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Sincere Tech is mold and tooling manufacturer in China, we produces a large number of CNC machined Engineering Prototypes for all levels of functional product evaluation. CNC Machining is one of our core competency, and we have continuously invested in new CNC machines, hardware, software, systems and training to maintain world-class capabilities, focused on speed and accuracy.

We machine Engineering Prototypes from many plastics, metals ( stainless steel & aluminum) and composite materials. Customer requests typically range from one to 100 machining parts, and may focus on a single, key component, or include all of the mechanical parts in a product. Customers use our CNC machined parts for everything from thermal and RF testing to evaluating acoustical and environmental performance.

Effective use of Engineering Prototypes helps product design teams refine and stabilize the functional details of their parts and assemblies, reducing the chance that later design changes will interrupt and add cost to the tooling cycle.

Our CNC machining capabilities include vertical and horizontal milling centers, wire and die-sinking EDM, and a full complement of supporting processes including custom milling and turning, grinding, tumbling, heat treating, media blasting, and welding, and post manufacturing include powder coating, anodizing, printing, chrome, manual product assembly service, etc.

Our experience with milling plastics, both neat (unfilled) and as composites is extensive. In some cases, when specialty materials are not available as machining material, we have the capability of molding small and medium-sized billets from injection molding resins, and using these as machining material. We have also developed a custom modular fixturing system that makes these molded stock materials convenient to load and unload with automatic positioning.

CNC machined prototypes

CNC machined prototypes

CNC Machining Capabilities

3-Axis Milling
  • Machines by Makino, Roku, Chiron, Fanuc and Tree
  • Maximum Machining Envelope (XYZ) = 27″ x 16″ x 10″ (Fanuc)
  • Maximum Tool Capacity = 40 (Makino V33)
  • Fanuc Controllers on all Machines
  • Vacuum Fixtures, Clamp Fixtures, Tape, Vise, and custom workholding

4-Axis Milling

  • Kitamura MyCenter Horizontal
  • Maximum Machining Envelope (XYZ) = 20″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Maximum Tool Capacity = 40
  • Fanuc Controller
  • Rotary pallet changer with programmable C axis (static or dynamic)
  • Chick Tombstone Pallet System
  • Custom machinable ‘soft jaws’ for part fixturing

Customer Data Requirements

  • 3-D CAD data in portable format (iges, stl, step, vdi) or Pro/E
  • Detailed Color, Materials, and Finishes documentation for all surfaces
  • All required graphics including logos, screen displays, labels

CNC Programming

    • Primary Platform – Mastercam X3
    • Toolpath verification – Vericut
    • Toolpath optimization – Optipath

Achieving Speed and Quality

We use a combination of software tools to ensure high as-machined dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, and efficient high speed machining. The majority of our part machining is done using UG software. We maintain an extensive software definitions library of cutting tools and substrate materials, which our programmers access to ensure we machine with optimal conditions.

We have also implemented process verification software to identify risk areas in CNC machining, and ensure a high success rate. This software simulates the entire machine environment, including table, spindle, workholding, tool checking, and cutting tool library. Most recently, we have also implemented a cutting path optimizer, which maintains constant material removal rates, making sure there is a constant loading on the cutting tool. This provides us with a significant time savings

Additional Services

We can be your contract manufacturer China company that offer you all in one services from prototype, CNC machining, turning and milling machining, plastic or metals, mold & tooling, massive production and value-added processes from our local suppliers, including plating, conversion coatings, painting or powder coating. In addition, we do manual product assembly and test fixtures to support product qualification and pilot builds before delivery.

If you have any project that need machining service, or need an OEM contract manufacturer in China to handle your project in qualification, you are welcome to contact us.

At present China is the most famous CNC machining service country in the world. We know that CNC machining means a manufacturing process, in this process some pre-programmed computer software is used to control the movement of factory tools or machinery. When the programming of CNC is activated, it works just like a robot. There are many CNC machining factories in China.

But How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China or who provides me the best CNC machining service in China or who manufacturers better quality CNC machining product in China? And the better service in communication?

We discuss 7 characteristics bellows, which can help you to find a good CNC Machining Manufacturer Shops in China.

CNC machining factory China

CNC machining factory China

1. Equipment of the CNC machining manufacturer

It is first and It is very important to know that what kind of equipment or technology they use to manufacture their products. For a quality full product, you need the best quality equipment or technology.

If you want to manufacture your metal or aluminum product by a small CNC machining factory (which contains low-quality equipment), your product may not be the best quality, and small company can not support better service,

2. Flexibility of their product

Second important thing is flexibility. You may have many type of products that needs CNC machining service from China, such as metal CNC machining parts, aluminum CNC machining components, plastics CNC machining parts, CNC machining prototypes from plastics or metals, painting service requirement, high polishing service, anodizing surface requirement for your aluminum or metal CNC machining parts, and you may need massive production for your metal parts, aluminum casting parts, and plastic molded production later on. So you need to find and CNC machining manufacturer that can do all of those related service very professional, because all of those manufacturing process are related in this manufacturing range. Do all of works in one manufacturer that will reduce less mistake and your time, so try to choose those CNC machining factories from China.

We can do CNC machining prototype service for plastic parts, aluminum parts, metal CNC machining parts, CNC turning, CNC milling service, and later on we can do massive production by plastic injection mold, metal stamping or punch tooling, aluminum die casting, silicone molding, and other surface requirement such as painting, chrome, silk-screen service, etc.

3. Best Quality of service

You must have to find out, which CNC machining factory provides you best quality service. If any company provides you good service, you can choose that CNC machining company in China. As you know you are doing business Thousands of miles away from your country, English communication and better technology support is the most important thing when you work with a China CNC machining company, if our company our Engineer has 10 year of technology and very good English skill, and our manager has over 18 year of working experience in technology and speck fluent English. You can contact us to know more information.

4. Experience of the workers

One of the most important ways to choose the CNC machining service is to know about their experience. The expert worker can provide you best quality products. Famous companies are trying to appoint expert and experienced workers.

5. Pricing of their service

Pricing is the most important thing to choose, it may depend on your budget. Your budget maybe be high to buy any service from a CNC machining manufacturer in China. So pricing of the service is obviously important thing. But there are some most important on the point as well, if the price is too low th quality may will have some issue, but the price is too high then it is out of your budget, so choose a reasonable price from and CNC machining company in China and maker long partner will be the number one important thing for your business, specially first time working together you need to take lots of time to check and refer above points to find your best partner.

6. How many certifications are achieved

CNC machining measure machine

CNC machining measure machine

Before you buy a service, you can find out the certification which is achieved by the CNC machining company in China. These certifications help you to choose the company. Awarded companies are always trying to keep their position and try to do better.

7. Capabilities of the company -delivery on time

The last important thing to choose CNC machining components from China is the capabilities of the company. As you know your supplier does not only have one or two customers, they have many customer that need to support, so you need to find out the company which can manufacture the CNC machining parts  and deliver you on time, so to know the lead time before place and order.

Finally we can say, Those seven elements or characters are most important to help you to find out CNC machining service from China or help you to make a decision to choose a CNC machining company in China. Once you find one and make long partner relationship, after first time then everything will be easy afterwards.

You can contact us to discuss about your CNC machining parts, we have rich experience in the field, and our team have experience technology and good English communication, doing business with overseas customers, those two key points are very important, from our home page you could find out that we are working in all of custom manufacturing parts from plastic parts, metal parts, aluminum parts. have been doing this business over 18 years and have rich experience to control the quality and lead time.