Sometimes a Plastic mold maker is looking for a good niche products which related their business and they could trust on. Such was the case for SINCERE TECH a well-known plastic mold maker that is now inverted molding shop in a 5,000 -sq Class 10,000 injection molding cleanroom.

injection molding cleanroom

injection molding cleanroom

Located in Dong Guan China, a small town in the Dong Guan City of China near the Shenzhen airport, SINCERE TECH has a reputation for complicated, high-precision molds, automobile mold and a particular specialty in multi-components molds. After 2000 China has become mold manufacturing country on the world and lots of tool making companies started their mold business, in 2005 the SINCERE TECH started plastic mold making business to make export molds, primarily of shorter runs for customers of its tool making business.

Staying with what worked, when SINCERE TECH were set up as a plastic molding facility by a wall divided from the plastic mold making shop, it was designed around what the mold customers were doing. That way it could handle customers’ short lead time, benefits for mold maintaining, and so on. Since molds were mostly made for technical and multi material or colored parts, the molding company configured with high-precision injection molding machines and multi-component technologies. Molding presses range from 60 to 2000 tons and include two-shot injection molding machines. you can go to our double injection molding parts page.

Medical Molding Products needs injection molding cleanroom 

Several of our customers were in medical equipment, automotive industrial, health care industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. to provide a custom solution for all of our customers, ST decided to set up a injection molding cleanroom manufacturing operation at a Class 10,000 level with turbulent airflow. Plastic molding parts made include dialysis machine components, medical machinery components, closures for PE infusion bottles, and medical plastic caps and some of other medical injection molding parts

medical plastic parts

medical plastic parts

The ways of using injection molding machines in a cleanroom environment are too numerous to count. There are hoods over individual machines, machines completely in the cleanroom environment, and machines partially in the molding cleanroom itself.

ST decided to put only the clamp end of the machine in the injection molding cleanroom, “We considered the particular characteristics of the machines in all our planning.” ST chose some of high precision Series injection machines, including 65-, 80-, and 110-ton machines to cover its product range, this machines seems working perfect as we thought at the beginning,

Full-service Plastic mold making, normally molding and Cleanroom 
ST did not set up the molding cleanroom to simply molded parts. That would not have fit with the level of service expected by medical customers. Such customers generally specify medical degree for all of molding equipment, assembly and shipments, to complete this task, ST operates an assembly room within the Class 10,000 cleanroom so that the finished product leaves in hermetically sealed packages ready for shipping.

For normally requirement we have range to machines from 80 tons to 2000 tons to produce wide range of the products for our customers.

This quality and service have led the business more growth, in both the cleanroom business and the rest of the molding operation referred to as the Technology Center. Today our plastic molding company area increased from 6,000 sq to 12,000 sq. The cleanroom is expanded from 2050 sq to 4400 sq

ST’s service are one stop service from a simple idea to end parts, no matter you only have idea or samples, we ca help your dream come true, we do parts design, prototypes, function testing, mold design, mold making and plastic molding manufacturing, it includes extensive design capability in terms of both skilled designers and the latest version of top-class UG, Pro/e and CAM software.

SINCERE TECH, the plastic mold making business, sales turnover is $3.5 million last year. It has 65 employees in mold shop,. ST’s plastic molding company were about $3.2 million with 34 employees. There is, besides the best technology, an excellent team spirit among the employees in the companies.

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