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Plastic Chair Mould

Are you looking for a plastic chair mould manufacturing company from China? And how could you bet the good quality plastic chair mold from China mold manufacturer?

Sincere Tech is a professional china injection mold company that offers a competitive price and good quality plastic chair mould and another custom mould, we have been in this field around more than 18 years that offers different custom chair molds. We develop plastic injection chair molds such as armchair mold, office chair mould, armless chair mould, daily use chair mould, hospital chair mould, dinner chair mold, plastic folding chair mold, baby chair mold, garden chair mould, beach chair mold, bus chair mold, and so on. below are some of the plastic chair molds we made before.
In order to buy high-quality plastic chair mold from your mold supplier, you need ask some follow question before ordering your chair mould.

1, The minimum lifetime of the plastic chair mold.

The normal standard of lifetime of the chair mould should meet up to at least 0.5 million shorts or even more, so the quality of steel is very important, some of injection mold companies offer the poor quality steel to save the money and offer the cheaper price to the customer, but when the customer has the mold at their factory, may haev issue after a few months, to keep good quality of plastic chair mould, we usually suggest our customers use 718H or P20  mold steel. this will make sure the mold can last at least 0.5 million without any problem

2, The sycle time of plastic chair mold during production,

This is another important for your Chair mould project,  and the simple question to all other custom injection mold, as you know short cycle time can produce more chair molding parts, this will increase your profits, to increase the cycle time we need to focus on two points, one is making good mold structure to the plastic chair mold, good structure can make the mold running smoothly, and another most important thing is the cooling, to reduce the cycle time cooling the number one key points, so when you buy any custom plastic chair mould from your supplier, you need to change the cooling channel design in the mold drawing, to make sure your mold maker has designed the perfect cooling in the mold, According to our plastic chair molding experience, for 1.8-2.5kg plastic chair mold running with perfect cooling water systems, the whole chair mold cycle time would be the 40s to 50s.

3, How to optimize the weight of the plastic chair molding part but the same strength.

When we start the plastic chair product design, we should analyze to make good strength with less weight, when you have a plastic chair project in hands, you need to change your competitive in advance, like the part weight and price, to make the min less weight but same strength of your plastic chair is the best way to help you win the market because less weight means less cost and fast cycle time. to improve this we have some suggestions, like to add some ribs under chair bottom ribs, when we make chair designs, we could check chair stacking in software to avoid future chair stacking problems.
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