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30 10, 2019

Medical Plastic Injection Molding

By |2019-10-30T18:34:35+08:00October 30th, 2019|Categories: medial plastic molding parts, medical injection molding, medical plastic mold, medical plastic molding, medical plastic parts|Tags: , , , |Comments Off on Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Medical Injection Molding Benefits and Applications

Manufacturing of medical injection molding parts & gadgets using medical-grade plastic materials that are trustworthy, strong and meet FDA regulations is the spirit of medical injection molding. The medical plastic injection molding process is affordable and perfect for high volume production runs and applications need consistency and strong tolerances. This injection molding process is used for medical gadget prototype development for the FDA verified process and for use in laboratory testing devices.

Medical injection molding advantages

Since medical gadget plastics provide increased versatility and can be gathered with metal to make improved medical product attributes, medical-grade plastics have become the preferred material for different types of electronic medical gadgets such as […]

16 10, 2019

Micro Injection Molding

By |2019-10-16T19:51:39+08:00October 16th, 2019|Categories: micro injection molding, micro injection moulding, micro molding, micro molding parts, micro moulding, micro plastic molding, micro plastic moulding, molds|Tags: , , , , , , |Comments Off on Micro Injection Molding

What is Micro Injection Molding

Micro Injection molding ( micro-molding) is small & high-precision thermoplastic injection molding parts and components with tight tolerances ( 0.001mm to 0.005mm).  this type of micro injection molding parts is used in the medical industry, automotive, aerospace, and electronic industry, the microinjection mold is as same as standard injection mold that has sliders, lifter, but the precision and the tolerance are totally different.

Micro injection molding or Micro injection moulding that is the same meanings, No matter how you spell it, the micro-molding size is very small, from 2mm to 20mm, the most important thing to make good quality of micro molding parts is the tolerance and injection molding machine, must […]

12 10, 2019

Plastic Injection Molding Gate Types

By |2019-10-09T15:55:14+08:00October 12th, 2019|Categories: Direct sprue gate, Disk gate, Fan gate, Film gate, Pinpoint gate, Side gate, Submarine gate, Tap gate|Tags: , , , , , , , |Comments Off on Plastic Injection Molding Gate Types

There are many types of gates for plastic injection molding parts, such as Direct sprue gate, Side gate, Fan gate, Pinpoint gate, Submarine gate, etc. Every type of gate that has its advantages, today we will explain each type of molding gate when you use your molding parts, according to each gate of advantages and disadvantages you could choose the gate you prefer,

Gate types and descriptions

  1. Direct sprue gate – used in the case of single-cavity or when putting the gate direct to the base of the injection-molded product. Residual strain tends to occur because the injection pressure will directly apply to the molded product, but its mold construction is most simple, this type of […]
8 10, 2019

PC Plastic Injection Molding Technology

By |2019-10-09T15:09:43+08:00October 8th, 2019|Categories: PC injection molding, PC plastic injection molding, PC plastic molding|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on PC Plastic Injection Molding Technology

PC is generally called polycarbonate. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, this is commonly known as bullet-proof plastic. PC has high mechanical strength, wide temperature range, good electrical insulation properties (anti-arc performance is unchanged), good dimensional stability and transparency, etc. It is widely used in the electrical products, electric meter enclosure, and electronic products structural members. There are many modified products of PC usually added with glass fiber, mineral fillers, chemical fire retardants, and other plastics. PC has poor fluidity, and it needs high temperatures when molding.

  1. Material processing
    PC has high water absorption. So before injection molding, it must be preheated dried. The pure PC is dried at 120 Celsius degree, and the modified PC […]
20 09, 2019

Process of plastic injection molding

By |2019-09-20T16:50:21+08:00September 20th, 2019|Categories: China mold, china mold company, china mold maker, china mould, China Plastic Injection Mold Company, Chinese mold, Chinese mold company, Chinese molding company|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Process of plastic injection molding

Use of plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is the most common and widely used method for the mass production of plastic products around the world because of its convenience and ease of use. Plastic products made using this method include plastic chairs and tables, electronic product covers, disposable spoons and knives, and other cutlery products.

History of injection molding

Plastic injection molding was started by European and American chemists who were experimenting with plastics. Originally done manually and pushed into the mold using Parkesine, it turned out to be too brittle and flammable. John Wesley Hyatt is the official inventor of plastic injection molding, and this process has a rich history with a brilliant spirit.

Injection molding was […]

17 09, 2019

The Best OEM Services

By |2019-09-13T10:49:15+08:00September 17th, 2019|Categories: ODM Manufacturing China, ODM Manufacturing Service, ODM/OEM Manufacturing Service, OEM China, OEM Manufacturing China, OEM Manufacturing Service|Tags: , , , |Comments Off on The Best OEM Services

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. It is a company that manufactures components that are sold to purchasing companies, which then buy other products by using those components and products that use those components are sold under the brand name of the purchasing company. In this product, the company component name is original that contains the OEM company identity.

Buyers can also specify specifications and designs for the OEM. In this case, the buyer’s company may specify that the OEM company includes part number of the buyer’s company and not the part number of the OEM company.

The use of OEM services can reduce production costs because OEMs are mass-produced. Using OEM service means you do not […]

15 09, 2019

ODM/OEM Manufacturing Service

By |2019-09-13T10:47:39+08:00September 15th, 2019|Categories: ODM Manufacturing China, ODM Manufacturing Service, ODM/OEM Manufacturing Service, OEM China, OEM Manufacturing China, OEM Manufacturing Service|Tags: , , , , , |Comments Off on ODM/OEM Manufacturing Service

What Does The ODM/OEM Service Mean?

ODM or the original designer manufacturer is a company that designs and manufactures certain products and is likely marketed by other companies. These companies allow the company’s brands to manufacture (in supplement or own form) without having to engage in organization or factory management. The MDGs have grown in size in recent years and many of them are now sufficient to handle the production of some customers, often providing the most overall production. The main attribute of this business model is that ODM has and/or internally designed a product that is marketed by the buyer’s company. It contrasts with contract manufacturers.

This model is mainly used in international trade, where ODM […]

13 09, 2019

Important Things About Plastic Injection Molding Machine

By |2019-09-10T15:58:32+08:00September 13th, 2019|Categories: china injection molding companies, China mold, china mold company, Chinese mold, Chinese mold company, custom injection molding service, Custom Injection Moulding, custom plastic mold, custom plastic mold making, Injection Mold Maker|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Important Things About Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Since the injection moulding process was invented, the plastic industry and the big business opportunity of injection molding have become a commercial enterprise which is potentially thousands to millions of US dollars. Injection molding has given an important role in the development of the economy in the USA. This allows industrial and consumer goods to be important for many industries, with affordable and durable prices.

Injection Molding Machine Function

This machine can be classified into three categories, namely: Multipurpose machine, precision machine/narrow tolerance and high-speed thin-wall machine. These three types require assistive equipment to function. These supporting equipment include dryers (resins), handling equipment, granulators, temperature control and mold cooling, handling equipment and parts extraction robots.

10 09, 2019

Manufacture of Chinese Plastic Injection Molds

By |2019-09-10T09:07:26+08:00September 10th, 2019|Categories: China Plastic Mold Company, Chinese mold company, Chinese molding company, Injection Mold China, Injection Mold China company, Injection Mold Cooling System, plastic injection molding company|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Manufacture of Chinese Plastic Injection Molds


Injection molds are defined as the general manufacturing process adopted to make plastic parts for various products. This method is used to make parts that differ in size, application, and complexity and the process involves the use of a machine called an injection molding machine along with molds and raw plastics. This process involves melting the plastic in a molding machine along with injecting it into a mold from a cooled place and compacted it into the final product.

One of the main and fast processes, Injection molding is a popular method for producing fabricated plastic products. All kinds of goods are produced using this technique be it household goods or […]

2 09, 2019

PE Injection Molding Technology

By |2019-08-30T21:46:45+08:00September 2nd, 2019|Categories: HDPE injection molding, molds, PE Injection Molding, PE Injection Molding Technology, Polyethylene Plastic Molding|Tags: , , , |Comments Off on PE Injection Molding Technology

Polyethylene is PE for short, which has the properties of softness, non-toxic, cheap, and easy to process. It is a kind of typical crystallographic polymer.

PE-LD has the lightest density in its own kind and is easy to ventilate and soak. It has good dielectric properties and chemical resistance properties, softness, elongation, impact force resistance. Its translucency is better than the middle and low LDPE but it has the bad performance of mechanical properties, which can apply for softness injection molding and extrusion molding. PE plastic mold molding

PE-HD also has good dielectric properties, abrasive resistance, and water tightness. In terms of chemical medicine resistance, HDPE is better […]