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medical plastic molding

Medical Injection Molding Benefits and Applications

Manufacturing of medical injection molding parts & gadgets using medical-grade plastics material that is trustworthy, strong, and meets FDA regulations is the spirit of medical injection molding. The medical plastic injection molding process is affordable and perfect for high volume production runs and applications need consistency and strong tolerances. This injection molding process is used for medical gadget prototype development for the FDA verified process and for use in laboratory testing devices.

Medical injection molding advantages

Since medical gadgets plastics provide increased versatility and can be gathered with metal to make improved medical product attributes, medical-grade plastics have become the preferred material for different types of electronic medical gadgets such as Blood collection test tube, disposable testing device/tube, Plastic centrifuge tube, 96-Well Microplate, etc. Some of the benefits that medical injection molding company can provide include:

  • Lower cost medial molding parts
  • Reduced weight
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increased functionality
  • The decreased burden of sterilization

Why plastic injection molding is vital in the medical field

Since inception, the use of plastics within new medicine has steadily increased. Medical gadgets that are produced from plastic molded parts have contributed to a reduction in medical costs, infectious diseases, and pain control. High tech polymers are used within medical gadget prototype development and are generally used to make improved artificial limbs and gadgets that decrease the risk of injection. Medical plastic injection molding openly leads to increased patient safety and the capability to keep more lives.

Material selection for medical device injection molding

In general, plastic provides advantages over other materials and processes in the areas of design flexibility, overall cost-effectiveness and production speed. Consider the following material for your medical device plastic molding project:

Silicone injection molding – For parts and components where flexibility is an important need, the injection molding part made in silicone is generally the material of choice. It provides exceptional durability and biocompatibility and is very affordable at high volume production runs.

Polycarbonate PC injection molding– this is one of the powerful materials accessible, with high impact and vibration resistance, injection molding part made in Polycarbonate (PC) is perfect for components where visibility is an advantage because it can be produced to be almost fully transparent. It is also highly resistant to UV and heat light, but the Polycarbonate (PC) cost is expensive, so you need to consider the cost when you use this material for your plastic injection molding medical device project.

Polypropylene PP injection molding – This material is perfect for components that must be repeatedly sterilized through an autoclave, thanks to its top heat resistance. It also shows exceptional radiation resistance.

Polyethylene PE injection molding– With a top molecular weight, polyethylene is perfectly suited for the surfaces of prosthetics and wearable gadgets due to its look, durability, and relative smoothness. It is top-strength and affordable but cannot be sterilized through the autoclave.

medical injection molding parts

medical injection molding parts

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