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What is metal injection molding

Metal Injection moldingMetal injection molding, or also known as MIM, is a process of metalworking that is used to make or to create complex and small metal parts in higher efficiency. This method is used by a lot of varieties of industries and applications. If you want to know more about MIM metal injection molding, you can get the best information about this industrial method from this article.

Metal injection molding is a kind of great combination of the plastic injection molding process and the powder metallurgy. This method was invented initially by Karl Zueger in 1973, but the industrial companies had not adopted this method until the 1980s. Since metal injection molding comes with a lot of beneficial things for business and company, this method becomes quite popular among many metal industrial companies.

Metal injection molding process

The process of metal injection molding is quite simple and similar to the injection molding process for plastic. First, fine metal powders are combined with plastic binders. It allows the metal to be injected to the mold. The part then will turn into a green part or a molded part before the binders are removed.

Solvents and thermal processes then removed the binders of this green part. As the last stage of the metal injection molding, the resultant metal part is then sintered in appropriate temperature to fasten the particles but not melting the material.

Surely, there will be many advantages from many aspects that you can gain by applying metal MIM injection molding in your metal industrial company. If we are talking about the general advantages, we will find some advantages such as higher efficiency in cost and a bigger quantity of production amount. However, you can also find other specific benefits offered by metal injection moldings such as the ability to create complex geometries, excellent surface finish, and higher final density up to 93 to 99 percent.

You can also get a lot of easiness in making or creating your products or parts with this MIM injection molding process.

First, you can get easiness to design your products as you wish. Even the most complicated geometrical shape that will be very difficult to be created by conventional powder metal processes could be handled well with this method.

Second, you can get more enhanced details. Metal MIM injection molding allows you to create some difficult shapes such as dovetails, slots, complex curved surfaces, undercuts, as well as threads. Besides, this method also allows you to produce cylindrical parts that have greater length and diameter ratios.

However, you can also find some limitations of metal MIM injection molding. To maintain the quality of the part produced through this certain method, the size of the parts is limited to less than 100 grams. Then, in order to effectively remove the thermoplastic binder from the part without causing damage, the maximum section thickness generally is less than 0.25 inches.

For very small dimension, the tolerance is typically more or less 0.5 percent and down to for about 0.025 mm. In metal injection molding, tighter tolerances need a secondary machine or grinding operation. However, those limitations are intended to keep the quality of the parts or products high. Surely, maintaining the quality of the products will be the main important consideration.

How to find a reliable metal injection molding companies in China

Here are a few steps to help you find reliable metal injection molding companies in China:

  1. Research online: Look for metal injection molding companies in China and read reviews and feedback from their customers. You can also check their website and social media pages.
  2. Verify their certification: Check if the company is certified by ISO or other recognized organizations. This will ensure that they follow standard practices and their products meet international quality standards.
  3. Request for samples: Ask for samples of their products to see the quality and precision of their metal injection molding process.
  4. Check their experience: Look for a company with industry experience and expertise in metal injection molding. This will ensure that they have the technical know-how to produce quality products.
  5. Ask for references: Request for references from their past clients to know about their experience working with the company.

So, if you are interested to apply metal MIM injection molding in your business and company, you can start by looking for more information about this technology. Then, you can continue by choosing the best mould suppliers for your metal injection molding project.

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