What is inert molding

Insert molding is a manufacturing process that involves molding a pre-formed part, also known as an insert, into plastic resin to create a finished product. The insert can be made of various materials, including metals, ceramics, or other plastic materials, and is placed into a mold cavity before the plastic resin is injected around it.

Insert injection molding is commonly used in industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical devices, where parts require high strength, durability, and precision. Insert molding can create complex parts with multiple materials or components in a single molding process, reducing the need for separate assembly processes and lowering production costs.

Additionally, insert molding can improve the quality and reliability of parts by creating a strong bond between the insert and the plastic resin.

When metals and plastics are inserted together in a molded part, or when multiple metals or materials are molded together into a single molding part, we call it metal insert molding or metal screw/brass insert molding. Sometimes, we also call insert molding as overmolding.

Custom Insert molding not only reduces assembly and labor costs but is also better than assembly parts as it reduces the size and weight of the part, improves component reliability, and delivers improved part strength and structure with enhanced design flexibility.

Today, over 90% of insert molding parts come from Chinese manufacturing companies, where low labor costs and high-quality control are significant factors. China can also do assembly for all of your ending parts together and ship them to you.

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The Process of insert moulding ( molding)

The process of insert molding is the same as the injection molding process and uses the same injection molding machine to inject molten raw material into a plastic mold. The plastic is then solidified by cooling systems, and then the press opens, and the molded parts are ejected.

The only difference is that before mold closure, we need to put the metals into the mold and start all of the injection molding process as injection molding.

Insert molding uses the same materials as the injection molding process except for the metal added into the mold before mold closure. For instance, the same thermoplastics are used, same mold steel, same mold structure, same injection molding machine. Sometimes, we may need to use a vertical injection molding machine for some special cases, but all are injection molding machines that work on thermoplastics.

Some injection molding manufacturers use vertical/vertical injection molding presses that use gravity to help in the insert molding process by maintaining the insert in position during mold closing. Since multiple bottom halves make it possible for inserts to be placed in one bottom half while the other one is in the molding step, cycle time is reduced.

Below are some of the custom insert injection molding parts we made before. If you have any project that needs brass insert molding or any metal insert molding, send us your requirements for a quotation.

How insert molding can improve your molding parts and solve your issues:

Insert injection molding can be a highly efficient alternative to the assembly of discrete parts using soldering, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives. Its benefits over such methods include:

Reduced Molding Parts Size

Insert molding involves molding metal inserts together with plastics, resulting in smaller part sizes than assembly parts. The weight of the parts is also reduced, leading to material cost savings and better results.

Reduced Assembly and Labor Costs

Insert injection molding involves a single shot that combines two or more parts in an end molding part, reducing assembly and labor costs. A worker only needs to put the insert part into the mold during the molding production. One shot can mold a single insert or multiple inserts, and more complex insert molding parts have more benefits with insert molding.

Increased Reliability

The plastic molding process tightly molds every part in thermoplastic, preventing part loosening, mismatch, misalignment, and other problems. The plastic resin improves the parts’ resistance against shock and vibration.

Increased Design Flexibility

Insert molding saves time for designers by eliminating the need to think about how to assemble parts together or how to fasten metal and plastic parts. It also allows designers to save space for other components, making their design jobs more efficient.

Reduced Injection Molding Cost and Improved Efficiency

Inserts used during the molding stage can be challenging for operators to place correctly in the mold, especially with small or multiple metal parts that can easily fall. Vertical injection machines are more efficient, saving time and injection molding costs.

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