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24 07, 2021

CNC Machined Engineering Prototypes

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Sincere Tech is mold and tooling manufacturer in China, we produces a large number of CNC machined Engineering Prototypes for all levels of functional product evaluation. CNC Machining is one of our core competency, and we have continuously invested in new CNC machines, hardware, software, systems and training to maintain world-class capabilities, focused on speed and accuracy.

We machine Engineering Prototypes from many plastics, metals ( stainless steel & aluminum) and composite materials. Customer requests typically range from one to 100 machining parts, and may focus on a single, key component, or include all of the mechanical parts in a product. Customers use our CNC machined parts for everything from thermal and RF testing to […]

20 06, 2021

How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China

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At present China is the most famous CNC machining service country in the world. We know that CNC machining means a manufacturing process, in this process some pre-programmed computer software is used to control the movement of factory tools or machinery. When the programming of CNC is activated, it works just like a robot. There are many CNC machining factories in China.

But How to find good CNC machining Service and Factory in China or who provides me the best CNC machining service in China or who manufacturers better quality CNC machining product in China? And the better service in communication?

We discuss 7 characteristics bellows, which can help you to find a good CNC Machining Manufacturer […]

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