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The Best China OEM Services

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. It is a company that manufactures components that are sold to purchasing companies, which then buy other products by using those components and products that use those components that are sold under the brand name of the purchasing company. In this product, the company component name is original that contains the OEM company identity.

Buyers can also specify specifications and designs for the OEM. In this case, the buyer’s company may specify that the OEM company includes a part number of the buyer’s company and not the part number of the OEM company.

The use of OEM services can reduce production costs because OEMs are mass-produced. Using OEM service means you do not pay employees to produce and you do not need to set up a factory. Companies purchase only pay the price according to the agreement with the OEM.

Choose Third-Party Maintenance Or OEM Maintenance Contracts?

Although computer hardware is usually sold under warranty, the warranty typically ranges from one to three years. In the event of a warranty defect, the seller resolves the issue at no additional charge; But what happens if the damage occurs after the warranty expiration? If you call a supplier to improve your system, you should pay the time and materials, sometimes travel times; All this is expensive and not charged. The solution “Maintenance after warranty” is a maintenance contract. A contract offers you a warranty extension as long as it is valid.

Maintenance contracts can be obtained from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with the option to select the coverage type and duration of the contract. However, manufacturers are not the only choice when looking for suppliers of maintenance contracts. Today’s business world sees the emergence of several external providers of maintenance contracts. The question is: Do you choose an OEM or an external supplier? You could go to the contract manufacturing China service page to know more advantages and disadvantages The Best China OEM Services

Using An External Provider Has Three Advantages:

* Supports older systems that OEM manufacturers no longer handle
* Support for many manufacturers: all in one contract
* Low maintenance price

This May Sound Great; But You Should Also Consider Losses, Which Include:

* Downtime
* Spare Parts availability
* Service Quality

Technicians employed by external suppliers will generally receive equipment training for some manufacturers. In general, they will be a less-paid technician and will not be the best. Some of these companies do not have their own service technicians but make improvements with other suppliers. In this state, you cannot verify the quality of the service.

In addition, spare parts can be a problem when helping external vendors because they are often not stored locally and have no spare parts on the same day. It is possible that small third party maintenance companies do not store many parts of the company. They should buy it if their system fails and waits for their arrival. The result is downtime and loss of productivity for you.

In addition, due to the uncertainty of service quality and response time, essential equipment, such as the server running your business, should not be covered by third party maintenance agreements. You should get a contract on the spot on the same day from the OEM to minimize downtime.

As a general rule, OEM contract manufacturing cannot compete with the cost of external suppliers, as OEM prices are often high as a comparison; however, it offers advantages:

* Multiple levels of coverage
* Various levels of technical experience to meet all service needs
* Department stores are available immediately.
* Specialized and factory-trained technicians.

The OEM Maintenance agreement ensures that your business does not suffer from loss of revenue due to downtime while waiting for parts and services, and you know that repairs are done by qualified personnel. Hardware and software are important investments in any business. Peace of mind knowing that these valuable asset failures will be resolved quickly and accurately far beyond the cost of OEM maintenance contracts.

Remember that when you sign up for a maintenance contract to protect your computer equipment investments, choose the best coverage for your business needs, which will give you the best work quality and as few downtimes as possible.