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Micro Injection molding

What is Micro Injection Molding

Micro Injection molding ( micro-molding) is small & high-precision thermoplastic injection molding parts and components with tight tolerances ( 0.001mm to 0.005mm).  this type of micro injection molding parts is used in the medical industry, automotive, aerospace, and electronic industry, the microinjection mold is as same as standard injection mold that has sliders, lifter, but the precision and the tolerance are totally different.

Micro injection molding or Micro injection moulding that is the same meanings, No matter how you spell it, the micro-molding size is very small, from 2mm to 20mm, the most important thing to make good quality of micro molding parts is the tolerance and injection molding machine, must use high-speed injection molding machine and high quality brand of injection mold machines.

High speed injection molding machine for micro molding

Mold making and tooling

Sincere Tech has three high-speed Nissei injection molding machines with 80 tonnages to offer micro custom injection molding for automotive, medical, aerospace, communications, defense, and general industrial applications. We specialize in micro mold design, Engineering, Thermoplastics choosing, Moldmaking, trouble-shooting, and massive production,

With years of design and manufacturing excellence, our tradition of producing innovative solutions and world-class quality assures your product’s success. As a one-stop service custom plastic mold maker, we offer a complete range of value-added services to meet your needs:

  • Custom Molding of Precision Small Parts, Medical Device, and High Tech Industries
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Specializing in Tight Tolerance Molding can easy to meet a 0.003mm tolerance requirement.
  • Energy Absorbing Rubber
  • 3D parts/mold design, Engineering Services, and Mold Making
  • Secondary, Sub Assembly and Finish Work
  • The prototype, short and long Production Runs
  • Custom Compounding and engineering thermoplastics

Sincere Tech has a complete in-house mold factory for building new molds, repairing and maintaining existing molds.  In addition, we provide competitive mold making services and ship the mold to Europe and America.

Engineering and Mold Designs

Sincere Tech can provide complete design and engineering services, from part concept designs, to 3-D CAD models, to complete mold design, mold manufacturing until massive production. We can make recommendations regarding part designs and resins in order to minimize production costs and maximize part performance. We also build low-cost prototype molds and test the design prior to production.

If you have any micro injection molding project that looking for the best suitable supplier from China, contact us now, we will be one of the best options for you, we will offer you 100% satisfaction service.