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Creating properly parts design and built plastic injection tooling is the most important part of any injection molded parts development. In order to build a successful high-quality plastic injection mold tooling, a comprehensive plan must be followed.

Plastic Injection Tooling Design 

If a plastic injection tooling is designed incorrectly, the penalty may be paid in part quality, injection molding tool repair costs, or longer cycle time (higher component cost) for the entire length of production needs. Because of this we focus on injection tooling design with production in mind and specify parameters up front so that design specification errors or omissions never enter into the quality/cost equation.Plastic Injection Tooling

Moldflow Analysis

we do Moldflow filling analysis during plastic injection tooling design & development to assure proper plastic flow through the tool and answer questions such as sprue size, runner size, gate size, gate position, number of gates, plastic shear level, tonnage required, weld line locations, potential air traps (potential burn marks), sink marks issue, filling time, and a host of other important issues must be analyzed before any steel is cut. This analysis is completed in the tool design phase to eliminate costly tool or part design problems that might otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late.

Plastic injection Tooling Cost

There is a wide range of parts from the very simple to the very complex with a range low to very high production volume requirements. Likewise, there are many levels of plastic tooling manufacturing companies with varying levels of overhead and capability. If a mold tool is built by a plastic tooling company with a capability level or overhead level that is above what is needed, plastic tooling cost can exceed the level that would allow a project to go forward. Likewise, if the plastic tooling company does not have capabilities needed for a complex mold, quality, price, or delivery time could suffer. This is why plastic tooling complexity must be matched with toolmaker size and capability.

We are a professional plastic tooling company in China, we make injection molding tools from small to big up to 30 tonnages, we have full plastic tooling manufacturing equipment to do all of mold manufacturing jobs in-house, this will be easy to control the lead time and quaintly of plastic injection tooling, plastic tooling we make are export to Canada, Germany, American and more country in America and Europe, The tooling components for plastic tooling can be matched correctly base on customers requirement, for Europe export plastic tooling we use HASCO tooling components, for American customers we use DME tooling components, so customers can replace any tooling components easy and fast.

Plastic Injection Tooling Warranty

We appreciate our customer’s investment and we stand by our plastic tooling. Any injection moulding tooling developed through our mold factory will have lifetime shots guarantee, plastic toolings made by our factory normally have 3 types of shots guarantee.

1. Minimum of one million lifetime shots guarantee. For this type of plastic injection tooling, we use hardened steel for cavity and core, like S136,1.2344, H13, 1.2083, 1.2343, etc, the hardness of steel is HRC 48-52,

2. Minimum of a half million-lifetime shots. For this type of plastic injection mold tooling, we use pre-hardened steel material, such as 1.2738H, P20, 1.2738HH, etc, the hardness for this injection mold tooling is HRC 33-38.

For export injection moulding tool, all of the cavity/core steel is bought from LKM (the biggest mold steel company in China), or buying the steel in Europe brand according to customer requirement.Plastic Tooling Company

3. The above two types of plastic injection tooling are for export tooling, this one is for the none export injection moulding tool, which means we will produce the plastic molded parts for the customer and ship the plastic parts to our customers, the mold tooling lifetime for this type of tooling will be no limited (as many as customer wants), the reason because we have the plastic tooling in-house, if any issue happened we can fix the tooling for our customer with no extra cost.

Moreover, if customer want us to produce the injection molding parts for them, the plastic tooling cost will be very lower, because we will never earn any profits on the injection moulding tool manufacturing, or even we can bear come plastic tooling cost, this is depending on the number of parts customer requirement, this is the best options for you to increase your market by minimum investment.

This is not the end if you choose the number three option, when you have finished number of parts production, we can return all of the injection moulding tool prices back to you, you can use this price to order plastic injection molded parts directly, of course, this is depending on the quantity of the parts you have been produced. If you want to know more about this solution? You are welcome to contact us or send your requirement for quotation, you will have our professional team to support, we offer you the best price and solution for your project, and we never share your data to any others.

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