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How to Buy Custom Plastic Building Blocks Toys From China

Custom plastic building blocks Toys are type of molding toys that enable the creation of nearly any size object. These type of building blocks toys nest easily by connecting parts below and parts above. They let you expand your creativity by creating a custom, durable design with custom modules and colors, Plastic building blocks toys is very Popular toys for kids from 2 to 7 age, this toy building blocks plastic can help the kids open the mind and Brain.

Plastic building blocks can be used to create buildings and other custom modular objects according to customer preferences. The primary concern is that when the plan to start to produce your building plastic blocks project, one has to have an idea or design of what they intend to build. It could be toys for the kids, a building, pet’s housing, or other creative designs that one may want to implement.

The four steps below can be helpful when buying Custom Plastic Building Blocks Toys.

1. Customize Design

The first step in purchasing custom plastic building blocks toys is to have a custom part design of the object you want to create. It could be toys for the kids, a statue, a small plastic blocks for building construction, plastic building house, or even a pet house, the other thing you need to think about the custom building blocks design is if you want to make big plastic building blocks or small plastic building blocks, The customer must have a plan before purchasing custom items, because this will affect the investment of cost on this whole project.

Before the buying process, you can consult with professional custom designers to ensure that their measurement approximations are accurate. Consulting an expert reduces the likelihood of errors when ordering the custom plastic building blocks. Inaccuracies could result in extra costs when buying plastic building blocks toys. You should share their modular plan with the expert consultant so that they have accurate measurements before getting into the buying process. or you could find a China plastic molding company to discuss your plan and idea.

2. Search for Information

Once the buyer confirms that their modular plan has accurate measurements, they are now ready to get into the buying process. The next step is to search for custom plastic building blocks manufacturer. As a buyer, it is best to consider multiple alternatives to offer a means of comparing prices, methods, and time of delivery, price, and warranty terms.

Since this is custom plastic molded blocks, so you need to find plastic injection molding manufacturer to produce this custom plastic blocks toys for you, to save your initial investment the best option will be finding a Chinese plastic molding company to help, because a mold manufacturer from China will save you lots of money on the mold making, the plastic molding manufacturing cost is very low compare to your local supplier.

The internet is the best place to find better deals of custom plastic building blocks company, and it allows you to find many plastic injection molding companies quickly. It also offers a variety of alternatives to choose from according to their credibility or after-purchase offer.

3. Evaluation of Alternatives

After the information search, you have selected numerous mold manufacturers, and now it’s time to analyze the suitable alternative. Choosing an injection mold maker depends on the buyer’s preferences, which could include rates, delivery insurance, time of delivery, or proximity to the supplier. Evaluation of suppliers simplifies the process of buying toy plastic building blocks and establishes trust between you and your selected plastic injection molding companies.

The advantage of comparing alternative is that it offers an opportunity to spot a great deal in terms of price, payment options, and quality of services. After identifying a suitable supplier depending on your location, price, time, and means of delivery, now you can set to make their purchase decision.

Things to consider when evaluating alternatives

a) NDA document signature, your new design model will never allow your mold manufacturer to share any other third parties
b) Price and the payment term- plastic mold price and unit injection molding cost
c) Means of delivery
d) Time take to deliver
e) The proximity of the supplier to your location.

4. Purchase Decision

At this point, you can select some of the injection molding manufacturers from your past research or get some recommendations from your friends. when you choose the one then discuss with them on above point from a-e, after that you could pick the final plastic injection molding manufacturer which you are most trust.

5. Make a Purchase

The design has been created, information research has been finished, and you are now ready to make the purchase. Up to this point, you have to ensure that you have selected a mold company that accepts their payment option or currency. Depending on your preferences, their purchase could be made online for delivery or at a local supplier. you should deliver their modular plan, pay for the plastic injection mold cost, and then wait for the first samples for your custom plastic building blocks.

Until this step have done the plastic molds for your custom plastic building blocks, the next step is massive production, want to know the next step or more information on how to start your custom plastic building blocks or any other custom injection molded toys parts, you are welcome to contact us or send us an email, we will discuss about your project and send you competitive price,

Buying custom plastic building blocks or any custom plastic molded parts is not easy, we have been make lots of custom plastic building blocks toys for one of our customers. we have rich experience on making this type of plastic molds and produce the parts for you.

We can save you lots of time, remember by the first eyes on this type of plastic building blocks molds is very easy, we thought it was easy as well, but finally we met lots of issues, after the second time we made some similar molds for our customer, everything was running smoothly and speed up to the massive production, because we learned lots of thing from previously works.

What are you waiting for? Please contact now.

custom injection molded parts

Sincere Tech specializes in custom injection-molded parts fabrication technology. Our engineers design and manufacture individual parts with our high-wear engineering-grade plastic materials, self-lubricating, wear-resistive, and maintenance-free plastic injection molded parts. Each material is designed to perform to the particular needs of your intended use application and can adore harsh conditions, such as chemicals, dirt, or heat resistance.

Our fast line service provides injection-molded plastic parts and prototypes in just 2-3 weeks in short leads. Furthermore, our injection molding techniques are perfect for small to extensive prototyping because we employ cutting-edge 3D-printed injection molds. This enables us to design, fabricate, and bring parts to market with minimal turnaround without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us for Your Custom Injection Molding Needs?

We set ourselves apart because our services comprise as;

  • Perfect for Large Order Quantities: Suitable for large orders likely above 1000s pieces of prototypes.
  • Most diminutive or maintenance-free parts with Longer Service Life: Our components provide longer serviceability without requiring maintenance.
  • Rapid turnaround: Up to 70% faster than comparable injection molding methods.
  • Extensive material options: Select from our diverse high-performance materials to meet your specified requirements.

Custom Injection Molding: An Overview

Custom injection molding or injection molding mold parts is a plastic part fabrication process that involves injecting stringent quality material into a mold die or cavity designed specifically for intended applications. This process allows design manufacturers to produce parts in low volumes to bulk. Generally, it’s also known as injection molding of plastics, as this process is carried out in the following manner.

The process starts by forcing molten polymer into a mold designed to match the shape of the desired product. The polymer is then cooled and solidified to form the required part released from the mold. The custom injection-molded parts or products manufacturing process provides flexibility and can be used for medium production for about a few 100s to manufacture 1000s of identical molded components at a large scale. The process is widely favored for its economic production and helps industries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics to fabricate prototypes for functional testing and enhance the aesthetics of intended products or end-use parts.

injection molded parts

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Materials

The types of plastics used in custom injection molding are diverse, with different melting points and peculiar characteristics that can be adjusted to suit a specific application. Here are some commonly employed thermoplastic materials for manufacturing high-quality injection molded parts.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) 

ABS is a widely used thermoplastic material that offers flexibility, low density, and good impact strength. It is unsuitable for applications requiring chemical, electrical, or UV resistance. Because of its strength,

ABS injection molding is widely used in products such as children’s toys, household appliances, and car parts.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) & High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

These versatile thermoplastics provide high tensile and impact strength and resistance to moisture. HDPE injection molding is used in consumer and industrial products, while LDPE, which is softer, is also used in similar applications. Both materials are appreciated for their high degree of durability and ability to be bent.

Polycarbonate (PC) 

PC is a crystal clear, high-gloss matte, lightweight, and yet strong substitute for glass. It is highly resistant and has high impact and mechanical strength, PC injection molding parts aer good  ideal for use in applications like bulletproof glass.

Polyamide (Nylon) 

Nylon injection molding part is a popular thermoplastic known for its electrical properties, mechanical strength, heat, wear, and chemical resistance. Because of its durability and high functional performance, it is commonly used in the medical and automotive industries for injection molded mold parts.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) 

HIPS is an inexpensive, impact-modified crystalline styrene-rubber copolymer widely used in producing disposable cutlery and toys. It is non-toxic, suitable for use in food-contact applications, and appreciated for its flexibility and low price.

Polypropylene (PP) 

PP injection molding part is a tough plastic with good chemical and stress resistance and high impact strength. Due to its high melting point, it is ideal for use in the food industry, where equipment must be durable and safe for use with food products.

These materials are chosen according to the application’s needs to provide the best performance and long life of custom injection-molded parts.

Tool Design and Engineering

In injection molding, the tool is the mold or die that forms the material into the intended part. It’s in fact a negative cavity that recreates the part’s shape with the correct dimensions to allow for the material to behave as desired during injection and cooling. In the production of custom molded plastic parts, it may be necessary to use one or several tools depending on the need. Although using more tools initially raises the cost a little, it greatly reduces the cost per piece in the long run, making it economical for mass production.

These tools are located in a mold base and are a single component of injection molding machines. Mold bases are costly, so we use insert tooling that can be fitted into existing polymer molding mold bases.

Our real engineers consider the details by analyzing DFM analysis to material, and technique selection when creating custom-molded plastic components, including tool design and process optimization. They incorporate the right manifold and runner systems, molding processes, and functionalities without extraneous features, thus cutting costs on your budget. The high-tech software helps uniformly transition from virtual technical 2D or 3D g-code to m-codes to accurate tooling in the tool room.

Tool Building

Sincere Tech has a functional tool building and mold maintenance department with experienced professional tool makers. By selecting the right steel grade tool to correspond to the particular process, our skilled engineers and manufacturers create and design accurate tools to meet the required standard. We employ CNC machines, precision optical laser engraving machines, laser and tig welders, EDM, heat treating, grinding, polishing, and plating capabilities, which allow us to build and sustain tools for maximum performance.

Lean Molding

Our on-site production unit uses advanced feature machines and presses which offer high-speed production and fast tooling changeovers for every batch. These standard, efficient machines, manufacture millions of molded plastic parts daily with quality, and low cost.

Tool Maintenance

Our value-added customer services ensure rigorous quality for your custom tools during manufacturing. Our mold changeover department cleans and inspects tools regularly after every use, re-plating or repairing them where necessary before storing them for use in the next production cycle.

Benefits of Custom Injection Molded parts

Custom injection molded aprt is a flexible manufacturing process that is suitable for creating intricate parts with small dimensions and strict specifications. It is suitable for high-volume production of identical parts, which makes it an economical solution. It is relatively faster and more effective than other plastic forming techniques such as machining or additive manufacturing. In addition, it has a high degree of design freedom, which means it is possible to shape and produce parts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on the desired rigidity and ductility of the end product, the materials can be polypropylene and ABS, nylon, and polycarbonate, thus meeting the requirements of a particular application.

plastic injection molding parts

Who Should Use Custom Injection Molded parts

Custom injection molding is the most suitable for companies that want to produce complex parts, whether in large or small quantities. This process benefits industries like the automotive, electronics, and medical sectors, where customized components are required quickly and accurately.

Custom injection molding is a versatile process that can produce intricate detailed parts in a short time frame, ranging from hours to days, depending on the complexity and size of the part. This is particularly useful for creating a prototype and transitioning to mass production in a short turnaround.

In the context of cost, custom injection molding is more advantageous than traditional machining or 3D printing if the part design meets the requirements of injection molding. In addition, the parts produced by injection molding are of better quality and uniform surface finish than those produced by machining.

Customers also benefit from shorter lead times and a wide range of materials, including thermoplastics such as ABS, polypropylene, nylon, and PEEK. This versatility guarantees that the final product is produced to the required standards and performance characteristics.

Our Expanded Customers’ Support Services

Sincere Tech molding holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification, which proves our dedication to quality control and assurance.

Adherence to ISO standards guarantees our services have the best business processes and quality management systems to meet the needs of its customers and provide high levels of satisfaction.

Our quality department utilizes state-of-the-art technology, a four-step inspection system, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) to guarantee compliance throughout the manufacturing process. By using advanced measuring instruments that obtain specific measurement values instead of relying on the naked eye, we guarantee that the dimensions are uniform regardless of the complicated designs to ensure parts meet exact dimensions and specifications. This approach does not only increase efficiency but also allows for more frequent and accurate inspections.

It starts from mold setup to production runs, and our quality assurance process is very strict. The first parts after mold setup are inspected to ensure the product is of the right quality before proceeding with the production process. During production, the machine operators are responsible for the visual inspection of the products and during production, the in-process inspectors conduct the visual, dimensional and functional inspection periodically. The last step before packaging is a visual check to confirm the labels’ quality, quantity, and correctness.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) enables us to control quality by collecting and analyzing statistical data from processes, product measurements, and machines. This approach enables us to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce the likelihood of producing off-standard products and scrap, thus reducing the cost to our customers.

At Dong Guan Sincere Tech, we understand the importance of product quality. Our experienced professional team of engineers is always available to help with certifications and reports such as PPAP, ISIR, FAIR, IMDS, Reach, RoHS, and others.

Our company is one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in China, specializing in custom plastic injection molding and delivering billions of high-quality parts and components to numerous industries. Furthermore, Our facility offers a wide range of injection molding molds, and we are one of the largest family-owned plastic injection molders in the country.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our company offers comprehensive capabilities that span from concept to completion: With engineering speciality of knowledge and experience, we offer comprehensive capabilities that span from concept to completion:

Design Expertise: We have a highly experienced design team with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We use the latest technology, such as Solid Works, to design and modify molds. We pay special attention to the specifics of the part’s operation and the conditions necessary for it to work as designed.

Comprehensive Approach: We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to the manufacturing process, starting with the mold design and ending with the injection molding process. This concept-to-completion approach guarantees the highest quality from the design stage to the final product, incorporating practical and technical knowledge of plastic injection molding.

Toolmaking and Precision Tooling: Creating effective tools is not easy; it takes time, effort, and focus. Our company is dedicated to providing you with precision tooling that will ensure the success of your project. Advantages include a warranty on our tools, high-quality tools that ensure tight tolerances and optimized cycle time, and the ability to mold parts with varying wall thickness and complex geometries. Although we focus on small parts, we can handle up to 10” square sizes.

Injection mold China

We have a state-of-the-art factory with 125 fully automated presses that run seven days a week, 24 hours a day, almost the whole year.

Facility and Equipment: Both presses come equipped with self-diagnostic and microprocessor-controlled functions, and the clamping forces range from 46 to 720 tons and fractional to 107 ounces. We also have a Class 8 cleanroom environment that can be modified to fit different projects depending on the client’s needs. This is especially beneficial for the pharmaceutical, medical, food, and beverage sectors and others requiring high safety measures.

Automation and Inventory Management: Sincere Tech keeps safety stock to meet unexpected client demand. Our real-time inventory tracking helps forecast future requirements, and we have a robust MRP system that monitors jobs from end to end. Our understanding of the properties of the resin, the demand for the part, and the cycle time helps us achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Choose Sincere Tech Group for Your Next Injection Molding Project

The Sincere Tech is one of top 10 mold manufacturers in China that offers custom plastic injection molding services. Our certifications in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 ensure the highest quality, and our broad expertise addresses various fields. Our team provides the best solution if you need high-accuracy components or components with small tolerances. Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art plastic injection molding solutions. Get a quote to work on your next custom injection molding project, and let us meet your desired requirements without compromising premier standards.