Blow molded products

Blow Molding Process

Blow molding is a kind of molding process of placing the molten preform into the blow mold, injecting the compressed air, and the performance will be stick to the mold cavity wall, after cooling and mold release we got the blow molding products we want. Blow molding can be applied for the production of plastic containers as bottles, pots, barrels, and daily uses, children’s toys, etc.

The major materials for blow moldings are Polyethylene, PVC, polystyrene, linear resin, polycarbonate… The consumption of HDPE takes the first place in blow molding, it is widely used in food, chemical and disposing of liquid packaging. PVC container is more popular in cosmetics and detergent packaging for its good transparency and air-tightness.Blow molded products

With the development of non-toxic PVC and fertilizer and the scratch blow molding technology, PVC container for food packaging became widely used, like for beer or other carbon dioxide beverage packaging.

Others like PET blow molding containers are also widely applied production of food, drinks and commodity packaging containers.

Thanks to the advancement of resin modification and processing techniques, the consumption of PP has also been increasing year by year.

Compared with ordinary single-layer PE containers, multilayer compound containers PE/PA/PE is hard to see differences by their appearance, but they got big differences in performance, the multilayer container has its outstanding barrier property to oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and organic solvent.

Our company is a professional plastic mold company and a reliable supplier of quality blow molded items & plastic mold parts, providing customers one-stop services from design, molds building, product production, printing and to final assembly. Plastic bottle user guide in the blow molding industry that we should know.

New Injection Blow Molding Machine Created – Inject2blow

Injection molding machinery maker Engel and Italian based molds making company CantoniSrl joint developed a process called inject2blow, with a combination of injection molding and blow molding in one mold on one injection molding machine. we call injection blow molding

The process will greatly help reduces the time and cost to producing cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food containers by this one-step molding method, and China will be a big market for this newly developed “injection blow molding” machine that will be a big challenge to that we are currently using “one-step vertical three-location”  blow molding machine.

Our company produces a great variety of high-quality HDPE injection blow molded tablet bottles and containers in 100K class cleanroom workshops, all of our bottle products are manufactured complying with GMP or FDA standards, and exported to European and American packaging and pharmaceutical companies.

Features of injection blow molding technique:

  1. One-step and fast molding without rough selvage, continuous production to meet the GMP standard; accurate dimensions on bottleneck and screw thread to meet various sealing requirements;
  2. The smooth half line between bottle body and bottom with exquisite appearance and changeable shape;
  3. Weight, wall thickness and volume can be designed and manufactured accurately;
  4. Multiple-cavity production for bottles of different volumes and high production capacity.
  5. Moldable for various thermoplastic raw materials such as PE, PP, PS, SAN, PETG, EVA, etc.;
  6. Various injection molding processes can be selected with large space and the molds easy to change

Major applications: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic bottle packaging industries.

When insert molding finished, we can get a hollow slot product by extra core hole processing.

Blow molding bottles

Injection Blow Moulding

What Is Injection Blow Molding

Injection blow moulding is basically a series of processes involved in making hollowed plastic molding products and components. this injection blow molding process is one of the best molding processes for thin wall plastic molding containers. The three major processes are;

(1) Injecting a parison or thermoplastic into a blow mold to create a perform pipe at first (parison).

(2) Moving the perform pipe to blow mold and blowing the thermoplastic into a mold’s cavity to form a hollow molding part,

(3) Ejecting the final product. A wide range of hollowed injection molding products can be achieved through this method such as plastic bottles,quality blow molding & Injection blow molding

Blow Molding Materials.
Raw thermoplastic materials are easily utilized within the blow-molding process when they come in the form of small granules or pallets, which are melted first and molded into a hollow tube(parison). There is a wide range of thermoplastic materials that can be used but the ones that are easy to make
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Polythene Terephtalate (PET).
High and low-density polyethylene (HDPE) and (LDPE) respectively.

Injection Blow Moulding Process.

There are 3 unique steps or processes involved during creating blow molded parts, they include;

Stretch-Blowing Mold.

This process is purposely used to produce hollowed objects having bi-axial molecular orientation. This is important as the specific molecular orientation provides clarity, acts as a perfect gas barrier and provides enhanced physical properties needed in storing carbonated beverages or chemicals.
The process is further subdivided into two distinct molding techniques. The one stage process requires the preform to be injected into the mold having properly conditioned temperatures and blown into the required containers—all under one continuous process. This method is effective where large production is not a priority.

The two-stage process: The preform is injected into the mold, where it is left for about 1 to 4 days and thereafter blown into containers. A re-heat blow(RHB) is a machine is used in this case. Typically, this process is costly compared to the one process technique but it is the best in mass production, for example, carbonated-beverage bottles.

Injection blow molding

The hot thermoplastic material is indexed and blowing into the mold while still on the pin. The bottle formed for instance is left to cool. It is then indexed and ejected at the next station. This stage or process allows neck finishing and threading at the mouth. The process is less concerned with the orientation enabling attaining more physical properties of the products.

Extrusion blow molding

This blow molding process commences with the conservation of an extruded prison tube. The prison is extruded between 2 halves of opened blow molds. Once the right length is attained, the molds close, holding the neck-end wide open while the bottom end is pinched and closed. A rod of the right diameter is then inserted on the neck end, while the poison is still hot to form the necessary threads. The molded bottle is then removed and excess material is trimmed from the pinch-off area at the bottom and neck areas.


This method is not only economical but also popular because it is known to produce high-quality holloed parts and products. If you want to produce rigid walled bottles or pipes, then this the method for you.
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Cosmetic Pack Mold

SINCERE TECH offers high qulaity plastic cosmetic pack mold. There are various kinds of plastic cosmetic package in the market, which can roughly divided into three kinds according to their forming way:

1. PET bottle or jar by injection molding and blowing molding for water, moisturizer, cream, mask
For this kind of cosmetic pack , you need first produce PET perform and blow the preform to cosmetic bottle to jars. This is forming way is just like PET water bottle.
We can offer high quality PET perform mold and injection machine, bottle blowing mold and bottle blowing machine, etc..

2. Small jars only by injection molding for cream, mask, water, moisturizer
This kind of cosmetic pack is directly made by injection molding, we can offer injection mold and injection machine for this.

3. Jar and bottle only by blowing molding for shampoo bottle, body wash bottle, cream, essence, etc.
We can offer blow mold and blowing machine for this.

As the cap for cosmetic, there are also various kinds: