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Is Silicone Safe

Silicone rubber which is originated from silicon is basically a synthetic polymer. Silicone rubber bears good durability and is also non reactive in nature. These characteristics make it suitable to be utilized in kitchen utensils and medical devices. The question about the safety of silicone rubber started a comprehensive scientific research. The results of the […]

Is TPU safe

Isocyanates and polyols are basic constituents along with chain extenders and catalyst which ultimately form the TPU. In addition to elasticity TPU also shows resistance to the followings. Abrasion and wear Oils Greases. When the question that thermoplastic polyurethane is safe or not arises, it is considered safe to be utilized for numerous applications. The […]

What Is CNC Milling? Everything You Need To Know!

What Is CNC Milling Knowledge of what is CNC milling enables one to understand the process. Some of the topics discussed in this blog include spindle speeds, feed rates, axes movements, G-codes, and machine controllers. We will also describe how these parts combine to function as a single unit. There is a lot of precision […]


What is TPE? Is TPE Safe? The properties and characteristics of two separate groups are combined to form thermoplastic elastomers. These two groups are the followings. Thermoplastics (Upon heating these will melt and can also be molded) Elastomers (They shows elastic characteristics) Moreover; these materials show the elastic properties similar to the rubber materials. This […]


What Is Electrical Discharge Machining

What is electrical discharge machining and how does it work? Electrical discharge machining or EDM employs electrical discharge and sparks to remove metal. This guide will show how EDM works. Some of the components include the CNC machines, the dielectric fluid, and the electrodes. It is used in cutting hard materials such as steel and […]

Thermoset vs Thermoplastic Whats The Difference

Thermoset vs Thermoplastic is important. This blog helps you understand both. Find out about PE, ABS, PP, and PVC. Discuss chemical structure, thermal stability, and elasticity. Make pros and cons. Learn how various industries employ them. The choice of material is crucial. Be updated on these basic types of plastics. Make smart choices. What is […]

High Temperature Plastic Material

The research and development in the fields of polymer chemistry and material science was significant in the mid of twenty century. The plastics and polymers were created as a result of this research and development. These materials had the capability to withstand higher temperatures. Polyphenylene sulfide and Polytetrafluoroethylene were initially created which proved to face […]