What is inert molding

Insert molding is a manufacturing method to produce the pre-formed plastic parts, sometimes we call as metal insert molding or overmolding, putting the insert into over mold to produce a single final product (mergered single molding part). The insert, which can be made of metals, ceramics, copper screws, or other plastic materials, is inserted in a mold cavity before being injected with plastic resin. If the inserts are constructed of plastic or molded plastic pieces, we call this as over molding, whereas the first shot of plastic insert part is referred as substrate. If the inserts are composed of metal, we will observe metal insert molding.

Insert molding are widely used in many industries on the world market in case of saving the assembly cost, such as  electronics, automotive, furniture, and many more, where molding parts require extremely strong, durable, and precise. Insert molding can produce complexed plastic products with different insert materials or components in a single molding process, eliminating the need for separate assembly steps and lowering production costs. In addition, insert molding can increase part quality and reliability by forming a strong link between the insert and the plastic resin. When metals and plastics are inserted together in a molded part, or when different metals or materials are molded together into a single molding part, we call this metal screw/brass insert molding,

Custom Insert molding not only reduces assembly and labor costs but is also better than assembly parts as it reduces the size and weight of the part, improves component reliability, and delivers improved part strength and structure with enhanced design flexibility.

Today, over 90% of insert molding parts come from Chinese mold manufacturing companies, where low labor costs and high-quality control are significant factors. China can also do assembly for all of your ending parts together and ship them to you.

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The Process of insert injection molding

The Insert Molding process starts off by either inserting the metal inserts before the custom injection molding process, or they can be inserted during the custom injection molding process. If the inserts are chosen to be inserted during the plastic injection molding process, an Insert Moulding process operator or a robotic arm will load them.

If chosen to insert the metal inserts after the plastic injection molding operation, the same robotic arm or Insert Molding process operator will load them after the plastic injection molding process is complete. Usually, Insert Molding takes place after the custom injection molding process.

This procedure ideally reduces insertion costs, which can save our customers substantial costs on custom insert moulding projects. If you want to know more knowledge about insert molding,

Regarding the Insert Moulding process, there can be some very nice advantages when a robotic arm is handling parts.  When it comes to removing the molded parts and getting them ready for more processes, a multiple-axis robot can do that faster and more accurate than a human.  After the molded part is created and removed from the mold, the robot grips the part and moves it to either a location to be held or onto a system to be inspected.  The manufacturing equipment’s general layout and the kind of product being created are the determining factors in making this choice.

In order to assure a high level of quality for many parts that go through Insert Moulding, robots can have vision systems mounted on them.  These vision systems inspect parts faster than a human, as well as know exactly what the metal component’s placement accuracy is.

Several industries thrive upon the products created through the Insert Moulding process. Actually, there are so many products created through this type of custom injection molding process, to buy inset molding from injection mold china company, that will save super cost since the low labor cost in China.  Here is a list of the industries these products belong to, and there is a list of the products that are created through this type of custom injection molding:

Insert injection molding cost

There are some of factors that effect to Insert injection molding costs.

The price of the inserts itself makes up the first element. The molding materials, including plastics like ABS, PC, or PA and metal inserts like steel or aluminum, can be used to create inserts. The material utilized, the size and intricacy of the insert, and the quantity needed will all affect the cost of the inserts. Making 100 pcs insert comparing to making 1000 metal inserts, unit price will be total different.

The cost of the insert mold is an additional factor in insert injection molding costs. The mold plays a crucial role in the injection molding process since it defines the finished part’s shape and characteristics. This initial cost will be more than unit cost, if you plan to make thousands of parts then making insert mold will be benefits. If the insert part made in plastics then we may called overmolding, this will need two molds, one for the first plastic parts and one for over molding, this will be increase the initial molds cost.

An further significant factor in insert injection molding costs is labor cost. Compared to standard injection molding, insert injection molding involves more labor since operators need to manually place the inserts into the mold before each shot. This will increase the cycling time and the manual cost,

To get an accurate estimate cost for insert injection molding, consult with a professional injection molding manufacturer will be better option. They can evaluate your specific project requirements and provide a detailed cost analysis based on 3D data and specifications, waste rate and production volume. This will help you make an informed decision and determine if insert injection molding is the right choice for your project, your are welcome to send us your insert injection molding project, we will quote you a price in 24 hours.

Below are some of the custom insert injection molding parts we made before. If you have any project that needs brass insert molding or any metal insert molding, send us your requirements for a quotation.

How insert molding can improve your molding parts and solve your issues:

An extremely effective substitute for conventional techniques of assembling insert pieces with adhesives, connections, welding, soldering, or fasteners is insert injection molding. There are numerous advantages to this cutting-edge method that can greatly improve the effectiveness and caliber of your molded components. Some advantages of insert molding over traditional injection molding are listed below.

Reducing Final Molding Parts

The smaller molding pieces produced by insert molding are among its main benefits. Compared to conventional assembly techniques, insert molding creates smaller pieces by molding metal inserts with plastics during the molding process. This shrinkage enhances the overall performance of the molding process in addition to saving material costs. Additionally, the parts’ weight is greatly decreased, which improves both performance and cost-effectiveness.

Decreased Labor and Assembly Expenses

Insert molding not only reduces size but also significantly lowers labor and assembly costs. In contrast to labor-intensive, multi-step traditional assembly methods, insert injection molding integrates two or more elements into a single molding part in a single shot. The labor and assembly costs are significantly decreased by this efficient method. Complex assembly procedures are not necessary because all that is required of a worker during the molding production process is to simply place the metal item into the mold. Moreover, a single shot is perfect for intricate insert molding parts since it may shape one insert or several inserts.

Enhanced Trustworthiness

The enhanced dependability that insert molding provides is yet another noteworthy benefit. Every component is tightly molded in thermoplastic during the insert  molding process, guaranteeing a strong and long-lasting bond. By doing this, normal assembly process difficulties such part loosening, mismatch, misalignment, and others are avoided. The parts’ resistance to stress and vibration is further increased by the molding process’s use of plastic resin, adding to their dependability and durability.

Enhanced Flexibility in Design

Insert molding is easy for designers to think about how those part should be assembled together. Designers can save time and concentrate on other areas of the design by removing the need to think about how pieces will be assembled or how metal and plastic components will be attached together. With this insert molding process, there are lots of designs problem can be solved very easy.

Lower Injection Molding Expense and Enhanced Productivity

Insert molding helps to improve efficiency and lower overall injection molding costs. Operators may find it difficult to set inserts during the molding step, particularly if they are working with small or many metal pieces that are prone to falling. On the other hand, using vertical injection machines greatly increases productivity, saves time, and lowers the possibility of dropped or misplaced inserts. This helps to reduce the cost of injection molding while also improving the molding process’ overall efficiency.

Reduced Assembly and Labor Costs

Insert molding also offers substantial cost savings in terms of assembly and labor. Unlike traditional assembly methods that require multiple steps and labor-intensive processes, insert injection molding involves a single shot that combines two or more parts into an end molding part. This streamlined approach drastically reduces assembly and labor costs. During the molding production, a worker simply needs to insert the metal part into the mold, eliminating the need for complex assembly processes. Furthermore, a single shot can mold a single insert or multiple inserts, making it ideal for more complex insert molding parts. such as insert molding with 4-10 pcs of metal screws which we call screw insert molding.

Increased Reliability

Another significant advantage of insert molding is the increased reliability it offers. The plastic molding process tightly molds every part in thermoplastic, ensuring a secure and durable bond. This prevents issues such as part loosening, mismatch, misalignment, and other common problems associated with traditional assembly methods. The use of plastic resin in the molding process also enhances the parts’ resistance against shock and vibration, further improving their reliability and longevity.

Increased Design Flexibility

Insert molding also gives more flexibility for the part designers in their design process. Who can save time and focus on other factors of their designs and no need to consider how pieces will be assembled or how metal and plastic components will be connected together. This will save part designers time and resulting in better end products.

Reducing Injection Molding Cost

Furthermore, insert molding can reduce the injection molding costs and improved efficiency comparing to assembly. The placement of inserts during the molding stage will be little challenging for molding operators, especially when there are small or multiple metal parts in the insert molding, this will be little hard to put insert into the mold cavity correctly. However, the use of vertical injection machines significantly improves efficiency, saving time and reducing the risk of misplaced or dropped inserts. This not only enhances the overall efficiency of the molding process but also helps to lower injection molding costs.

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