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MUD U Frame is A cost-effective approach to injection molding

This MUD (Master Unit Die) Quick-Change systems was designed to reach the parallel challenges of increasing productivity and decreasing production costs.

MUD Quick-Change U frame Systems are more frequently becoming a part of the operational strategies for many companies who employ lean mold manufacturing programs because MUD frame systems are verified to reduce injection mold costs and increased the production volume (reduce the production costs on the other hands).

The mold approach to injection molding presented in this catalog offers mould companies and plastics molding manufacturers a number of competitive advantages. These include lower injection mold costs and faster production changeovers. The MUD systems offer the quick  molds switch over.

Faster production changeovers and lower plastic mold costs

The Master Unit Die (MUD) Quick-Change U frame system approach is based on an unlimited number of companion insert molds easily interchanged within a single MUD Quick-Change U frame. The frame remains in the injection molding machine during these moulds changeovers.

Most mold switch take less than Ten minutes, simple steps no special equipment and can be done by one person. Simply take the four fasten clamps off, take off all of heating or cooling lines and slide the insert mold from the MUD U frame. Then slide in the replacement, reconnect the lines and re-clamp. The new insert mould is now ready for production. This way reduces the injection machine downtimes less than 75% max.

Related labor costs are reduced even more since the need for a second person to assist in the injection mold change is also eliminated. The investment initial injection mold manufacturing cost is also reduced as much as 60%. This is because only the companion mold inserts need to be replaced to produce a new plastic part. It is not necessary to make an entire standard mold base. Associated labor costs are lowered because insert molds are much easier to handle than larger, heavier standard mold bases. This combination reduced production downtime, labor cost and injection molding tooling expense so that can result in a significant improvement in profit margins.

MUD U frame systems

Advantages of the MUD U Frame systems

This MUD systems offers you advantages at every step in the mold /molding manufacturing process—from injection molding tooling and molding production lead time and cost.

Quicker Delivery

New plastic mold manufacturing require less lead time because only a insert molds is required, not an entire mold base. There will be less time required for mold inserts machining. Also, standard insert molds are usually shipped immediately from mold components supplier, basically can save seven to ten working days. Lower injection mold manufacturing Costs Since only mold insert is needed for a new mold, standby or replacement mold, the cost is less for both material and fabrication as well as machining. Costs are reduced as much as 60%.

Faster Initial Injection Mold Setup

The MUD Quick-Change U frame stays in the molding machine. Initial setup is simply a matter of sliding the mold insert in, then clamping it and connecting the heating or cooling pipes.

Maximum High Volume Production

H frames and Double H frames offer special advantages for high volume production. Multiple insert molds permit doubling (H frame) or quadrupling (Double H frame) quantities each cycle. Production is virtually uninterrupted during maintenance or repair by using quickly installed backup insert molds.

Quicker Production switchovers

Just loosen four clamps, take offer the heating or cooling connection pipes and take out of the insert mold from the Quick-Change frame. Then slide another mold insert in, re-clamp, and re-connect the pipes. Most switchovers take around five minutes.

Minimum Purging

Because MUD systems can switch over the insert molds in moments, the plastic material in the barrel will not get overheating ( this is depending on what material but most of material can stake in the barrel over 5 minutes. This will save both raw material & production time.

Easier Maintenance and Repair

MUD systems are fast to replace insert molds than standard mold bases. This means scheduled preventative maintenance is much easier to perform. There is also fast if the insert mold needs to do the mold modification or repair. If the insert mold need to fix done side for a long period, another insert mold can be easily installed and the machine back in production quickly.

Convenient Storage

Since the MUD U frame stays in the machine, only the companion insert mold needs to be stored. Their lighter weight and smaller size means easier handling and saving the storage place.

Design Time saving

Since the MUD U frame systems only need to change the insert mold, so the design can use this standard MUD for all of relates insert mold and will be easy to design, it is like standard mold design.

We have been done lots of MUD U frame systems for some project, specially for some injection molding toys project, this will be a great benefits by using MUD Quick-Change systems, contact us if you have any project needs this Master Unit Die Quick-Change systems.