Ultrasonic Welding

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Thermoplastic Welding Process, Fast, Computer-Controlled Accuracy, Chemical / Adhesive Free, Low Cost, High Speed

SINCERE TECH is an injection mold china company that provides a variety of services to the world, including custom plastic mold making, custom injection molding service, and Ultrasonic Welding, one step to complete your project. Ultrasonic Welding is used to bond two pieces of plastic together.

Ultrasonic welding is probably the most commonly used thermoplastic welding process because it is very fast (fractions to a few seconds) and usually produces welds that are relatively free of flash. In addition, ultrasonic welding is suitable for high volume production.

Ultrasonic Welding: A Brief Explanation

Ultrasonic welding uses the potential energy within the plastic itself, converting it to heat and […]