembly Design

Plastic injection molding products are normally difficult to assembly than other materials. The result of the joining process may depend on the plastic substrate, and how plastic molded part designed and manufactured as it is on the process chosen for assembly. this is depending on the product development depart to make the decision on how the whole components will go together as a single unit.

The injection molding companies need to provide some suggestion after first samples running, because the part designer who designed the end plastic product base on the idea of brain conception, the Practical will normally have some difference to the theory, so there more or less will be issues from the first mold trial, like manual assembly issue, interference issue, material issue, surface finish issue etc. From this type of information that is why there is some of modification and further mold trials needs to carry out.

It is important to note that plastics molding products can be modified significantly by different types of polymers and by adding fillers and modifiers, part design changes, assembly design changes. These modifications can heavily influence the assembly characteristics. Thus, part development department need to think more carefully before start to manufacture, there will be lots of cost for fix and modifications once the mold and tooling which is finished.

If you have a project in your hands the plan to make the injection molds and tooling, and other components, I suggest you send us to double check for you, we will provide you some technology suggestion on your project, so you will avoid lots of potential in advance.

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