Production Facility & Equipment

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Thermo-Plastic Injection Mold Processing and Finishing Equipment, Ultrasonic Welders, Pre-Drying Equipment, DME & KONA Hot Runner Controls, Various Custom Automatic Part Sorting Machines

SIINCERE TECH uses a wide variety of state-of-the-art thermo-plastic injection mold processing and finishing equipment. This means that we have the right size machines for your project, large or small, enabling us to provide you with the most economical production options available.

Production Facility and Equipment Features

  • All machines are equipped with:
    • Material drying and loading systems
    • Dual mold temperature control units
    • Central cooling (chiller) units connection
    • Connection to a CIM or central process
      monitoring system
  • Some machines are equipped with:
    • Core pulls
    • Profile injection
    • Sprue pickers and related closed loop
      material handling systems
  • Ultrasonic welders
  • Pre-drying […]