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Aluminium is one of the most machined materials accessible today. Actually, CNC machining aluminum parts processes are second after steel in terms of frequency of execution. Mainly this is due to its amazing machinability.

In its real form, the chemical element aluminium is ductile, soft, non-magnetic, and silvery-white in look. Anyway, the element is not just used in the real form. Aluminium is generally alloyed with many elements such as copper, manganese, and magnesium to form 100s of aluminum alloys with many significantly better properties.

Advantages of using aluminum CNC machining parts

Although there are many aluminum alloys with varying degree of features, there are fundamental features applicable almost to all aluminum alloys.

Aluminum CNC Machining


Aluminum is readily worked, formed and machined using a big range of processes. It can be fast and simply cut by machine tools because it is soft and it chips simply. It is also less costly and needs less power to machine than steel. These features are of immense advantages to both the machinist and the customer ordering the part. Additional, aluminium best machinability means it deforms less during machining. This lead to top accuracy as it permits CNC machines to get higher tolerances.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminium is scratch resistant and corrosion resistant in general marine and atmosphere situations. You can improve these features by anodizing. It is vital to note that resistance to corrosion changes in different aluminium grades. The most regularly CNC machined grades, anyway, have the most resistance.

Performance at low temperatures

Most materials tend to lose some of their best features at sub-zero temperatures. For example, both rubber and carbon steel brittle at low temperatures. Aluminium, in its turn, retains its ductility, softness and strength at extremely low temperatures.


Since it is subtractive producing process, CNC machining process produce a big number of chips, which are waste stuffs. Aluminium is very recyclable which means it needs pretty low effort, energy and costs to recycle. This makes it preferable to those who want to recoup expenditure and decrease material wastage. It also makes aluminium a more atmosphere friendly material to machine.

Electrical conductivity

The electrical conductivity of real aluminum is approximately 3.77 million siemens per metre at a room temperature. Although aluminium alloys may have lower conductivities than real aluminium, they are conductive enough  for their CNC aluminum machining parts to find use in electrical components. On the other hand, aluminium would be unsuitable stuff if electrical conductivity is not desirable feature of a machined part.

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